BMW PGA Championships - Previews

Shelf Life: Anton du Beke

24 October 2012 12:32

Stalwart of Strictly, winner of Rear of the Year 2011 and author of B is for Ballroom: Be Your Own…

2012 US Open - Day 15

The Lad Done Well: Andy Murray Comes of Age - Spectator Blogs

11 September 2012 15:50

And then there were four. If Andy Murray’s accomplishments still make him the least of the great quartet ruling tennis…

Le Tour 2010 - Stage Sixteen

Lance Armstrong: It Wasn't Just About the Bike - Spectator Blogs

24 August 2012 12:01

In one sense, I have some sympathy for Lance Armstrong. He has been hounded by the American anti-doping agency USADA…

Daniel Moynihan's letter argues that schools don't need sweeping playing fields of their own to offer good sports lessons. Picture: Getty.

You can’t judge a school by its sports fields

23 August 2012 9:35

There’s a glass case in the hall of Number 10 at the moment which contains a large sports bag with…

The Spectator's cover - 25 August 2012. Illustration: Adams.

The View from 22 – international justice, school sports and unfair GCSE results

23 August 2012 8:44

Is there a downside to our glowing era of ‘international justice’? In this week’s cover feature, Douglas Murray writes that…

Australia v India - Second Test: Day 4

Very, Very Special: An Appreciation of VVS Laxman - Spectator Blogs

20 August 2012 15:54

And then there was one.  Of the four princes who made India the world’s best side to watch in the…

British Education Secretary Michael Gove

Ministers fail to sell themselves on playing field sell-offs

17 August 2012 12:55

If you’re a minister, or even the Prime Minister, and you take to the airwaves holding a page of figures…

Sid Waddell

Sid Waddell, 1941-2012 - Spectator Blogs

16 August 2012 0:17

Reader TT asks a good question: given your (self-appointed) role as the Spectator’s unofficial darts correspondent, why haven’t you written…


Twigg takes aim at Gove on school playing fields

15 August 2012 19:42

The Olympics may be over, but the political row over school sports fields is set to rumble on into the…

British actor and performer Eric Idle si

Labour plays a sensible game on school sport

13 August 2012 16:07

It would be wrong to say that David Cameron has had a bad Olympics. After all, the Games went extremely…

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 18.18.07

Sinophobia, the last acceptable racism

12 August 2012 12:30

The Chinese have excelled at London 2012, much to the annoyance of their Western rivals. In this week’s issue of…


Chariots of fire

12 August 2012 9:15

When the contestants were lining up for last night’s sensational 5,000 metre race, both of the American contestants waited until…

Olympics Day 3 - Around the Games

Political games

12 August 2012 9:06

Whilst everybody is enjoying the spectacle of the greatest Games on earth there is one group of people who are…

Olympics Day 15 - Athletics

Downing Street humbled by Mo Farah

11 August 2012 22:24

The genius of Mo Farah was only underscored by the plodding stupidity of Downing Street’s statements about the “All Must…

Olympics Day 3 - Beach Volleyball

Medal matters

11 August 2012 10:44

The Grauniad is running an Olympic medal table to show where all the countries would be if it was weighted…

Prime Minister David Cameron Holds A Meeting On Education

Ministers vs the curriculum

11 August 2012 10:36

David Cameron has not sought to seek personal or political capital from the Olympics, for which he deserves much credit.…

International Paralympic Day in Trafalgar Square

Boris the jellyfish stings again

9 August 2012 17:47

Boris Johnson has just reminded us how potent he can be at undermining the government right here, right now. At…

England's cricketer Kevin Pietersen play

The Unbearable Weight of Being Kevin Pietersen

8 August 2012 12:47

How do you solve a problem like Kevin Pietersen? England’s most talented and most infuriating batsman faces another crisis and,…

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron,

Cameron’s big sporting society

8 August 2012 11:20

David Cameron made a spirited defence of school sport this morning when he appeared on LBC radio. Waving a sheet…

Actors perform around huge chimneys emer

Multicultural Britain, Olympic Games, Danny Boyle - Spectator Blogs

7 August 2012 11:17

Back from holiday and it seems just about the only “controversy” at these splendid* Olympic Games lies in Danny Boyle’s…

Chelsea Ladies Coaching Q and A

How state schools can boost their Olympic chances

3 August 2012 15:00

Lord Moynihan’s comments about the dominance of private school athletes in Team GB have caused a stir.  He suggests that …

Boris Johnson, Getty Images

Pindar vs Boris

27 July 2012 11:10

Boris will recite an ode in honour of the Olympics – of course he is. He commissioned Dr Armand D’Angour,…

The Olympic Torch in London, Getty Images

The British invented the Olympics

26 July 2012 17:09

Is there any chance that you might, at any point in the next three weeks, be talking to anyone? About…

Elizabeth the Great, Getty Images

Compromised by not compromising

24 July 2012 14:51

‘In a relationship, when does the art of compromise become compromising?’ Thus spoke Carrie Bradshaw. Such knowledge suggests that I…

The Championships - Wimbledon 2012: Day Thirteen

Tennis and the rise of the ‘mediocracy’

9 July 2012 13:45

The discussion of Britain’s latest tennis nearly man has turned inevitably to the culture of a sport which, in this…