Tony Blair

The Atherstone hounds. Image: Getty

The SNP don’t care about foxes. It was all a pack of lies

24 November 2015 18:19

So, it turns out that the SNP weren’t that bothered about the plight of foxes after all. Back in July,…

Britain's former Prime Minister and former Labour Party leader, Tony Blair, gestures as he speaks at an event attended by Labour supporters in central London on July 22, 2015. Blair weighed in on the leadership contest in Britain's opposition Labour party as a new poll electrified the race by putting leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn ahead. Blair, a moderniser who was Labour's longest-serving premier, urged the party to avoid tacking to the left if it is to recover from a crushing defeat in May's general election and win the next one in 2020.   AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS        (Photo credit should read JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Tony Blair doesn’t need to apologise for the Iraq war

26 October 2015 16:28

I was against the Iraq War. And I’ve been against Tony Blair ever since I first clapped eyes on his…

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‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ launches with celebrities and a dose of patriotism

12 October 2015 8:49

The campaign for Britain to remain in the EU, now titled ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’, is launching today with a…

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Addresses The TUC Conference

Can the Blairites rescue the Labour party?

25 September 2015 15:14

The first conference of the Corbyn era has got MPs and journalists scrambling around for a copy of the Labour…


John McDonnell’s slick performance on Question Time was worthy of Tony Blair

18 September 2015 12:12

Hats off to John McDonnell. We’ve all been fretting about how the Corbyn gang would cope against the media slick Tories.…


Why are people falling for John McDonnell’s Question Time ‘apology’?

18 September 2015 11:50

John McDonnell’s Question Time ‘apology’ was no such thing and I am amazed to see anybody for fall for it. It…

(Photo: Loic Venance/Getty)

The left hate to admit it, but rugby is no longer a pastime for the privileged

17 September 2015 17:18

Why do lefties hate rugby union so much? Not all of them, of course. There are one or two who…

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Will Jeremy Corbyn boost his left-wing idealism with a religious message?

16 September 2015 9:51

One major defect of Jeremy Corbyn has not yet been discussed. He’s not a religious believer. Why is this a…

Jeremy Corbyn as part of Labour's new front bench team earlier this week. Photo: BBC.

How will Cameron and the Tories deal with Corbyn at PMQs?

16 September 2015 9:04

Today is the first real test of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. At midday, it’s assumed he will take his place on…

Ed Miliband and Tony Blair speak before Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh arrive in Westminster Hall to address both Houses of Parliament on March 20, 2012 in London, England

Why Labour will lose in 2020

10 September 2015 14:20

If Jeremy Corbyn is elected Labour leader on Saturday, does this mean the party will lose the next general election? Lord Ashcroft has…

Triangulators Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Image: Getty

The Tories’ adoption of the Living Wage is entirely bogus

6 September 2015 10:00

Was there ever a more unilluminating political idea — for voters rather than practitioners — than triangulation? For those readers…

Blair and Gaddafi

If Tony Blair thought that Gaddafi wanted to cut a deal, why did no one follow up?

31 August 2015 11:23

Just a few months ago, almost everyone thought that David Cameron was a goner. That he was about to go…

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Appears Before The Committee Investigating The On The Runs Scheme

Tony Blair has given up on Labour’s leadership election

30 August 2015 9:58

It’s not entirely surprising that Tony Blair fancied one last chance to plead with his party not to elect Jeremy…

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Will Tony Blair really help save Labour?

13 August 2015 9:17

Will Tony Blair’s intervention into the Labour leadership contest really make a difference? The former Prime Minister argues in today’s…

Labour Leadership Candidate Jeremy Corbyn Continues His Welsh Tour

Corbynmania has shaken my faith in my own loony right-wing opinions

12 August 2015 16:38

I used to consider myself to be in tune with the general public on politics, by which I meant –…

Labour leader contender Liz Kendall speaks at De Montfort University Leicester, where she made a pitch for party votes in the party's leadership contest.

Are you the heir to Blair? Liz Kendall: ‘I don’t think so, actually.’

10 August 2015 14:23

Unless something entirely undetected is happening in the Labour membership, Liz Kendall is not going to be elected party leader…

People's Assembly Against Austerity Hold Demonstration And Festival

‘Prosecco socialist’ Charlotte Church backs Jeremy Corbyn

26 July 2015 9:17

As Jeremy Corbyn edges closer to victory in the Labour leadership race, his critics grow more vocal with both Tony…

The Ceremonial Funeral Of Former British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher

The hatred directed at Tony Blair shows just how big Labour’s problem has become

23 July 2015 8:16

I know that the comments beneath online newspaper pieces aren’t exactly where you go if you want sane, balanced opinion,…

Tony Blair speaking at a Progress event in London this morning.

Tony Blair advises Corbyn supporters to get a heart transplant

22 July 2015 11:13

Tony Blair has made his predictable intervention in the Labour leadership contest. At an event with the Progress think tank…

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Appears Before The Committee Investigating The On The Runs Scheme

Revealed: The ‘Blairite’ crime policy that never was

21 July 2015 11:11

With rumours flying around the Commons that if elected, Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn would appoint a Shadow Peace Secretary…

Senior Figures Speak At British Chamber of Commerce Annual Conference

Lord Adonis ‘stranded in Philippines’: send cash immediately

14 July 2015 11:24

This morning’s mailbox gave Mr S cause for alarm. A message popped up from Lord Adonis explaining that he had…

UK Labour Party Leader ship Hustings

Idealists tend to cause far more misery to humanity than cynics

13 July 2015 11:28

I’ve often wondered if Freudian theories could be applied to the Left in the same way they have been applied…

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The New Labour influences on Osborne’s Budget

9 July 2015 12:56

George Osborne had a ringside seat for New Labour’s dominance of British politics and you could see the influence that…

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Gives Evidence To The Leveson Inquiry

Labour’s Blair problem

20 June 2015 10:41

Ed Miliband believed that after the financial crisis, Britain had moved to the left. He argued that there was no…

Richard Desmond of the Northern & Shell company at the headquarters of Express Newspapers in central London

Richard Desmond: I made £5,000 profit from Labour donation

16 June 2015 16:31

Although Richard Desmond recently pledged his allegiance to Ukip’s Nigel Farage, the media mogul previously backed Tony Blair, with the…