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Video: Should Parliament be recalled over Iraq and ISIS?

11 August 2014

Neither Obama nor Cameron seem ready to return from their holidays to debate how best to respond to the events in Iraq. However, in our look at the week ahead, Isabel Hardman argues that the debate shouldn’t just be taking place in newspapers, but also in the House of Commons. Could we see a recall of Parliament, asks Fraser Nelson, or is Cameron simply too scared after last year’s disastrous debate over Syria? Douglas Murray suggests that however much we may care about the events in Iraq, the only country that can do anything about it is America.

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  • The Masked Marvel

    Obama doesn’t even have to leave the golf course to call for regime change in Iraq.

    Seriously, though, the only way an aerial campaign could be effective for anything more than a very brief term is if it lasts for weeks and weeks, and doesn’t operate with one wing tied behind its back. Are our leaders capable of it?

    NB James Forsyth: Notice how Douglas doesn’t slouch.

  • RavenRandom

    No. What can they actually do in Parliament? It seems these days there are always attempts to recall Parliament in summer. Journalistic boredom usually. Quick let’s discuss the Middle East perma-crisis to a solution. Not going to happen, don’t waste time. Send aid and stop being hysterical.

    • la catholic state

      If ISIS reach Erbil and start slaughtering the non-Muslims….can we start being hysterical then or not?!

      • RavenRandom

        Sounds like you’ve already started. Hysteria never helps matters.

        • la catholic state

          Neither does sitting back and turning a blind eye to an impending great evil. That is evil too!

  • la catholic state

    It will be too late when massacres start happening, they are already happening, but will escalate wildly. The government must act!

    • RavenRandom

      And do what precisely?

      • la catholic state

        Start air strikes and air lifts. Duh.

        • RavenRandom

          Air strikes… from where? Against who? What happens when a fighter gets shot down? Air lifts? How, with what, from where? How many people can you air lift? To where? Here? And so on.

          • la catholic state

            Im not in the military…but there are those who are. What are they doing while people are suffering and in mortal danger?!

  • fathomwest

    Cameron would do well to consider Jim Callaghan, who on returning to a London, in the winter of discontent, said ‘Crisis, what crisis’. Sunny Jim lost the support then. Cameron on another holiday, with Clegg on holiday shows a complete indifference to the plight of Christians in Iraq. People are talking and they want Parliament recalled.

    • la catholic state

      Cameron is beginning to turn my stomach. What is he waiting for…..a massacre?!

      • telemachus

        I feel so so disappointed with our leaders
        We see medieval barbarians butchering and starving Christians and para-Christians
        The Eton College Old Boy network is not perhaps as strong as we thought
        Justin Welby trumpets the need for action across the media having failed to move Cameron through the network
        And yet Cameron suns himself eating fish in one of the most backward nations on the continent
        For goodness sake put someone in charge with the stature and spine of Tony Blair

        • RavenRandom

          He he… one of your better ones “For goodness sake put someone in charge with the stature and spine of Tony Blair” Comical Tele indeed.

  • evad666

    It seems once again foreign terrorists here in the UK benefit while our leaders debate the situation those individuals have created abroad.

    • In2minds

      Would this be a reference to giving money to Gaza?

      • Damaris Tighe

        Is it just me or is it absurd for DEC to be collecting for Gaza from the good British public when Hamas’s backers in Qatar have billions at their disposal?

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