Alex Massie

Alex Massie is Scotland Editor of The Spectator. He also writes a column for The Times and is a regular contributor to the Scottish Daily Mail, The Scotsman and other publications.

Peter Dawson

Who cares about HMV? Shopping has never been better. - Spectator Blogs

15 January 2013 13:45

How many people presently lamenting the demise of HMV (at least in its current incarnation) actually spent any money there…

Irish Tragedies

Irish Newspapers Attempt to Kill the Internet - Spectator Blogs

4 January 2013 15:31

If Andrew Sullivan offers one example of how to thrive in the confusing, difficult, exciting new media world then, by…

The Atlantic Magazine's 150th Anniversary

Andrew Sullivan's Declaration of Independence - Spectator Blogs

4 January 2013 15:00

The big news of the new year – for those of us in the online world anyway – is that…


Ed Miliband's Leveson response shows his weakness: he's a follower, not a leader. - Spectator Blogs

3 December 2012 15:09

The biggest risk in punditry is the determination to see what you want to see. Confirmation bias is an ever-present…

Twitter Co-Founders Biz Stone And Ev Williams Address Developers Conference

Suing Twitter for Libel is a Mug's Game - Spectator Blogs

20 November 2012 15:55

Rod Liddle asks a question of the kind one frequently sees raised by media types: [W]hy is [Lord McAlpine] not…

Is Sir Simon Jenkins the Worst Columnist in Britain?

27 April 2012 11:53

I know that this must seem a large claim while so many other rotters still breathe but at least, as…

Blog-bashers and Other Curmudgeons

12 July 2011 10:43

As an exercise in provoking bloggers Jonathan Rauch’s suggestion that the internet is, like, totally hopeless is splendid. So there’s…

Reading in the Age of Distraction

25 June 2011 17:46

A good column by Johann Hari on the distractions – many of them wonderful but distractions nonetheless – of the…

Debating on the Internet

3 June 2011 17:06

Today’s Dilbert strip is for commenters and bloggers everywhere: We love you all, of course. [Thanks to MS, JPM, AH…

Peanut Tweeter

16 May 2011 0:17

Pretty much my new favourite thing: Peanut Tweeter. Random tweets from around the world inserted into not-wholly-random Peanuts galleries. Weirdly…

This internet thing is never going to catch on.

12 April 2011 2:34

A classic, via Norm, from Sir Simon Jenkins. Apparently, “The Internet will strut an hour upon the stage, and then…

Rickrolling Oregon

9 April 2011 11:56

Silly but kinda fun too: Ooh for the win, of course. Here’s how it went: [A]ssembling the video was about…

Your Newspaper on Your Computer, 1981 Style

27 March 2011 20:01

Note, please, the wisdom of the man from the San Francisco Examiner who says “We aren’t going to make much…

Facebook is Popular, So When Can We Start Banning It?

23 June 2010 15:30

For those of you not watching the football (England 1-0 up at the moment, incidentally, and so just one blunder…

Dumb Headline of the Day

8 April 2010 19:58

Standing Cat Video is Surprise Internet Hit. There’s a cat. Standing up. There’s video of the cat standing up. It…

Honoring an Embargo

1 March 2010 20:01

Ah, the glories of the endless contest between hacks and PR flacks. Pretty mch every journalist will enjoy this, I…

Withnail & I vs Star Wars

18 December 2009 17:05

This is what the internets were invented for: Uncle Monty as Darth Vader. Superb. [Thanks:MTMG]

The Woman in White

27 November 2009 13:09

I’ve had Wilkie Collins on my To Read list for, well, for years now. Somehow it’s never happened. And with…

Death of the Novel & the Birth of the Everlasting Telephone

24 November 2009 14:40

From a letter written by the American novelist F. Marion Crawford, on August 23, 1896: The old fashioned novel is…

Unseen Prequels

3 November 2009 16:14

There are times when Twitter is a bit like playing I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue. Today, for instance, folk…

Headline of the Day

14 October 2009 22:26

Courtesy of the Australian AP: PM eats biscuit, Twitters about it Good to know that Kevin Rudd enjoyed his visit…

Is Congressman Pete Hoekstra Alan Partridge in Disguise?

18 June 2009 23:17

The Michigan Republican is owed our thanks for producing what must be the most absurd reaction to the Iranian drama…