Government publishes Syria motion

1 December 2015 12:44

In the past few minutes, the government has published the following motion on action in Syria, which you can read…

‘Cowardice, thy name is Chuka.’ Image: Getty

Jeremy Corbyn isn’t destroying Labour: backstabbing is

1 December 2015 11:32

First things first: there is no force in Heaven or on Earth that could induce me to vote for Jeremy…

Battle Of Britain 75th Anniversary St Paul's Cathedral Service

Tom Watson asks Cameron to delay Syria vote

1 December 2015 11:02

The biggest problem with Labour’s furious and seemingly endless infighting is that it is preventing the party from doing its…


Cameron says that the Commons will debate Syria strikes on Wednesday

30 November 2015 20:30

David Cameron has just said that the Commons will debate extending air strikes against Islamic State to Syria on Wednesday.…


I’ve changed my mind about where we should bomb…

30 November 2015 18:37

Just back after a few weeks away in the north east – thought I’d share this with you. I wrote…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3

Corbyn free vote decision calms Labour frontbench – for now

30 November 2015 17:46

Jeremy Corbyn seems to have left Shadow Cabinet meeting with a reasonable result, given the warfare in the Labour party…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 2

Is Hilary Benn about to become Labour’s very own Aung San Suu Kyi?

30 November 2015 16:18

Labour’s shadow cabinet meeting is now over, with members scuttling past a hungry pack of journalists in Portcullis House without…

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Putin knows what he’s doing in Syria. Cameron is just flailing

30 November 2015 14:56

When MPs vote this week on Syria, they will have to decide whether intervention is right in principle. But there…

Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet

Jeremy Corbyn grants Labour MPs a free vote on Syria

30 November 2015 14:09

The Shadow Cabinet is now holding its (delayed) meeting on Labour’s stance on Syria, and members have been told that…

Labour Leadership Contender Jeremy Corbyn Talks To Supporters In The North West

Labour claims 75 per cent of members oppose air strikes in Syria

30 November 2015 12:54

Just minutes before the crunch Shadow Cabinet meeting about the Labour stance on air strikes in Syria, the party has…

An image taken from jihadist media outlet Wilayat Trablus and provided courtesy of the U.S.-based monitoring agency SITE Intelligence Group on June 9 allegedly shows Islamic State fighters running toward what they say is a power plant in the southern Libyan city of Sirte. (Photo: AFP/Getty)

As we fret about Syria, the Islamic State is moving into Libya

29 November 2015 14:16

What is it about war that makes normally sensible politicians prone to hype and exaggeration? No10 is today briefing that…

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The debate about Syrian airstrikes already feels hackneyed

29 November 2015 12:10

Two years ago, just a few days after the Commons opposed airstrikes on Syria, I read another memorable phrase to…


There’s nothing ‘conservative’ about supporting foreign intervention

28 November 2015 13:53

These are the Arab countries the Foreign Office currently advises it is safe to visit: Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,…

Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet.

What’s really driving Labour’s row over Syria?

27 November 2015 12:25

Is Labour working through its policy differences on bombing Syria or is the shadow cabinet genuinely split? The New Politics…


Yes, there are 70,000 moderate opposition fighters in Syria. Here’s what we know about them

27 November 2015 10:20

Yesterday David Cameron told Parliament that there are ‘about 70,000 Syrian opposition fighters on the ground who do not belong to…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 4

Hilary Benn didn’t see Corbyn’s Commons speech on Syria before he gave it

26 November 2015 21:32

Jeremy Corbyn didn’t show his Shadow Foreign Secretary a copy of what he was going to say in response to…

Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet

Shadow Cabinet members threaten resignations over Syria row in Labour

26 November 2015 19:22

Tonight Labour’s Shadow Cabinet is in uproar over what many of its members see as a fundamental breach of trust…


Corbyn won’t support intervention in Syria, but what will he ask his frontbenchers to do?

26 November 2015 13:16

It would be a great surprise if Jeremy Corbyn did personally back British air strikes against Islamic State in Syria.…

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Alex Salmond misses the Syria debate (but finds time to unveil his portrait)

26 November 2015 12:36

MPs in the Commons are currently debating whether or not to vote in favour of airstrikes in Syria, after the…

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 15.55.09

Full text and audio: Corbyn’s seven questions to Cameron on Syria

26 November 2015 11:49

I would like to thank the Prime Minister for providing an advance copy of his remarks. After the despicable and…

Bombing Raqqa may make the West feel better, but it isn's stopping Isil's advance

Cameron insists the UK must attack IS in Syria, but only with a ‘clear majority’ in the House

26 November 2015 11:47

David Cameron came to the Commons today to make the case for the UK extending its bombing campaign against Islamic…


Listen: David Cameron makes his case in the Commons for bombing Syria

26 November 2015 11:13

David Cameron has just followed up his earlier response to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee by telling the House of…


Cameron sets out his case for bombing Islamic State in Syria

26 November 2015 9:40

In the past few minutes, David Cameron has published his response to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee on the case…

The Parable of the Good Samaritan by Jan Wijnants (1670)

How can we defend our liberal heritage by abandoning its values?

24 November 2015 16:04

Yusuf, when I last saw him, was still smiling, a middle-aged man with the greying pony-tail of a rock roadie.…

Video footage has emerged of the Russian SU24 being shot down

Syrian war heats up as Turkey shoots down a Russian jet

24 November 2015 9:59

The complications of acting in Syria have just become more apparent. The Russians are fighting in support of Assad – but Turkey,…