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David Cameron is starting to look like Jeremy Corbyn’s best friend at PMQs

18 November 2015 16:14

Jezza started PMQs with a bit of a wobble. As he got to his feet the applause from his Labour…

Armed police in Paris. Getty.

PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn’s views on security are only harming Labour

18 November 2015 14:08

One moment from PMQs today will stick in the mind for a long time. After Corbyn had asked his last…

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PMQs sketch: Cameron thinks cutting tax credits is fun

4 November 2015 21:11

‘It’s getting longer and longer,’ grumped David Cameron at PMQs. A microphone picked up the aside as the session over-ran…


PMQs: jeering Tories let themselves down

4 November 2015 13:24

Today’s session of Prime Minister’s Questions was pointless. Describing any session as pointless is in itself a little pointless, as…

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PMQs: Corbyn hones his skills as Leader of the Opposition, but not as an election winner

28 October 2015 13:36

Jeremy Corbyn’s growing confidence at Prime Minister’s Questions is almost perfectly in step with his growing unpopularity outside the Chamber.…

Cameron leaves for PMQs (Getty).

PMQs: Corbyn fails to sustain the pressure on Cameron

21 October 2015 13:24

PMQs was a rather ill-tempered affair today. With tax credits and steel closures dominating proceedings, the two sets of benches…

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PMQs sketch: The clash of the victims

14 October 2015 20:17

Corbyn’s PMQ’s strategy is now clear. Hopeful emailers send their lifestyle details to Labour HQ and a computer sifts the…


#Piggate makes an appearance at PMQs

14 October 2015 13:43

Although Jeremy Corbyn has decided to adopt a more civil approach when it comes to PMQs, the message appears to have…


PMQs: Angus Robertson has become the Prime Minister’s stress ball

14 October 2015 13:38

Jeremy Corbyn’s second outing at PMQs was better than his first. Rather than having all six questions determined by the…


Even a ‘Never Kissed a Tory’ t-shirt wouldn’t have helped Nick Clegg during PMQs

14 October 2015 12:15

There are only two occasions in my life where I have had lengthy, in-depth debates about where grown adults should…


Tory MPs like Jeremy Corbyn’s PMQs style

25 September 2015 13:52

Jeremy Corbyn knows he has a lot to prove at his party’s conference, which starts on Sunday. The highlight of…

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Speaker Bercow: Corbyn will need to stick with new PMQs tone for months

22 September 2015 8:41

John Bercow has long made clear that he would like MPs to behave a little better at Prime Minister’s Questions,…

Jeremy Corbyn is mobbed by supporters as he arrives to attend the ballot result for the new Labour leader, in London on September 12, 2015

Podcast: the death of the left and Jeremy Corbyn’s first few days as leader

17 September 2015 9:11

What has happened to the left-wing of British politics? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Nick Cohen discusses his…


What Cameron said to Osborne at the end of PMQs

16 September 2015 18:07

At the end of PMQs today, David Cameron turned to George Osborne and said, ‘Well, that was a lot less…


PMQs sketch: Jeremy Corbyn’s master plan

16 September 2015 17:13

Jezza! What a genius. The master plan is clear at last. You spend four days plumbing new depths of political…

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David Cameron’s PMQs answer with £60bn price tag

16 September 2015 14:45

PMQs today was interesting for all sorts of reasons. But one answer to a question which may have a longer-lasting…


Listen: Marie from PMQs comes out fighting for Jeremy Corbyn

16 September 2015 14:05

Jeremy Corbyn tried to take his ‘new kind of politics’ to PMQs today. To do this, the Labour leader asked…

Corbyn leaves his home to attend PMQs (Getty Images).

PMQs: Corbyn’s defensive performance gets him through unscathed

16 September 2015 13:29

After the 72 hours that he has had, I suspect that Jeremy Corbyn is quite relieved to have got through…

Jeremy Corbyn as part of Labour's new front bench team earlier this week. Photo: BBC.

How will Cameron and the Tories deal with Corbyn at PMQs?

16 September 2015 9:04

Today is the first real test of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. At midday, it’s assumed he will take his place on…


Is Jeremy Corbyn really more posh than Harriet Harman?

9 September 2015 20:57

Harriet Harman ended her final appearance at PMQs as the interim Labour leader with a parting shot in the direction…

David Cameron Chairs The Weekly Cabinet Meeting

PMQs sketch: Yet more people are executed by the work and pensions secretary

9 September 2015 16:44

Time’s up for Hattie. Her performance at PMQs had a whiff of embalming fluid about it. This was probably her…

A photo issued by the Police Service of Northern Ireland of Kevin McGuigan with his grandson Ollie. (Photo: PA)

PMQs returns with drones and a serious question from the DUP

9 September 2015 13:40

PMQs today was not the usual Punch and Judy show. Rather it was dominated by a serious exchange between Harman…

The Speaker's number one admirer (Getty Images).

PMQs Sketch: Cameron’s lurches to the left

15 July 2015 16:08

‘Put that on your leaflets,’ snarled Cameron at PMQs. Inwardly he was gloating. Labour voted against Tory welfare reforms last…


PMQs: the Tories are set for a happy summer holiday

15 July 2015 13:33

This was the last PMQs before the recess, and the Tory side of the House was in an end of…

The Chancellor Hosts A Reception For Victoria Cross And George Cross Veterans

What does George Osborne have against the fecund?

8 July 2015 18:12

Budget leaks were once the cause of scandals, inquiries and resignations. But the contents of George Osborne’s red box were…