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To understand the causes of child abuse we need to look at its perpetrators’ backgrounds

27 August 2014

Day two of the Rotherham scandal—or rather the fallout from the latest report on it—and there’s a marked, obvious change in the coverage of it from the last time the subject surfaced. It may be the sheer scale of the thing —1,400 girls, and counting—and the horror of the cruelties perpetrated on the victims, but I don’t think that anyone is now trying to evade the reality of the thing: that the perpetrators were overwhelmingly men of Pakistani Muslim background and the victims white. But that, I think, is squarely down Alexis Jay’s report, which made the point not only that the rapists and abusers were from one ethnic and religious group and the victims from another, but that this was the main reason why council workers, social workers and police sat on the evidence rather than acting on it. Had it been your normal circle of paedophiles, I don’t think it would have taken 16 years to acknowledge the problem and act on it, do you?

On the previous occasion the BBC went with the issue the news bulletin was invariably followed by a little lecture from the correspondent, or a statement from a children’s charity, to the effect that child abuse was a problem for all communities and that it would be quite quite wrong to stigmatise any one ethnic or religious group for something that affects the whole of society. The first court case involving Muslim/Asian men preying on white girls that I remember the BBC reporting on—it may have been Oxfordshire rather than Rotherham—was conspicuous for the fact that the ethnicity and religion of the rapists was barely mentioned. Funny, I thought, after hearing the names read out; there’s a common denominator here. But analysis came there none.

And that was part of the problem. If the glaringly obvious feature of abuse on this extraordinary scale—and I’m trying really hard to avoid nouns like ‘epidemic’—was out of bounds as a subject, then plainly addressing the cause of the abuse was going to be impossible. Jack Straw, to his credit, raised the issue of how Muslim-Pakistani men regard white girls as ‘easy meat’ and Lord Ahmed, the Labour peer, said that he believes there is a link between first-cousin marriages and sex crimes by Asian men:

‘This didn’t happen in my or my father’s generation. This is happening among young Pakistanis. While I respect individual choice, I think the community needs to look at marriages in the UK rather than cousin marriages or economic marriages from abroad.’

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That was three years ago. But, as the report on abuse in Rotherham makes embarrassingly clear, the ethnic character of the predation was the reason why the initial police report was simply stuffed under the sofa (and in passing, this oversight shouldn’t be investigated by the same force that perpetrated it).

In the Catholic Church, there’s such a thing as sins of omission, which may be every bit as serious as sins of commission; does the law not cover offences relating to neglect of duty or criminal incompetence on the part of those with responsibility to protect the vulnerable?

We shouldn’t need to say this, but the background of the perpetrators of child sex abuse is crucial to any understanding of it. And of course we know that most sex abuse takes place within the family – it happens where it’s easiest to perpetrate. But that doesn’t exculpate those who are blind to crimes committed elsewhere. When the issue was abuse in the Catholic Church, the church underwent prolonged soul searching about the background of individuals accepted for the priesthood and about the requirement for priestly celibacy (though the issue was power, not celibacy). In England, the church commissioned the Nolan report on child protection, which was a model of its kind.

When it came to the abuse of minors by celebs like Jimmy Savile, we examined our collective conscience about the cult of celebrity and the immunity it seemed to convey to those in that bubble; we’re still agonising about it.

The same should apply to the Rotherham/Bradford/Oxfordshire rapes of children and young girls; if the perpetrators are overwhelmingly the products of a single culture then that group needs to engage in its own collective crisis of conscience. As for the police and social services and indeed the Labour Party for whom the sensitivities of immigrant groups trumped every other consideration, well, I think we know what to do.

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  • MathMan

    Third World people acting like, er, Third World people. The politicians who brought them here, thanks Tone, have a lot to answer for.

  • Mike

    Marriage within a very small gene pool = an increase in mentally disabled babies
    More disabled babies + religious brain washing = lack of moral perception
    Lack of moral perception + No accountability = Rotherham

    QED !

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Can fellow Internet correspondents help in identify the Labour minister/s responsible for facilitating mass third-world Islamic immigration into Britain. Also, those Labour traitors that expedited their right to vote in local and general elections. I’d hate to target the wrong person.

  • Mike

    One of, if not the best article and 100% honest report over what happened in Rotherham and I applaud Melanie for stating the obvious truths without any weasel words like Asian.

    There is nothing else to add except that this was a racially motivated hate crime of gargantuan proportions carried out by men from one culture. Other sexual abuses the apologists try to use in mitigation are NOT racially motivated as these ones were.

  • evad666

    Now reports suggest the girls were moved around Northern Towns, that takes money. What was the going rate for an appointment with each girl and who got paid who were their pimps?
    As data was erased from Council electronic systems and hard copies removed from filing cabinets who was complicit in this mass under age prostitution racket in the Council?
    The public needs to be told and the individuals responsible need to be fired and prosecuted.

    • Mike

      It was trafficking within the UK on a far greater scale than any trafficking from abroad that a certain Labour demputy PM seemed concerned with. Our white girls were obviously not worth protecting if you’re a PC fascist.

  • carpetburn

    There are many factors to consider. An imported american macho
    youth culture in which the amount of females you screw increases your
    social status amongst your peer group and which is reflected in
    mainstream hip hop pop culture which has grown in prevalence over the
    last 20 years. A socially repressed and over protective religious
    culture meaning that pakistanis are socially under developed in
    comparison to their english and afro-Caribbean counterparts in the
    inner cities with regards to interacting and sleeping with females.
    When they get to their early 20’s and are free of their religious
    cocoon to an extent they are able to start looking at potential
    partners. And pakistani girls are off limits until marriage.
    Pakistani males social maturity is extremely under developed in
    comparison to their white and black counterparts who slept with
    teenage girls at the appropriate time (when they were teenagers). And
    mature women in their 20’s aren’t interested in socially repressed
    immature pakistanis so they have to target immature teenagers and
    children who are at the same stage of social maturity as themselves.

    • Mike

      Its in their scripture, their religion and their culture, nothing else needs to be said.

    • Mike

      Try this list for causes –

      Marriage within a very small gene pool = an increase in mentally disabled babies

      More disabled babies + religious brain washing = lack of moral judgement and perception of right and wrong.

      Mentally disabled youth + on set of puberty = highly dangerous cocktail of emotions

      No access to girls within their community = obsessive frustration

      Lack of moral perception or guidance + No accountability = Rotherham

      The rest is history.

  • andagain

    To understand the causes of child abuse we need to look at its perpetrators’ backgrounds

    Might be a good idea to examine it’s victims backgrounds, as well.

    • GraveDave

      To see if any had tattoos you mean?

    • Mike

      Yeah, good idea, perhaps we also should look at the background of all the Jews killed in the holocaust as we might learn something from it !

      • andagain

        People have looked at the background of the victims of the Holocaust and noticed, for example, that they were all Jewish.Does not that tell you something?

        It is a lot easier to protect people if you know something about them and how they live their life, and how they see the world.

        • Mike

          It tells me that there are Islamofacists out there that want to exterminate one race of people for no other reason that they are not of their faith.

          In reality, these psychos eventually want to exterminate all non believers.

          I say bring it on and we’ll have a 21st century crusade to destroy these hate merchants from the face of the planet.

          • andagain

            I feel fairly certain in saying that was not the motive behind a forced child prostitution ring.

            • Mike

              I refer you to a new post I’m putting on this morning.

  • Roger Hudson

    Islamic mysogynism is behind such a list of crimes against women (rape, forced marriage, household slavery, FGM, murder, polygamy) that it is hard to see any reform that can solve its problems. I’m waiting to see female imams.

    • cartimandua

      Or just allowed to be openly gay. Latency is associated with aggression.

    • Mike

      Ban Islam in Britain under hate crime legislation ?

  • Nik Kolherne


    Dear “moderate Muslim”:

    We hear much about you in the media. In professing your moderation, please could you clarify the following:

    1. Where do you stand on equality for women at home, work, and under the law?
    (You either contradict the Koran, or you are not a moderate).

    2. Where do you stand on equality and respect for homosexuals?
    (You either contradict the Koran, or you are not a moderate).

    3. Where do you stand on violent jihad as a means to spread an ideology?
    (You either contradict the Koran, or you are not a moderate).

    4. Where do you stand on secular, inclusive democracy?
    (You either contradict the Koran, or you are not a moderate).

    5. Do you believe that your religious affiliation should not trump all other loyalties?
    (You either contradict the Koran, or you are not a moderate).

    6. Where do you stand on the death penalty for blasphemy or apostasy?
    (You either contradict the Koran, or you are not a moderate).

    7. Do you believe that all should be equal before the law, and the separation of church and state?
    (You either contradict the Koran, or you are not a moderate).

    8. Do you believe in freedom of expression?
    (You either contradict the Koran, or you are not a moderate).

    If you are honest, you know being a truly moderate Muslim means ignoring or creatively reinterpreting many immoderate passages from the Koran.
    If you can do this, you have made the first step towards a more considered and moral worldview.
    Perhaps the first step away from the dangers of blind faith.
    Maybe then we might all have a chance to live together side by side in peace.

    “The problem with Islamic fundamentalism is the fundamentals of Islam” – Sam Harris

    • Mike

      Your last line explains it all.

  • Michael H Kenyon

    Interesting to speculate on the consequences of 1400 Muslim girls being systematically abused by white criminals. Bet it wouldn’t have been treated so casually or gone on so long.

  • benbecula

    One of the aspects of this phenomenon is that it’s gone on for almost 30 years and that it was first observed in Birmingham in the 80’s where the victims were Sikh girls and the criminals muslims. In response the Sikhs set up their own helpline and website specifically to address the problem.

  • jesseventura2

    Where are Tony the phony Blair and the labour luvvies who created this problem by importing uneducated uncivilized muslims in the hope of gaining their votes?
    They have brought with them the filth that we see on the streets of Pakistan Bangladesh etc.etc.

    • Mike

      Especially Harman, Drohmey and Hewitt !

  • Frank

    That is all very fine Melanie, but if the Police just did their jobs, it might deter some of these individuals from abusing children. If we accept the premise that their view of white girls was that they are easy meat, this view was arguably reinforced by the fact that the police and social services took zero action to stop them abusing white girls.

    • tigerlily

      But that’s her point – all authorities including the police are averse to pursuing such crimes – bottom line it lays them open to accusations of racism. Just look at the opposition the investigation into the ‘Trojan Horse Plot’ received earlier this year.

  • solly gratia

    The apologists and damage-control experts are trying to point out that all communities do this sort of thing. If that was true, not one child in the UK would be safe, or even unaffected, since there would be gangs of Hindus, Sikhs, Chinese, Albanians, Romanians, Poles, French, Roma, Australians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Russians, Dutch,…you get the idea. Some of these groups have also been implicated, but some groups are more susceptible than others. We’ll probably find certain other nationalities involved in Bradford as we have elsewhere (possibly Eastern European, and some White British), but this issue is a significant issue amongst Muslim men of Pakistani background.
    The Liberal Left have pushed the post-colonial idea that white western/European culture is inherently bad (think imperialism, hegemony, those nasty 10 commandments), and other cultures pristine pure. This is the intellectual abyss in the thinking of those liberals that has allowed this to happen. Lack of care for predominantly working class vulnerable white children (but not exclusively white), lack of concern for the behaviour of ethnic groups due to pressure and political correctness (read ideological purity) and simple selfishness. A friend from Bradford has said the same goes on there too.
    The mainstream media will do its best to keep a lid on this, play it down, and keep us from realising that the time for change has come.

    • Mike

      Correct, and if all communities did this sort of thing, by extrapolating demographics and population numbers, there would be 1 million young girls abused by all other communities.

      One ethnic group is grossly over represented for their men committing these crimes.

  • artemis in france

    There are so many problems now arising out of the enormous number of Muslims in Britain and the fact that the most common boy’s name for new births was Mohammed, that I shudder to imagine Britain in 20 years’ time. Still, the Prime Minister hasn’t spoken out on this subject. While he continues to be afraid to condemn such behaviour, specifically motivated by ethnic and cultural beliefs, what hope is there for society at large? But then the man remains a craven weasel.

    • benbecula

      Even the Mohammed statistic is subject to political correctness because the ONS now counts the myriad of slightly different spellings as different names altogether thereby pushing it out of the top ten.

  • alison

    I rang the charity Victim Support in Rotherham yesterday to see if there was a specific fund for these victims of sexual abuse, thinking many other people would feel as I did and want to make a donation to help. The woman who answered replied ” I can’t possibly comment on that”. Rather a strange response to a polite enquiry from a private individual wishing to make a donation I thought. I shall make some more enquiries today, I thought UKIP might be interested. If £4m can be raised in one day for the children of Gaza we ought to be able to do something for the children of Rotherham, Rochdalle, Oxford, Derby, Peterborough etc as long as there is a way of ensuring it would all get to the victims.

    • Alexandrovich

      The CEO of Victim Support was, until May of this year, Javed Khan. He is now CEO of Barnardo’s. If you fancy boning up on ‘quangos as stepping stones’, here’s a link to his biography.

      • alison

        Oh! That explains it then, thank goodness I decided to try a few different avenues before making a donation.

  • AlecM

    Young Pakistani Sunni Moslem men from 1st cousin marriages tend to be intellectually challenged so have poor job prospects.

    Their religion is based on the words of a man who was himself a paedophile according to our present definition.

    The young men are told they are superior to others because they are of the dominant faith and they are indoctrinated into being mysoginistic.

    It is no wonder they behave as they do.

    • solly gratia

      Look at the way minorities are treated in Pakistan.

  • Lady Magdalene

    There is a criminal offence of Malfeasance in Public Office. Why aren’t the leaders of Rotherham Council, Rotherham Social Services and South Yorkshire police being prosecuted?
    As for the human garbage that perpetrated these crimes, they should be locked up and the key thrown away.
    Finally, multiculturalism twinned with the left’s beloved Political Correctness, which is needed to keep the majority culture cowed and acquiescent to the destruction of their nation, has failed. Importing a medieval, misogynistic culture into the UK and expecting it to respect a liberal open, tolerant society is delusional.
    We must stop importing poverty and ignorant 3rd world peasants. And those who are already here must be given a swift lesson in adapting to British social norms – including language, dress and equality of the sexes.
    If these people have the benefits of being British they must be made to accept British values. And if they won’t, we should pay them to go back to Pakistan one a one-way ticket.

  • evad666

    The Daily Mail reports Dennis McShane was aware of this so who else in the Parliamentary Labour Party was aware?
    Was it really Labour policy to sacrifice 1,400 white girls to paedo muslim gangs?

  • jack

    OK, here is clue to their background: brownish skin colour, from a pakistani gene pool limited by interbreeding, and belief in the words, deeds and actions of their supreme being whom they view as the ideal person to follow.

    Psychology, sociology , critical analysis and everything else is irrelevant, and so for the end result or conclusion just see their book of god, and the dictator of such a book. Easy…..

  • Jambo25

    In my much younger and even more foolish than today days, I tried to impress a Pakistani origin friend of mine by my right-on-ness by being amazingly understanding and tolerant of recent immigrants from his country of origin. He gave me a funny look and said “You think these people are like me (He was a highly educated, westernised, moderate Muslim.). You’re wrong. I was and he was right.

  • Alexandrovich

    “… I think we know what to do.” Come on Mel, give us a clue because I sure as h e l l don’t know. Unless you’re suggesting we vote Conservative of course. If that’s the case, could you tell us what Spoonface thinks about all this because he hasn’t told us yet.

  • itdoesntaddup

    The tally according to the BBC for convicted gang child rapists:

    7 “men” in Oxford
    9 “men” in Derby (does mention that Jack Straw commented some men of Pakistani origin saw white girls as “easy meat”, but then notes The judge in the case said the race of the victims and their abusers was “coincidental”.
    9 “men” in Rochdale and Oldham
    7 “men” in Telford
    5 “males” in Peterborough The men and youths were of Czech and Slovak Roma and Kurdish backgrounds.

    So that’s 32 “men” and 5 others. Now what can “Men” mean in BBC speak?

  • GraveDave

    To understand the causes of child abuse we need to look at its perpetrators’ backgrounds

    Noddy Goes to Toy town. Read the Douglas Murray article folks

  • lakelander

    And we’re STILL likely to vote in a Labour government next year. The right (i.e. UKIP and Conservatives) seriously need to act responsibly and ensure that they are kept well away from power. But I’m not holding my breath.

  • Ron Todd

    Invite mass immigration from primitive societies let them know we are too scared of them and Labour wants their votes too much to even try to get them to behave as people in a civilized society should what could possible go wrong?

    Liberals tell us how strong their families are, did none of them notice that their husbands brothers and sons were out gang raping little white girls? This needs to be sorted out before Labour get back in power.

    • jack

      “Liberals tell us how strong their families are”
      That is the answer.
      People trusted them and their word because of their ‘ family’ values.

      Its just that their family values of decency did not apply to anyone but to their own.

  • cartimandua

    Whether Pakistani Somali Kosovan or Kurd Islam and its contempt for women is the link.
    Lord Ahmed is right though about marriages “from home”. It means disempowered women who cannot challenge male behaviour.
    That’s the tip of the iceberg though. All customs around gender apartheid enable male
    sexual violence. In honour shame cultures the victim is in the wrong not the man who does it.

  • excel

    For every one of these pimps prosecuted there would have been a hundred or more punters and there would be nothing special, within their community, about their backgrounds.

  • MikeF

    The social services and the Labout Party did not ignore this situation because of the ‘sensitivities of ethnic groups’. They did because of their sensitivities about themselves – because taking action would have exposed as false a primary support of their overweening belief in themselves as moraly and intellectually superior to everyone who is not of their number.
    As for Lord Ahmed’s observation about why such things did not happen in previous generations perhaps that is because those previous generations were in Pakistan where such actions would have been crimes against their own culture that would have brought swift and somewhat peremptory retribution. In contrast immigrants to this country have been tutored by the left to regard the mass of the population around them with fear and suspicion – sentiments that have naturally morphed into hatred and contempt. All this is the inevitable consequence of the left’s attempt to use ethnic minorities as a tool for subverting democratic values.

    • Lady Magdalene

      Of course it didn’t happen in their native communities. Their girls are effectively locked up until they can be “sold” to a cousin in marriage.
      In contrast, young white British girls have all the freedoms of a liberal western country.
      These Pakistani men were like 3 yr olds put in a sweet shop and trusted not to touch the sweeties.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    If there was any justice, these Augean Stables full of councillors, social workers, policemen and the BBC would be cleaned out and incarcerated. If the Tories had any guts, the purging of this leftist Establishment would be a central plank of a GE Manifesto. But they haven’t and in any case are part of the problem.

    • southerner

      The Tories are full square now part of the leftist Establishment so, as you allude to, won’t do a thing.
      Hooky and the Camerloons have nothing to say on all these threads. Strange that.

    • Alexandrovich

      ‘Plank of a GE Manifesto’? What, as in “We will reduce immigration to the tens of thousands.’ A plank an’ a half, that one.

    • Lady Magdalene

      The Conservatives are desperate for the ethnic minority vote. They are copying Labour in their appeasement of minority communities.

  • Faceless Bureaucrat

    This HAS to be the turning point in Britain.
    Unless those responsible for both perpetrating and allowing this to happen – at whatever level – are locked up for a very long time, we will be forever engulfed in an endless circle of politically correct hand-wringing and sympathetic utterances along the lines of ‘Lessons must be learned…’.
    They haven’t been…

    • will91

      Well said.

      • Damaris Tighe

        The one thing you can be assured of is that they don’t want frankness & they don’t want honesty.

        • Ordinaryman

          And neither does the Spectator. I’ve just had a comment, condemning the public services that let these children down, removed. I made no threats, used no swear words but merely expressed the disgust I felt about the people complicit in ignoring the plight of these children and that the time has come for a change in the direction this country is going. In doing this the Spectator has also made itself complicit in a cover-up. What is happening to ‘free-speech’ in this country?

          • will91

            I had a post removed detailing the specific verses in the Quran which reference how Allah permits Muslims to take infidel women as sexual slaves. I suggested that at the very least that should be seen as a contributory factor to what we have seen in Rotherham and elsewhere.

          • Damaris Tighe

            I would have said legal reasons except that there are scores of such comments already up on other threads.

            • Ordinaryman

              You may well be right, although I usually try to stay within the bounds of reasonable comment. It’s annoying when the ‘rules of the game’ are not obvious or available. How can any sort of communication be maintained?

              • Jackthesmilingblack

                “We were only obeying orders.”

        • Spectre

          Anyone recall Diane Abbott’s disgraceful attempt on QT to frame this scanal – when it first came to national attention – as having no ethnic dimension? She said that the fact that the overwhelming majority of perpetrators were Pakistani was simply because the area was predominantly Pakistani. She neglected to mention that nearly all their victims were white. She wasn’t challenged. I hope she is now.

          • Roger Hudson

            A waste of time, better to talk to a brick wall.
            Ex-N16 voter.

      • CO Jones

        Meanwhile, over on the Daily Telegraph, they have frankly and honestly closed down the debate competely. No comments allowed.

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          That’s the Catholic Daily Telegraph for you.

    • dramocles

      Don’t hold your breath.

      If Shaun Wright’s refusal to resign is anything to go by it seems that today’s crop of local politicians and public officials (dare I say it – mainly labour) have no shame and no agenda other than self interest and self advancement. “I’m on the gravy train and I’m hanging on for dear life….”

      Sharon Shoesmith’s refusal to take any responsibility for baby P’s death and subsequent use of the law to squeeze even more money from the public purse tells us all we need to know about these people.

      I guess it starts at the top. Tony Blair sets a fair example of a public servant (ha ha) determined to grub as much money as possible from their position.

    • Citizen Warrior dot Com

      Talking about this just gets people upset. Pat Condell got a lot of blow back for talking about it in a place where it is illegal. Thank God youtube still allows non PC speech see
      Sweden goes insane on youtube

  • Lidlscanner

    Law and Freedom Foundation has the report on the grooming gangs: “Easy Meat” – Multiculturalism, Isl^m and Child S^x Slavery (March 2014). Its author, Peter McLoughlin, should be invited to give evidence before various Parliamentary Home Affairs select committees covering crime, local government, immigration, faith matters and so on. Perhaps he could also be invited to discuss his findings in various media outlets.

  • Jose Martins

    But how do we reform this Political Correctness dictatorship, this cancer that permeates politics, civil service, social services, journalism, television, cinema… ?
    We don’t. It is not reformable.

    When we let girls be violated in order not to violate ideological prejudices something is very, very wrong.

    It all started decades ago when we went on to build Socialism as the answer to the “excesses of Liberalism”.
    But those excesses were a lie, the promised New Jerusalems were a lie; the system in its core, in its fundamentals, in its ideology is pernicious.

    Only destruction and a violent cleansing are the answer for this nightmare.

    • 70sgirly

      How do we remove this cowardly sickness that infests our institutions and the MSM alike? It won’t be easy with PC zealots ever ready to shout “racist!” at any opportunity. It’s a deeply sinister policy which has been deliberately implemented and enforced and it’s rotting Britain inside out.

      But, it is a conditioned response, just like Pavlov’s Dogs, they salivate (shout RACIST!!!!) given the right cue, and that means they can be de-programmed. It won’t be easy and they will need whacking with a big stick every time they salivate, but eventually they will learn.

      • MikeF

        They will stop shouting when people no longer fear having any of their cursewords shouted at them. The left is a form of neo-occultism – a system of irrationalism that uses language not to persuade but to coerce by investing particular words with an intimidatory power. But that power derives from the fear that their words can produce in the people against whom they are directed. Do not be afraid – if we have no fear they have no power.

        • 70sgirly

          A form of neo-occultism, yes a very appropriate description. I’ve often thought the hysterical cries of “racist” reminded me of the cries of “blasphemy” in the stoning scene in “Life of Brian”.

    • Donafugata

      Imagine knowing that these poor girls are suffering horrors while agreeing to keep quiet so as not to rock the boat of “community relations”, ***k community relations, the migrants are supposed to abide by our laws and they need to be kept in line.

      Those responsible for allowing this atrocity should receive custodial sentences for criminal neglect.

      I can’t say here what I would want to happen to the perpetrators but it involves kettles of boiling water.

    • Lady Magdalene

      We start by closing down the Multicultural Quangos and the Equality and Diversity industry.

  • Suzy61

    I guess that every official from this sordid story will claim that the powers above ordered their silence….thank you Blair/Brown….you will indeed go down in history. I do not hope you are proud of yourselves. I hope you live the remainder of your lives in shame.

  • Kitty MLB

    No we don’t need to look into the perpetrators background..
    and why do that, to make a victim of them, to make excuse them.
    These Muslim men (not Asian men,keep Hindus, Sikhs and Chinese ) out of this.Muslim men who see white vulnerable girls as peices of meat. And we allow such savages to live amongst us.

    • you_kid

      In this instance they appear to be of ‘Pakistani heritage’.
      None of your (former) cultural heroes at BBC, which you are putting away one after the other, were available for comment.

      • Kitty MLB

        “My cultural heroes at the BBC” what are you going on about ?
        they were never heroes of mine.. and we don’t watch TV that often
        especially the BBC.

        • Inverted Meniscus

          Ignore them. All of his sockpuppets post the same disruptive unintelligible gibberish.

          • you_kid

            Ignore the BBC? Your culture? How?
            What did you do to ‘fix’ that, Jimbo?

            • Gafto

              Total drivel again.

              • Inverted Meniscus

                Well said he and his sockpuppets are the masters of drivel and gibberish.

            • Inverted Meniscus

              Yet more unintelligible gibberish from the EU sockpuppets.

            • girondas2

              Try again in English.

            • Kitty MLB

              Oh thanks for that and I was a little rude about
              you this morning..following the crowd which
              telemachus would tell you isn’t usually me..apologies.

            • Kitty MLB

              Oops..I have just apologised to the wrong person..I wasn’t rude to you…it was someone else.

    • Jambo25

      Correct but I also feel great sympathy for the sons of 3 Pakistani origin friends of mine. Highly moral, highly intelligent, open minded and honest. All the things we want from our young people but now touched with suspicion because of their race and religion.

      The situation they now find themselves in ha

      • Holly

        There maybe more than 3 people from P akistani origin, who are highly moral, highly intelligent, open minded and honest, and if they had made more ‘noise’ about this, maybe the unfit for purpose authorities, might have done more.
        You never know they may have even put a swifter stop to it for….erm..
        Community cohesion.

        • Jambo25

          They live up here in Edinburgh. What do you want them to do about Bradford and Rotherham?

          • CO Jones

            You think it doesn’t go on in Edinburgh? Ha!

            • Jambo25

              The kind of child grooming gangs fairly common in England clearly don’t. Other forms of paedophilia probably do.

              • girondas2

                How would you know?

                • Jambo25

                  There simply have been no case of it. There have been examples of white paedophile rings.

          • Holly

            SHOUT LOUDER! in disgust at what others of Pakistani origin are doing.
            Until the decent one’s turn against them this will continue.
            These young victims should have been confident that their own would have done all they could to help, but no one did, so maybe it is time for people like your friends to make it clear things like this will not be tolerated any longer.
            If people are genuinely appalled and angry about yet another case of child sexual abuse in this country it makes not one jot of difference where we live.
            It is now time for us to keep the pressure on those in authority to do what WE pay them to do, without fear or favour.
            Our first vital act of defence for the future is to boot out the councillors/MP’s ect who turned their backs on their responsibilities for the people they are meant to help and keep safe.
            Nothing will change if we don’t.
            In all honesty, the general election can not come fast enough.

      • Damaris Tighe

        I agree entirely with your first paragraph. I feel for the many decent Pakistani people who will be tarred with the same brush. I would hate to be in their shoes at the moment.

        To say this is not to lessen in any way the responsibility of Pakistani Muslims for these crimes. We should be very clear that their culture & religion is the source of the problem – made even worse by its racial element in which the descendants of newcomers made welcome in Britain preyed on their hosts’ children.

        • Jambo25

          Some Pakistani Muslims and certain variants of their culture. The problem is that back in the 60s, 70s and 80s (and since, as well) the UK made no attempt at quality control of who we let in. The families of the 3 young men I refer to above are practising Muslims but moderate. They move in wider British society and most of their friends are white, Christian Scots. They are not living in fairly hermetically sealed little Punjabi, Muslim ghettoes as many Muslims do in parts of the English Midlands and North.
          Incidentally, the same split applies to many Muslims in England. I have rather well off friends living in the Leicester area. They are, in turn, friends with growing numbers of middle class Muslims who have turned ‘white flight’ into ‘white and tan’ flight to the leafier suburbs and villages surrounding Leicester. Those Muslims are more at home in the Conservative club and golf course than the Mosque.

          • Damaris Tighe

            Yes indeed. I’m going to edit my post to that effect. What you say was in my mind when I wrote the first paragraph but it was late at night & my concentration was failing by paragraph 2!

            • Jambo25

              I do exactly the same thing I’m afraid. Today it was compounded by a hangover.

  • colchar

    Is any of this really a surprise when they are followers of a religion the main prophet of which was a child molester?

    • RobertC

      It does seem obvious, doesn’t it, but some sections of the Public Sector do not have the equipment to think. And I do wonder whether they have a soul that can be searched.
      Knowledge (and acceptance) of Sharia is common to all these perpetrators. In fact it is common to those jihad lad and lassies in Iraq.

      There must be a connection, I would have thought. Read the Koran yourself and remove all doubt!

    • cartimandua

      Which is relevant because it is used to make such abuses legal in Muslim countries.

  • RavenRandom

    This is what pandering leads to; one rule for one race/religion and another for the rest of us. Everybody who did nothing in the face of overwhelming evidence of repugnant evil should be on trial.
    How did it come to this that law and morality should be so subverted?

    • MikeF

      Yes – the fundamental irony of the ‘equalitiy’ agenda is that it is not about equality but about preference or to be more precise a series of preferences with the left even placing some of its ‘protected minorities’ above others. Race and religion should be irrelevant in law and politics. The whole edifice of legislation and attitude that the left has put in place over the past 30 years or more has to be destroyed – ‘identity politics’ or democratic politics, ‘hate speech’ or free speech. You can have one or the other in each case but not both and now is the time when people have to make that choice.

  • Last Man Standing

    What has been happening in every other town in England with a population of more than 3% Pakistani/Bangaldeshi?

    • RavenRandom

      The same, this happened in a lot of towns. And it happened because the fire was not put out when it was small… the community in question… (let’s say it some men of ethnic Pakistani origin and followers of Islam), learned they could do what they like. The police, social workers, councillors would turn a blind eye so the abuse spread like ebola.

      • Last Man Standing

        I agree, I was speaking rhetorically. I’m finding a list of all councils with a 3%+ population of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

        • ReefKnot

          I wonder not only what other toŵns / cities are affected by this awful crime, but what other crimes are being ignored by the police because the perpetrators are Pakistani ?

          • Last Man Standing

            The list of councils where Pakistani/Bangaldeshi populations are greater than 3%, using official data is:

            Newcastle Upon Tyne – 4%
            Middlesbrough – 5.1%
            Blackburn – 13.1%
            Bolton – 4.5%
            Bury – 5.1%
            Manchester – 9.8%
            Oldham – 17.4%
            Rochdale – 12%
            Tameside – 4.2%
            Trafford – 3.3%
            Burnley – 9.6%
            Hyndburn – 9.8%
            Pendle – 17.5%
            Preston – 3.5%
            Rossendale – 4.1%
            Rotherham – 3%
            Bradford – 22.3%
            Calderdale – 7.1%
            Kirklees – 10.1%
            Leeds – 3.6%
            Derby – 6.2%
            Leicester – 3.5%
            Nottingham – 5.8%
            Stoke on Trent – 4.6%
            East Staffordshire – 5%
            Birmingham – 16.5%
            Coventry – 3.9%
            Dudley – 3.4%
            Sandwell – 6.6%
            Walsall – 7.2%
            Redditch – 3.3%
            Bedford – 4.1%
            Luton – 21.1%
            Peterborough – 6.7%
            Watford – 7.1%
            Camden – 6.4%
            City – 3.3%
            Hackney – 3.3%
            Newham – 21.9%
            Tower Hamlets – 33%
            Wandsworth – 3.7%
            Westminster – 4%
            Barking – 8.4%
            Brent – 5.2%
            Croydon – 3.7%
            Ealing – 4.8%
            Harrow – 3.9%
            Hillingdon – 4.4%
            Hounslow – 6.3%
            Merton – 4.8%
            Redbridge – 16.8%
            Waltham Forest – 12%
            Reading – 4.9%
            Slough – 18.1%
            Windsor – 3.2%
            Aylesbury – 3.2%
            Wycombe – 7.9%
            Oxford – 4.4%
            Woking – 6.2%
            Crawley – 4.7%
            Cardiff – 3.2%
            Newport – 3.3%

            There are rather a lot of councils. But each of these has a greater proportion of population from a Pakistani/Bangladeshi background than Rotherham, where 1400+ children have been abused over many years.

            • Last Man Standing

              In fact there are about 83 councils where this community are present above the levels in Rotherham. What is the experience of young girls in each of these places?

              • Jambo25

                I suspect that you really don’t want to go there

                • Last Man Standing

                  I think we do. And better do so immediately.

                • Jambo25

                  To be honest I was being a wee bit ironic on that last comment. I think, like you, that we do want to go there but I suspect that a lot of the PC types won’t like it.

              • Noa
            • Jackthesmilingblack

              If Rotherham, with a three percent Pakistani/Bangaldeshi population produces 1,400 cases of child rape over some 16 years, extrapolate, and you could be talking of literally hundreds of thousands underage white girls being sexually abused, make that raped.

    • CO Jones

      Do a more simple calculation: Rotherham has about 120,000 people, of whom 1,400 children have been abused and raped with the tacit approval of the local authority and the police.

      If we take the population of the UK as about 60 million, give or take, a straight pro-rata would give you 700,000 children similarly abused and raped.

      Think that figure’s too high? Okay, reduce it by 90% and you are still left with 70,000 horror stories. A “Nightmare on Elm Street” has been allowed to spread up and down the length of the UK.

  • monty61

    Deathly silence from those much-feted ‘community leaders’. Funny that.

    • davidraynes

      There are no real “Community Leaders” in the way there might be “Elders”: in a North West Frontier tribal village. That is myth perpetuated by the race industry and desperate .politicians

      Tribal Pakistani society has not adapted well to life in Britain and the people we have tasked with looking after these communities, in Policing and in local government, do not understand the, in many ways, medieval social attitudes, they are dealing with.

      The communities are dysfunctional. Nobody has had the guts to spell it out. Women are suppressed, cousin marriage and forced marriage is common.

      We have released these Pakistani heritage men from the confines of the Jirgha system of local discipline, without putting anything much in its place.

      Policing it effectively demands a robustness that has been missing because it produces conflict and criticism from the liberal left.. Far easier to keep ones head down and do nothing, get promotion, move on.

      The law of the jungle has taken over. The perpetrators have done it and will do more, because they feel no shame.

      One has to visit Pakistan to really understand the culture. Some background here:

      • Damaris Tighe

        Please don’t call them of Pakistani Heritage. It gives them a dignity they don’t deserve. Pakistani Descent is more accurate & less ingratiating.

        • edlancey

          Pakistanis (or rather its catchy diminutive) works for me.

        • Spectre

          What a heritage.

      • Roger Hudson

        A Jirga is an all-male gathering, that alone makes it unfit in Britain in the 21st century.

        • davidraynes

          I am well aware of that, I have worked in Pakistan,

          I was not at all suggesting that we should encourage local, UK based Jirgah,

          I was putting it all in a cultural context.

    • TRAV1S

      You mean community leaders like Ed Miliband and Harriet ‘Pie Lady’ Harman? Labour wanted to rub these children’s noses in diversity and enrich them.

      Anyway it wasn’t Tony Blair’s daughter that was being poked in that kebab shop, so why should he or Labour care.

    • Spectre

      I’m a white British councillor in a predominantly white British town. Does that make me a ‘community leader/edler’ of the ‘white community’? The notion makes me sick. I’m British. End of.

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