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Corbyn has done enough damage to Labour. It’s time for him to step down

1 December 2015 18:29

Jeremy Corbyn is a rarity among politicians. All his enemies are on his own side. For the Tories, Ukip and…

‘Cowardice, thy name is Chuka.’ Image: Getty

Jeremy Corbyn isn’t destroying Labour: backstabbing is

1 December 2015 11:32

First things first: there is no force in Heaven or on Earth that could induce me to vote for Jeremy…

Battle Of Britain 75th Anniversary St Paul's Cathedral Service

Tom Watson asks Cameron to delay Syria vote

1 December 2015 11:02

The biggest problem with Labour’s furious and seemingly endless infighting is that it is preventing the party from doing its…

The Momentum curry in Oldham West on Saturday evening. Photo: Sebastian Payne/The Spectator.

Behind the scenes with Momentum: what are they up to?

1 December 2015 10:47

On Saturday evening, the Eastern Pavilion Banqueting Hall was taken over by Momentum for a curry after a cold and very…

Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn watches a debate on the final day of the Labour Party annual conference at the Brighton Centre in Brighton, Sussex.

Hilary Benn on Labour’s Syria split: ‘People of principle can reach different decisions’

1 December 2015 9:00

Tomorrow, Labour will try out something curious during the Commons debate on airstrikes in Syria. The opposition side of the…


Cameron says that the Commons will debate Syria strikes on Wednesday

30 November 2015 20:30

David Cameron has just said that the Commons will debate extending air strikes against Islamic State to Syria on Wednesday.…

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Corbyn survives ‘balanced’/‘ferocious’ meeting of Labour party

30 November 2015 20:11

Tonight’s meeting of the parliamentary Labour party could have been a lot worse. It was full of very concerned MPs,…


Seumas Milne causes problems for the Guardian

30 November 2015 19:09

Covering the upcoming Syria vote is proving to be a challenge for hacks at the Guardian. Steerpike understands that the paper…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3

Corbyn free vote decision calms Labour frontbench – for now

30 November 2015 17:46

Jeremy Corbyn seems to have left Shadow Cabinet meeting with a reasonable result, given the warfare in the Labour party…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 2

Is Hilary Benn about to become Labour’s very own Aung San Suu Kyi?

30 November 2015 16:18

Labour’s shadow cabinet meeting is now over, with members scuttling past a hungry pack of journalists in Portcullis House without…

Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet

Jeremy Corbyn grants Labour MPs a free vote on Syria

30 November 2015 14:09

The Shadow Cabinet is now holding its (delayed) meeting on Labour’s stance on Syria, and members have been told that…

Labour Leadership Contender Jeremy Corbyn Talks To Supporters In The North West

Labour claims 75 per cent of members oppose air strikes in Syria

30 November 2015 12:54

Just minutes before the crunch Shadow Cabinet meeting about the Labour stance on air strikes in Syria, the party has…

John McDonnell speaking at a Momentum event in Oldham West on Saturday evening. Photo: The Spectator/Sebastian Payne.

John McDonnell: Ukip is ‘an evil force within our society’

29 November 2015 13:44

John McDonnell spoke at a Momentum curry dinner in Oldham yesterday evening, following a day on the doorstep ahead of Thursday’s…

Andrew Fisher, a political adviser to Jeremy Corbyn, speaking at a rally in November 2014.

Labour MPs furious at NEC’s decision to let off Corbyn aide

27 November 2015 15:30

The Labour Party has lifted its suspension of Andrew Fisher, a political aide to Jeremy Corbyn, following an investigation into…

Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet.

What’s really driving Labour’s row over Syria?

27 November 2015 12:25

Is Labour working through its policy differences on bombing Syria or is the shadow cabinet genuinely split? The New Politics…

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn (R) stands alongside Labour candidate Jim McMahon speak during a launch event at the party's campaign centre on November 6, 2015 in Oldham, England.

Will Labour’s civil war over bombing Syria cause problems in Oldham West?

27 November 2015 8:27

Is Labour taking its eye off the Oldham West and Royton by-election? Next week, the party will be focused on whether…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 4

Hilary Benn didn’t see Corbyn’s Commons speech on Syria before he gave it

26 November 2015 21:32

Jeremy Corbyn didn’t show his Shadow Foreign Secretary a copy of what he was going to say in response to…

Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet

Shadow Cabinet members threaten resignations over Syria row in Labour

26 November 2015 19:22

Tonight Labour’s Shadow Cabinet is in uproar over what many of its members see as a fundamental breach of trust…

Jeremy Corbyn Addresses A Refugees Welcome Here Rally

Corbyn writes to Labour MPs to say he cannot support air strikes

26 November 2015 17:48

Jeremy Corbyn has written to his MPs to say that he cannot support air strikes in Syria. In a letter…


John McDonnell hasn’t worked out how to attack the government

26 November 2015 9:11

John McDonnell is very peeved this morning that a stunt that he pulled in the Commons to get attention has…

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne leaves the Treasury for the House of Commons to deliver the his Autumn statement, on November 25, 2015 in London, England.

Why the tax credit cuts had to go

25 November 2015 19:51

In the peroration of his statement today, George Osborne declared that the Tories were ‘the mainstream representatives of the working…

Nigel Farage visits Oldham in preparation for the by-election (Photo: Dave Thompson/Getty)

Oldham is a bad omen for Labour, even without the Corbyn effect

24 November 2015 17:08

Assuming we haven’t been vaporised by Vlad, the Oldham West and Royton by-election takes place next week, and Labour are…


Len McCluskey turns on Jeremy Corbyn

24 November 2015 16:01

Either Len McCluskey is, in the Corbynista narrative, a Tory, or things are going badly wrong for the man his…

Labour Launch their Oldham West and Royton By-election Campaign

Labour increasingly nervous about Oldham West and Royton by-election

24 November 2015 11:15

A number of Labour MPs are campaigning in Oldham today, with fears growing in the party that it could be…

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn speaks outside the Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle, during his campaign.

Labour supporters are still backing Jeremy Corbyn in droves

24 November 2015 8:52

The Tories may be steaming ahead in the national opinion polls but the Labour grassroots are still pleased with Jeremy…