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The mysterious case of David Ruffley’s letter

29 July 2014

There is much hullaballoo this morning about how slow the Tories were to act over David Ruffley, the disgraced MP who announced last night that he will not stand for Bury St. Edmunds at the next election following the fallout from his accepting a police caution after a violent domestic incident with his former partner.

Mr S understands that Ruffley told Tory High Command that his former partner had written a letter which downplayed the domestic incident and said that Ruffley’s acceptance of a caution was a way to resolve the issue quickly and amicably. It was thought that this letter, when produced, would head off criticism of Ruffley.

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But the stern advocacy of the Dean of St. Edmundsbury, who is a close friend of Mr Ruffley’s former partner, made Tory HQ suspicious. ‘Why was she saying this?’ they asked, because it did not chime with Ruffley’s version of events. So they asked Ruffley to see that the letter was produced. No such letter was forthcoming.

Mr S hears tell that Messrs Gove and Shapps formed a ‘pincer movement’ over the weekend. They were prepared to give Bury St. Edmunds members the chance of a no-confidence vote in just a few weeks’ time, if Ruffley didn’t go of his own accord. Mr S also hears that several female Tory MPs, some of them rather grand, were planning to force the issue if Ruffley refused to budge.

Ruffley had lost the confidence of the party leadership and colleagues. He had to fall on his sword.

Mr S has asked Mr Ruffley for comment.

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  • wordfromthewise

    Much as I hate the LibLabCon connivance I also hate any form of animal cruelty. If Mr Farage continues to pursue foxes then I shall have to think again come the election. BNP maybe?

  • Faceless Bureaucrat

    Meanwhile, back at UKIP HQ, Nigel Farage pours the Head of Countryside Alliance (Suffolk Branch) a large Malt Whiskey and discusses tactics for next May….

    • Wessex Man

      i don’t believe it! you are as bad if not worse that other Tory liars on these threads, we learn of a Tory MP’s vile attack on an ex and having to accept a Police Caution and his strange disappearing ‘letter’ and you try to smear Nigel Farage!

      You are pathetic and sad much like most of what’s left of members!

      • Faceless Bureaucrat

        I fear you may have approached my Comment from the wrong angle, WM…

        • Wessex Man

          Really I definately don’t think so.

          • Faceless Bureaucrat

            You know best…

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, and brother Nigel better keep on his toes. These Cameroon own-goals will be coming fast and furious over the coming months, and UKIP needs to subtly take advantage, mostly by standing aside as the Camerloons implode.

      • Faceless Bureaucrat

        I sense UKIP are doing just that…

        • Wessex Man

          Hur hur hur, so that’s why shameless call me Dave is pinching all our policies!

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Dave’s not politically astute enough to pull that off.

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