Boris shows a hint of Euroscepticism — but he still can’t beat Mary Beard

20 November 2015 21:02

Thank God for Mary Beard. Sure, she’s wrong about Jeremy Corbyn. She was wrong about 9/11. She’s wrong about plenty.…

Lords At State Opening of Parliament, UK

Lords votes to give 16 and 17 year-olds the vote in the EU referendum

18 November 2015 19:24

The House of Lords has tonight voted to give 16 and 17 year olds the vote in the EU referendum.…

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister (Photo: Getty)

‘European values’ won’t last long without national borders

3 November 2015 10:21

Fascinating events in Hungary where Prime Minister Viktor Orban continues to come under fire from other EU member states for…

The East-West divide is no longer between capitalism and communism, nor even democracy and authoritarianism, but multiculturalism and sovereignty (Photo: Getty)

The new East-West divide: multiculturalism vs sovereignty

21 October 2015 12:05

We all know that relations with Russia are at their lowest ebb since 1991, when Boris Yeltsin brought down Communism…

(Photo: Getty)

A British Bill of Rights would protect our liberty

21 October 2015 11:16

David Cameron struggles to repatriate powers from Brussels. Yet Britain can reclaim one sovereign power without negotiation. Other EU members…

Picture: Getty

David Cameron expected to give eurosceptics their free EU vote – after letting them put up a fight

19 October 2015 14:11

Will David Cameron allow senior ministers to take whatever side they wish in the EU referendum? There are reportedly six…


Cameron repositions the Tories as the party of ‘true equality’

7 October 2015 14:44

This speech was authentic Cameron. It was the most modernising speech that he has given since becoming Prime Minister and…


Has Boris just set an impossible bar for Cameron’s EU renegotiation?

6 October 2015 14:51

Boris Johnson’s speech today was the best that I have ever heard him give. It was a potent cocktail of…

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Labour would benefit from a stronger position on Europe, says former policy chief

23 September 2015 21:30

Jon Cruddas’ speech warning that Labour is lost in England has attracted plenty of attention for that line alone. But…

David Cameron Meets With Angela Merkel In Berlin

David Cameron backs calls to keep Tory party neutral during EU referendum

21 September 2015 9:43

David Cameron will today support calls from his MPs to keep the Conservative party neutral during the EU referendum campaign,…

The empty seat of Syria is seen during an Arab League meeting on August 5, 2015. (MOHAMED EL-SHAHED/AFP/Getty Images)

Now we know where the celebrated ‘Ummah’ is

12 September 2015 17:24

Earlier this week I asked where the celebrated ‘Ummah’ is when it comes to Muslim refugees. I think we now…

First Conservative Cabinet Meeting Of The New Government

Cabinet Ministers happy to stay quiet on Europe

10 September 2015 12:16

The next project for eurosceptic Tory MPs is to get a free vote for government ministers on the EU referendum. They…

Image: Getty

What the government’s first Commons defeat actually means in practice

8 September 2015 16:50

Following the government’s first Commons defeat of the new parliament, I understand that ministers are not going to try to reverse…

The empty seat of Syria is seen during an Arab League meeting on August 5, 2015. (MOHAMED EL-SHAHED/AFP/Getty Images)

Where is the ‘Ummah’ now?

7 September 2015 17:29

I have just returned from a trip abroad to find Britain and Europe in a state of madness. I will…

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

Exclusive: Tory rebels to block snap EU referendum

7 September 2015 13:28

Tory rebels are now confident they will win a vote in the Commons this afternoon which will block the government…

Eu referendum

Westminster ‘Out’ campaign snaps up key eurosceptic MPs

3 September 2015 16:25

A cross-party group of MPs, including Ukip’s only MP, is to formally join the Westminster-based ‘Out’ campaign, Coffee House has…

Image: Getty

Government could still face defeat on EU purdah row

2 September 2015 21:21

Will ministers really avoid a defeat on the question of purdah in the EU referendum bill on Monday? They hope…

Image: Getty

Is David Aaronovitch taking the piss out of himself?

30 July 2015 11:05

This job is getting harder and harder, because it is no longer possible to parody or satirise the blithe stupidity…

Comparing Merkel  to Hitler is lazy

A beginner’s guide to Euroscepticism

13 July 2015 16:32

As a long-time Eurosceptic, I should be happy about the Johnny-Come-Latelys now swelling the sceptic ranks. Following Euro-institutions’ wicked treatment…


Have the Greeks just blinked?

9 July 2015 23:36

The Syriza-led Greek government has just submitted a new set of proposals to their creditors. It appears to shift Greece…

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Holds His Monthly Press Conference

‘Banging on about Europe’ doesn’t seem so dumb now, does it?

9 July 2015 11:51

As we watch the Eurozone catastrophe enter its latest ‘final phase’ one phrase keeps recurring to me.  That phrase is…

Image: Getty

Merkel strikes an uncompromising tone as the ECB tightens the squeeze on the Greek banks

6 July 2015 19:15

François Hollande and Angela Merkel have both given brief statements to the media ahead of their dinner this evening. Hollande…

People queue outside a Greek bank. (Image: Getty).

Time running out for a Greek deal warns Osborne

6 July 2015 17:56

Right now, Britain is sitting on the side-lines waiting to see if there is, to use George Osborne’s phrase, an…

(Photo: Aris Messinis/Getty)

Does anybody still believe that the EU is a benign institution?

6 July 2015 14:59

Ever since Margaret Thatcher U-turned in the dying days of her premiership, there has been a kind of agreement between…


Greece says No, will Germany now try and kick it out of the Euro?

5 July 2015 23:28

Greece has voted No in the referendum and resoundingly so. With more than 90 percent of the votes counted, No…