Alex Massie

Alex Massie is Scotland Editor of The Spectator. He also writes a column for The Times and is a regular contributor to the Scottish Daily Mail, The Scotsman and other publications.

Ed Miliband's Speech On Reforming Labour's Links With Unions

Ed Miliband’s Surprisingly Bold Plan for A New Model Labour Party

9 July 2013 16:11

Tony Blair has welcomed Ed Miliband’s “big speech” on reforming Labour’s relationship with its Trade Union backers. And so has…


Hillary Clinton 2016? If she wants it, then yes. - Spectator Blogs

17 January 2013 17:18

Yes, yes, yes, speculating about the 2016 Presidential election before Barack Obama has even begun his second term is a…

President Obama Holds Election Night Event In Chicago

Barack Obama is Re-Elected President of the United States - Spectator Blogs

7 November 2012 5:45

Well, I was wrong. I thought Mitt Romney might do rather better than it seems he has. As I type…

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Presidential Predictions: Barack Obama 294 Mitt Romney 244 - Spectator Blogs

6 November 2012 19:37

Asked my prediction a few days ago, I looked at all the possibilities and plumped for Obama 294, Romney 244.…


Barack Obama Deserves A Second Term - Spectator Blogs

6 November 2012 14:10

No matter the result of today’s Presidential election, it will not be Morning in America tomorrow. Of course the successful…

65th Anniversary Of D-Day Celebrated At National D-Day Memorial In Virginia

The Continental Divide: Why are Red States So Red and Blue States So Blue? - Spectator Blogs

31 October 2012 18:37

So, for the third time in the last four American elections it looks as though this contest is gonna be…

Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy

The Republican party didn't leave Michael Bloomberg. He was never really in it. - Spectator Blogs

30 October 2012 18:34

If two things could have been predicted about Hurricane Sandy it was that, first, far too many people would waste…

Romney Takes Whirlwind Campaign Tour Of Ohio

The Weakness of the Case for a Romney Comeback - Spectator Blogs

26 September 2012 19:23

Bob Wright correctly observes that we should soon be treated to a barrage of Romney Combeack stories chiefly because the…

Obama Accepts Nomination On Final Day Of Democratic National Convention

Conventional wisdom says the conventions are awful. Conventional wisdom is correct. - Spectator Blogs

7 September 2012 13:23

My friend Kerry Howley heroically tried to find something nice to say about the conventions now mercifully past; I’m made…

Obama Accepts Nomination On Final Day Of Democratic National Convention

Barack Obama Plays it Safe - Spectator Blogs

7 September 2012 4:31

I’ll have a fuller, more considered take on Barack Obama’s convention speech in tomorrow’s Scotsman but my initial impression was…


Bill Clinton: The Great Communicator on Top Form - Spectator Blogs

6 September 2012 16:47

Barack Obama is a great orator  – something of which we shall doubtless be reminded tonight – but Bill Clinton…

Barack Obama Goes On 2-Day Campaign Swing In Ohio And Pennsylvania

Is Barack Obama a Tory? - Spectator Blogs

23 August 2012 14:23

At The American Conservative, Noah Millman argues that Barack Obama’s administration is the kind of small-c conservative leadership Thomas Friedman…

Will Obama Dump Biden for Hillary?

22 May 2012 13:39

Mike Tomasky enters the Veepstakes with a variation on a well-worn theme: Will Barack Obama replace Joe Biden with Hillary…

Obama’s Evolution

10 May 2012 12:29

Yesterday, Barack Obama came out of the closet and acknowledged what we’d all suspected for a long, long time: he…

2012: Last Chance Republicanism?

28 February 2012 2:06

How large are the stakes in this year’s American presidential election? Pretty huge if you’re a Republican. Jon Chait has…

The Eternal Doomed Quest for a Third American Party

21 December 2011 17:07

One of the rules of American political journalism is that every four years there must be an attempt to guage…

Newt Gingrich is Not John Kerry. That’s His Problem.

12 December 2011 17:46

In the end your view of the battle for the Republican party’s presidential nomination comes down to the degree of…

How Good is Barack Obama at Politics?

25 October 2011 23:23

Not as good as you might think, argues Ramesh Ponnuru: Last year, President Barack Obama issued a warning to Republicans.…

How Weak is the Republican Field?

20 October 2011 17:37

Very, very weak according to Ezra Klein: Does the 2012 Republican primary field feel a little…thin to anyone else? In…

Obama: My Opponents Are Beastly

16 August 2011 12:44

I think it’s ridiculous to argue that Obama is comparing himself to Lincoln here and his remarks about the Old…

The Power of Partisanship

29 November 2010 19:33

From Ross Douthat’s latest column: In 2006, Gallup asked the public whether the government posed an “immediate threat” to Americans.…

Eliminating the US Deficit is Easy

16 November 2010 0:15

If you’re a dictator, that is. The New York Times has a fun silly thingy whereby you too can take…

Speaker John Boehner

3 November 2010 2:01

Fox and the other networks have consulted the augurs and declared the signs good for the Republican party. Projections –…

The Fairness Doctrine

2 November 2010 19:52

Fairness has become an important theme in contemporary politics and not just because the electorate – especially the Baby Boomers…

Voting for Obama: A Matter for Regret?

2 November 2010 14:00

2008 was an unusual election: even more than in 2004 there were decent grounds for libertarians and libertarian-minded people to…