Martin Bright

Martin Bright is Political Editor of The Jewish Chronicle and founder of New Deal of the Mind.

A symbol of peace? (Photo: Abbas Momani/AFP/Getty)

Tony Blair has long been an irrelevance in the Middle East peace process

28 May 2015 11:52

Following months of speculation, Tony Blair has finally announced he is standing down as the Quartet Representative to the Middle East…

Queen Elizabeth II talks with the Ambassador of Israel, Mr Daniel Taub. (John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

A lesson in solidarity, from the Jewish community in Britain

8 March 2013 14:22

This week I wrote my last Bright on Politics column for the Jewish Chronicle. Here it is in full: This…

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Hopeless in Gaza

21 November 2012 10:50

I have already tweeted my feeling of utter despondency at the situation in Gaza. I feel hopeless, both in the…

Supporters of Israel are losing the battle of ideas in the UK. Images: Getty.

Israel is losing the battle in Britain

14 September 2012 17:02

The simplest way to react to the madder pronouncements of the trade union movement is to dismiss it as so…

Bulgarian bus bomb, Getty Images

Anti-Semitism: no longer big news

23 July 2012 14:15

My fellow Spectator blogger Douglas Murray wrote a powerful post yesterday. Like him, I was disturbed by the way the…

Israel and Britain, Getty Images

First, call the lawyers

16 July 2012 19:16

I have just started a new column, Bright on Politics, for the Jewish Chronicle. My first piece last week discussed…

British Prime Minister David Cameron (R)

Have Israel and Britain given up on each other?

15 June 2012 17:00

Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement to authorise more than 800 new housing units in West Bank settlements, and the condemnation which followed…

Reasons for optimism in the Middle East

12 February 2011 16:44

I began the week in Israel, where I watched Tzipi Livni make an extraordinary pitch for the premiership by representing…

The ultimate Jewish conspiracy theory

2 December 2010 17:46

This has to be the ultimate Jewish conspiracy theory story. Why have the Wikileaks disclosures been so soft on Israel?…

Israel, radical Islam and the EDL

20 November 2010 21:51

I realise the title of this post looks like an open invitation to every lunatic conspiracy theorist on the web.…

Labour’s Revolting Over Israel

14 January 2010 11:42

As the Labour Party descends further into student union gesture politics, it is perhaps appropriate that the last backbench rebellion…

The Guardian and Tzipi Livni

18 December 2009 8:04

Since working at the Jewish Chronicle, I have discovered that many in the Jewish community will have nothing to do…

What on earth was Daud Abdullah doing on Channel 4 News?

15 December 2009 22:03

What a bizarre decision by Channel 4 News to invite the Muslim Council of Britain’s Daud Abdullah on to talk…

Rediscovering Paul Berman

11 December 2009 23:02

Six years ago I wrote a review for the Observer about Paul Berman’s Terror and Liberalism, a quite brilliant polemic…

Reporting protest

16 February 2009 18:01

Anyone who has ever been on a protest march or felt the heady frission of student rebelliousness should check out…