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There’s absolutely nothing polite about political correctness

12 November 2015 12:44

I hope anyone who sees footage of the two shrieking women at Yale and Missouri will finally concede that political correctness is not…


Yale students have exercised their right to be treated like children

9 November 2015 15:01

Shrieking girl. There it is. I’ve been trying to think of a less gendered, less belittling phrase for the subject…

Joseph "Joe" Biden, Jr. (born November 20, 1942) 47th and current Vice President of the United States since 2009.

Joe Biden’s moment is now

13 October 2015 23:27

On 7th February 2000, for the first time in American history, a First Lady (a sitting one at that) took…


Maggie’s great, but can’t the US find an inspiring American woman to go on their banknote?

19 September 2015 19:53

Banknotes, again. Now it’s America’s turn to suffer the unintended consequences of an ill-implemented campaign to inject some XX chromosomes…

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally And Picnic In Iowa

The summer of Trump may soon be over – but the damage has still been done

6 September 2015 11:45

They call it the summer of Trump. Only a year ago everyone expected the 2016 presidential election to be a…

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In New Hampshire

If Hillary Clinton keeps playing the gender card, others will too

14 August 2015 16:16

The American presidential race seemed more like a playground fight than a clash of politics this week as would-be Democratic…

David Axelrod with Barack Obama (Photo: Pete Souza/Getty)

Westminster’s obsession with US politics is both embarrassing and foolish

30 April 2015 13:42

Can you sense it? That thrill in the air? The feeling that suddenly the Labour campaign is just somehow more…

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Nigel Farage tells Republicans to ‘reach out to the grassroots’. But should have stayed at home?

27 February 2015 7:47

Nigel Farage is becoming a jet setter. Yesterday evening, he addressed the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) of Republicans…

Spectator Cover Art

Lame duck unleashed – Bulgarian in London asks ‘what next’ on US immigration

5 November 2014 12:52

London Careening through the city in a minicab last night, en route to a pub in Bloomsbury that had promised to…

GOP Senate Candidate Jodi Ernst Casts Her Vote In Her Iowa Hometown

The Republicans will win the Senate tonight. Here’s how

4 November 2014 14:34

The Republicans will win the Senate tonight in their biggest such win in a generation, even though two states may…

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Obama moves against ISIS. This time, it’s a war worth fighting

8 August 2014 8:06

Back to Iraq, then. President Obama’s announcement last night that America would intervene militarily in defence of the Kurds is…

Ed Miliband and Barack Obama meet in the White House yesterday. Photo: @Ed_Miliband.

Ed Miliband comes to Washington — and nobody here notices

22 July 2014 7:56

Washington, D.C. Ed Miliband met with Barack Obama yesterday, haven’t you heard? The British press covered the visit with their…

Michael Dobbs at Netflix's "House Of Cards" New York Premiere at Alice Tully Hall on January 30, 2013 in New York City.

Michael Dobbs shuffles Cards in the House of Lords

14 May 2014 12:26

Filming of season three of Netflix’s House of Cards will begin in four weeks’ time in Maryland, creator Michael Dobbs…


America’s Left is just as ‘eccentric’ as its Right

9 May 2014 17:04

Rory Sutherland writes in this week’s magazine that the Mozilla/Brendan Eich affair has finally put him off his dream of…

Negotiations Continue On Capitol Hill One Day Before Debt Limit Deadline

Debt emergency over – now for the Republican Party’s existential crisis

16 October 2013 20:22

Phew! America has stopped banging its head against the debt ceiling. For now. The world’s pre-eminent power can carry on…

Is Britain getting fatter? And how is the NHS coping coping?

The View from 22 podcast: fat Britain, Westminster reshuffles and Obamacareless

10 October 2013 9:07

Does Britain have an obesity problem? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson discuses the bizarre steps taken…

Niall Ferguson, a prominent deficit hawk. Image: PA

America is not facing a debt crisis. Why pretend otherwise?

8 October 2013 14:29

The maths of America’s financial problems are fairly simple. Every year the federal government spends more than it brings in…

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How is Obama escaping blame for the government shutdown?

1 October 2013 13:06

Barack Obama may not be a great president, but he is a wizard at the blame game. He has fought…

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Hillary Clinton, the Unstoppable Power Machine

30 September 2013 18:35

Hillary Clinton is overwhelming favourite to be America’s next President  – and this time nobody, especially not no pesky filmmaker,…

Barack Obama has been named 'Islamophobe of the Year'

Barack Obama and public opinion on Syria

6 September 2013 17:14

There are a number of obvious differences between last week’s vote in Parliament and the forthcoming Congressional vote on Syria.…

David Cameron and Barack Obama bond over a barbecue in the Downing Street garden. Picture: Getty

Obama follows Cameron by seeking Congressional approval for Syria strike

31 August 2013 19:26

As he licks his wounds after this week’s Commons defeat on Syria, David Cameron will have been given a huge…

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Cameron and Obama: our relationship is still special

30 August 2013 21:11

David Cameron and Barack Obama spoke this evening about their special relationship. Normally when people start talking a lot about…


The Thin Red Line

23 August 2013 9:33

The elasticity of President Obama’s ‘Red Line’ on Syria seems to be being stretched to breaking point following this week’s…

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Zimmerman verdict: the American Left only likes juries when they get the result they want

16 July 2013 17:22

There is almost nothing more emotive than a murder trial, particularly when it takes place in the United States and…

Egyptian President Morsy Ousted In Military Coup

Egyptian coup underlines America’s diminishing influence in the Middle East

5 July 2013 13:53

This week’s coup in Egypt leaves President Obama’s administration in an awkward position. Although the State Department has insisted it…