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Nigel Farage hints at how a Tory / Ukip electoral pact might work

13 July 2014

Vote Farage, get Miliband might not have quite as much resonance with voters as the Tories would like. But it is certainly effective with donors. If Ukip is seen as Ed Miliband’s passport to Number 10, it will be far harder for it to raise the money it needs to fight a successful general election campaign.

So when Nigel Farage spoke to the Midlands Industrial Council—a group of right-wing business people who have in the past donated substantial sums to the Tories—after the European Elections, most of the questions were about how to avoid a split on the right letting Labour back into government. As I report in the Mail on Sunday, Farage’s response was that there was ‘No prospect of a deal as both Cameron and Osborne view us in Ukip as members of the lower orders, not proper people.’ But he then went on to outline a ‘potentially intelligent approach’ to cooperation between the Tories and Ukip.

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Farage emphasised that Ukip does better in working class seats and the Tories in middle and upper class one. Farage said that if he was Tory leader, this is what he do

‘It’s very easy, you offer Ukip 20 or 30 seats where the Conservatives will stand down, if you leave us alone in the rest of the country.’

By putting himself in Cameron’s shoes, Farage had cleverly not committed himself to accepting anything. But those present tell me that the implication was that Farage himself would be amenable to such a deal.

Having spoken to those who know Farage’s thinking on the matter, I understand that he would feel obliged to put any potential pact to a ballot of the Ukip membership.

Now, any deal remains highly unlikely because Cameron is adamant that the electoral and political negatives of allying with Ukip far outweigh the positives. But it seems that at the Ukip end, the door is not shut on some kind of electoral arrangement.

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  • andyrwebman

    UKIP need to attack Labour and Lib dem seats more. There are voters there who would never vote Tory for historical reasons, yet who are highly conservative (small c) by nature with the exception of their views on worker’s wages.

    And as we all know, nothing pushes down the working man’s bargaining power than flooding the country with cheap labour.

    I’m in sheffield, so voting Tory is pointless. Instead I’ll hope for a UKIP surge amongst the working class here to scupper labour.

    Attack the labour strongholds, Mr Farage – full on.

  • Denis_Cooper

    I would have thought that any kind of deal between UKIP and the Conservatives would certainly have to be balanced by a comparable deal between UKIP and Labour, and possibly between UKIP and the LibDems as well.

    But even then it is very doubtful that the UKIP membership would wear any of it; what the members of the Tory and Labour parties would think about it might be
    less relevant as it is less likely that they would be asked, they would be expected to slavishly follow their party leaders as indeed the likes of HookesLaw would do.

    Far more likely is that the establishment of three unpatriotic pro-EU anti-British anti-democratic and corrupt old parties would quietly strike a deal to stop UKIP winning any seats, encouraging tactical voting where necessary to make sure that
    no UKIP candidate would do better than coming second anywhere; the leaders of those parties are united in their utter commitment to the EU and therefore they would have no scruples about doing whatever they saw as necessary to suppress
    a new party that is totally committed to getting us out of the EU.

  • cargill55

    Vote UKIP , continue the gradual destruction of the Liblabcon oligarchy.
    The irony of Fptp is that the benchmark to get into Westminster is very high and wholly anti democratic but MP’s are not needed to cause chaos in the anti democratic and anti British liberal left extremism of the Liblabcon oligarchy.
    All that’s needed is UKIP having a role in hundreds of marginals and that’s exactly what’s happening.

  • artful

    No thank you very much. I’m a keen supported of the EEC and Nigel Farage is bad news.

    • Wuffo the Wonder Dog

      You obviously have a financial interest in the EU, but have a stopped watch – the EC was super-ceded years ago.

      • artful

        I’ve corrected my error. Financial interest? I won’t deny it.

        • Wuffo the Wonder Dog

          Funded by us.

          No matter, we understand that you have to look after number one. You an MP?

  • Wuffo the Wonder Dog

    Nigel will have trouble with the membership unless he holds out for at least forty seats with a clear run without a Tory standing and I don’t mean seats like Tower Hamlets, I mean Eastleigh and Corby.

    But I can’t see Cameron agreeing to that.

  • Thursdaythe12th

    Dont do it Nigel. Keep up what you are doing. The ‘Conservative’ party deserves to be destroyed for what it has done to it’s voters and principles, and it can’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

    Labour will probably be in power come 2015. I expect that we have to take our medicine for another 5 years.

    Hopefully after the coming disaster that is a Millipede government UKIP will be polling in the low twenties in the GE in 2020.

    I don’t expect serious changes until 2025, I’m sorry to say. But I do expect that eventually we will have a coalition of socialists and UKIP – just like we always have really.

  • Lady Magdalene

    Farage wouldn’t “feel obliged” to put any prospective deal to the membership ….. he’d have to do it. That’s what the Party’s Rules require and the local Branch Associations have a great deal of autonomy compared to the 3 old parties.
    I’m not sure he would get the support. Cameron and the LibCONs are not trusted and Cameron personally is loathed by many members.

  • The Masked Marvel

    I’d take a UKIP-Tory Coalition Government just to watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments at the BBC. All of Radio 1 and 4 would be on suicide watch, as would most of BBC News and Current Affairs. I would run a betting pool on how many of them got sacked for tweeting vulgar partisan venom. It would be a joy to behold.

  • Streben80

    I often wonder why it is that every time Nigel says things like this that people actually take it at face value. The people he is reaching out to are those grassroots Tories, not Cameron, nor is he asking for a deal other than one which makes them a member of UKIP. The facts are simple – UKIP grassroots wouldnt have any of it, Cameron wouldnt either and local Tories are too scared of HQ. This is simply a case of the door being held open for those unhappy under Cameron and an opportunity to stir the pot in the media – the story is here and in the Telegraph so it has hit its target.

    • right_writes

      This all starts from a false premise, which is that in some way, a CONservative government is in some way preferable to a Labour one…

      …There is no difference, they are both led by donkeys, and neither prospect seems to have any grasp of how to govern….

      …Which is probably why they would rather be governed by Germans.

  • Man in a Shed

    Cameron and his establishment backers care more about stopping UKIP getting an MP than they do about beating Labour.

    • Lady Magdalene

      Of course they do. UKIP is a real threat …… Labour is just Her Majesty’s Opposition and therefore signed up to the same strategic direction for the country as the Tories (ie in the EU and largely controlled by Brussels).

  • shortsands

    Vote UKIP get another 5 years of Cameron !

    P*ss off Ukippers !!!!

    • Man in a Shed

      Vote Cameron or Miliband – get your country surrendered bit by bit to Brussels. The result is the same.

    • icini

      How strange. Exactly the opposite of what the Tories claim. I presume you are a Marxist bacon butty lover.

  • icini

    Not in favor of any national deals. I want Dave out but I could be persuaded that a limited number of local deals were worthy of consideration, maybe involving council seats too. It would depend on the individuals involved, how the UKIP branch feels and to what extent the Tories would be willing to move on national and local policy.
    We would have to be convinced that ratepayers and electors would find it acceptable first and there was something in it to push our own party closer to achieving our goals. This fight is not about keeping the present administration in power. It’s about escaping from the EU, controlling our borders and laws and improving our democracy. The present Tories can’t and won’t do these things.
    UKIP can, if elected.

  • Smithersjones2013

    More straw clutching from inside the Westminster Freakshow.

    Well if Farage considers that should be Cameron’s opening bid (It’s utterly impractical in case you haven’t noticed, UKIP will not stand down in anywhere near 600 seats), its clear Farage would expect an awful lot more!

    Me thinks the Westminster Freakshow is getting itself in another tiz over nothing. Farage’s musings are not so much an olive branch as a multi-barbed fishing hook!

  • phil davis

    The UKIP membership would be too stupid to agree to anything smart like this.

    • Smithersjones2013

      Yeah its really stupid to turn down the offer to go into a pact with people who through their innate bigotry cannot but help to abuse them for no good reason. Tories deserve to lose because too many of them are just utterly obnoxious people trying to live up to the Nasty Party label as if its some badge of honour!

    • girondas2

      Then what are you worried about?

    • Wessex Man

      Yes we are are a right bunch of idiots arn’t we, a sad bunch that manged to win the European Election and are making all of Call me Daves chins quiver!

  • jamesbarn

    There can be no doubt that as the GE aproaches there will be considerable sphincter tightening as sitting MPs grasp the fact that the UKIP vote will very likely cost them their seat in Westminster. Party loyalty may well become secondry when faced with an abrupt end to a politicac career. It will be very interesting to see if the failed media onslaught on UKIP is re-invigorated after Christmas. It failed dismaly before the Euro elections and the LIBLABCON are and have lost all credibility over Europe. Everyone and his dog knows that renegotiation on issues like immigration and the ECHR are non starters. No amount of flannel and soundbites can redeem these facts, win or lose UKIP will cost many seats.

  • grumpy_old_ben

    The electorate don’t like Cameron, or the Coalition but the country can’t afford Milliband, or Cameron come to that. The LibDems are now completely unelectable.
    Let’s see what develops.

  • saffrin

    Only if Nigel Farage leads and picks the cabinet of any coalition government that may result.
    Cameron has already proved he’s not up to the job.

  • sfin

    The reason why “vote Farage, get Milliband might not have as much resonance with voters as the Tories would like”, is that the alternative is vote Cameron, get…er…Cameron.

    It doesn’t matter who you vote for out of Lib, Lab or Con. You will get a social democratic party, led by an identikit forty or fifty something, career politician who, for purely selfish reasons, wants the UK to be swallowed by an undemocratic, European superstate. If that’s what you want, fine, vote for any of the three – it really doesn’t matter.

    If not, vote Ukip.

    • John McEvoy

      Well said.

    • Daedalus X. Parrot

      Also, if you vote for Cameron, you get Miliband’s (and Clegg’s, heh) policies of:
      – borrowing more every year
      – maintaining higher levels of immigration than under New Labour
      – more integration with the EU political union
      – more “progressive” but uncalled for lefty policies like wind turbines, gay marriage et al.

      If you are serious and intelligent and are still thinking of voting for a Cameron government, please realise it will have very few differences from a Miliband government.

      In fact, if you really believe in Cameron’s policies (as enacted rather than what he says), vote for Miliband.

    • blokefromkent

      Better than ‘Don’t vote Clegg; get Clegg anyway …’

    • Damaris Tighe

      Spot on. Is it my imagination or are politicians getting younger & younger. The cult of youth? Or maybe I’m just getting older …

      • sfin

        Well, we are getting older…

        …but that shouldn’t stop us railing against the series of thunderbird puppets which are now presented to us as our potential national managers (I won’t use the term ‘leaders’)

        Winston Churchill wouldn’t get a look in nowadays – fat, bald, drunk – zero PR value – and PR, now is everything.

        How sad.

        • Damaris Tighe

          I’ve had exactly the same thought about Churchill. And managers is a very apt term for people who couldn’t grasp the concepts of nation & culture if they hit them in the face.

  • Frank

    Anything that props up the dreadful Cameron is to be avoided. I am happy for UKIP to align themselves with the tories, but only if a number of the top tories are packed off into retirement.

    • Foxy Loxy

      Anything that props up the dreadful Tories is best to be avoided.

      The quicker the Tory Party ceases to exist, the better!

    • andyrwebman

      Campaign for David Davis.

  • lakelander

    Cameron would be mad to not consider a pact with UKIP. Even with an improving economy, the odds are so stacked against the Conservatives winning outright that he is almost duty bound to work with a party which shares so many Tory values.

    He should grab it with both hands.

    • Colonel Mustard

      He’s too pig-headed and ignorant to do that. Besides his pals in UAF would have a fit. His snooty scruples will see him consigned to defeat, probably.

      • Steve Lloyd

        No probably about it Colonel. Dodgy Dave is toast. Rigging the vote, which is not beyond any of them, is his only hope.

        • Colonel Mustard

          One can never be certain about future events over which there is no control. The probability is high but it is not a certainty.

        • grumpy_old_ben

          If anything, the Conservatives are least well placed to do this. The LibDems had a VERY convenient tranche of postal votes appear when it looked as though UKIP could well pull it off at Eastleigh.
          Cameron has scorned the local constituency parties and they won’t rush to his defence

    • John McEvoy

      He wants to lose the referendum – that’s the priority. The Brussels sinecure will follow whether he’s PM or not. He doesn’t give a toss about the UK.

      • Lady Magdalene

        On the contrary, Cameron WANTS to hold a Referendum …. but it will be one so rigged that the IN campaign can’t possibly lose it.
        The one line in his speech of January 2013 which was worth paying attention to was when he grandly announced that “the democratic mandate for the EU is wafer thin,” Actually it’s thinner than that……. they don’t have a mandate – which is why we stand a chance of getting out.
        He’s been instructed to get the mandate The British Establishment lacks because it failed to get one at Maastrict or subsequent Treaties, including the Lisbon Treachery.
        So Cameron won’t want a pact with UKIP because we would demand a free and fair Referendum ie one Cameron stands a risk of losing. Under those circumstances, Cameron and his Masters would rather we have another destructive but pro-EU Labour Government.

    • Conway

      Trouble is, Cameron doesn’t share Tory values. That’s why he thinks UKIP supporters are fruitcakes and the grassroots Tories are the Turnip Taliban. Way to go, Davy boy! You don’t need their votes.

  • anyfool

    This is a lot of conjectural nonsense based on what might have been said if the writer had not been having a wet dream about bringing UKIP down..

  • Steve Lloyd

    The establishment haven taken out Exaro. What have they got to hide? Just proves this inquiry is a complete sham.

  • Jason Smith

    “Farage emphasised that Ukip does better in working class seats” Yup because they won’t vote anything that is close to Tory. Oh

    “‘It’s very easy, you offer Ukip 20 or 30 seats where the Conservatives will stand down, if you leave us alone in the rest of the country’”

    So Ally with the conservatives, watch your Northern working class votes crumble by admitting by association you’re just Tory +, I hear it worked wonders for the Lib Dems.

    • HookesLaw

      Its just another gimmick.

  • goatmince

    Deals such as these are always done behind closed doors, never transparent, perhaps alleged but never proven – it’s like taking two Ghanaians off the pitch a day before the US *must* qualify for the knock-out stages. No one cares.

    What matters here is that in a system of FPTP, whether you like it or not, illicit pacts would mean only one thing: they would completely undermine the principles of a *majority voting* system because what the politburo party poppers like Rees-Mogg and the like would like to do is BLATANTLY RIG that majority voting system by not fielding choice, for the reason of self-interest only.

    Was that clear enough for you all?

    • Inverted Meniscus

      No it was the usual socialist nutter gibberish we expect from you and the rest of your EU sponsored sock puppets lad. Try writing in English laddie.

    • girondas2

      You seem to think that your argument, such as it is, is more convincing if you SHOUT – it isn’t.
      Was that clear enough for you?

  • Tim Baker

    David Cameron must be mad to do any deal with Farage’s joke organisation. Ukip won’t win a single seat in 2015.

    • global city

      Idiots vote for the same horse, regardless of whether Thatcherite or Cameroonian….as I say, idiotic!

      • Aberrant_Apostrophe

        I thought it was ‘donkey’?

        • global city

          It may well be!

    • Bill Quango MP

      Precisely why a pact should be considered.
      UKIP will drain Tory votes, losing the Tories marginals, whilst delivering nothing.

      Simple maths tells you where lab have 20% libs 10% and Tory 40% a UKIP fight on the right delivers a nice labour seat.
      If no kipper stood, it’s a Tory seat.

      Just hoping people won’t vote for UKIP isn’t much of a strategy.
      Better to offer a thin deal, that can be denied all day long, but that effectively gives UKIP 5 seats in exchange for not fielding in the danger zones.

      • grumpy_old_ben

        UKIP could well be the Conservative ace-in-the-hole. The Coalition is unelectable, the LibDems will lose heavily but still be present: several may well cross to the Tories – Alexander, for one.

        Labour will certainly make ground on the Conservatives but are unlikely to pull off a majority – and Flashman knows about how the handful of UDs propped up the moribund John Major administration to the bitter end, he was there after all.

        The next election will be very close and electoral fraud will be widespread, especially in immigrant-dominated Labour seats. A lot of voters have no credible options but SOMEONE will be elected, and an anti-immigration, anti-EU option in some Labour marginal could be just what Dodgy Dave needs.

        An option to the reduced number of LibDems could be important, as could undercutting Labour.

        I don’t care to predict it

        • Smithersjones2013

          Labour will certainly make ground on the Conservatives but are unlikely to pull off a majority

          As it stands evey poll in the last three years has indicated a Labour majority given the underlying political landscape.

      • Wessex Man

        my word you talk like a befuddled old Tory buffon!

    • jamesbarn

      Tim Baker, what you and many like you fail to grasp is not how many seats UKIP win but how many they (by slicing up the votes) prevent the Tories from winning. At the last GE by taling only 3% of the vote it cost the Tories around 20 marginal seats. Anyone with even the most partisan view realises that the UKIP vote share is likely to be more than 10% at the next GE and that will stuff the Tories good and proper.

  • swatnan

    If Nige believes in democracy then, the Conservatives can’t ‘give’ seats away; we’ve moved on from the days of ‘Rotten Boroughs’. Its the electorate that determines who is returned to Westminster, not Nige or Dave. But it would certainly help for Labour to be the majority Party in 2015, and show that seats are not in the gift of the Almighty or Nige. If the Electorate vote in a Labour Govt then let them

    • Smithersjones2013

      Since when was there a law that says every party has to fight every seat?

      PS ‘Rotten boroughs’ suffered from a lack of voters not a lack of candidates

      • swatnan

        If you are a One Nation Party, then you have to fight every seat, otherwise you are not a One Nation Party.

  • telemachus

    ‘ Cameron and Osborne view us in Ukip as members of the lower orders, not proper people.’

    • Rhoda Klapp8


      It’s your site that he is ruining.

      • John Clegg

        Hear, Hear. these brain-dead trolls stop us enjoying and debating sensibly. They are easy to stop and while I’m on this subject, tell us why you prevent us seeing the numbers of disapproval votes. This last point is akin to censorship on the “Spectators” part.

        • Daidragon

          A debate requires different opinions. It’s not a debate when you all agree with each other. To bemoan censorship in the same post as calling for someone to be banned is a special sort of irony.

          • berosos_bubos

            He inhibits debate because he always pursues a ‘them’ and ‘us’ agenda. He is crass in the extreme. He is pursuing spoiling tactics, banning him is not censorship but about allowing ideas to develop.

          • Rhoda Klapp8

            Not because of his opinions. Not because he is apparently on the left, if sometimes inconsistently and unconvincingly. But because he craps over every thread.

            • John Clegg

              Thank you, delicately put!

        • girondas2

          Then lets agree to ignore him

          • John Clegg

            If only we all would, but there will always be someone that responds. (Nil-Nil after 39 minutes)

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Thanks Rhoda for comment of the decade.

      • Colonel Mustard

        telemachus reckons he is on very chummy terms with the Speccie staff and even claims to have cosy little chats about which commentators should be “proscribed”. There is some leverage somewhere, probably from the Labour party. God knows why because he is the best advert against them I know of.

        • Holly

          double bluffing eh?

      • Holly

        I find him quite entertaining.
        It would be a sad day if freedom of being a moron is pushed under the carpet…Much better to have them out in the open,(Milibod is a fine example) so we can make up our OWN minds whether they talk sense or not.

      • girondas2

        Stop responding to him then

    • Field Marshal

      Now just what evidence have you for saying all that?

      • global city

        It’s called developing ‘a Marxian perspective’.

        Seemingly impressive to those who utilise it, but they miss the fact that everyone else can see it for the absurd tactic that it is. More akin to numerology, number patterning and word association than real political discourse, the mental gymnastics it demands does entertain them, I suppose….but just like proper gymnasts they are really just going backward and forward along a pole or swinging round and round a fixed object (usually the slogan).

        Idiots, but they can’t see it.

        I put Telemachus in a different category though, I think he is Norman Tebbit and he’s just taking the mick!

      • Inverted Meniscus

        None. He never does evidence just socialist nutter assertions and lies.

    • David B

      I see you are now get scared of how UKIP will affect the Labour vote! So you should be, Labour is going into the election standing against an EU referendum when an election losing majority of its traditional support base want!

      • global city

        Yes. ‘The workers’ are desperate to be liberated from the Labour unemployment and aspiration stifling camp. They are also sick to death of being seen as the guinea pigs of the mad cultural Marxists.

      • Holly

        I will say again…
        The way Milibod will get around holding a referendum, without actually saying Labour would hold one, is by saying, ‘IF the Coalition/
        Tory backbencher brings such a bill into Parliament, Labour will not oppose it’.

        • David B

          He will do what he did last time and ensure that it doesn’t get through the lords, thus avoiding that “problem”.

    • Smithersjones2013

      The only way UKIP are contributing to the moral decline of this country is by attracting the deranged ravings of the likes of yourself…

      However, there is not much UKIP can do about the demented behaviour of its stalkers…..

    • andyrwebman

      Racist – or culturist? Big difference.

      If you hate someone for their skin colour, that is wrong.

      If you find someone’s culture despicable, that’s a different matter

      Otherwise hating Nazism would be fairly classed as racism.

  • global city

    The only ‘electoral pact’ that UKIP could agree too without destroying a vast tranche of their other voters (and so losing them) would be to agree not to stand against a sitting or prospective MP who UKIP appreciate are genuinely against our membership of the EU and would vote to leave in Parliament.

    Why should UKIP side with the Conservative party and try to remove the likes of Graham Stringer and Kate Hoey?

    • telemachus

      Such a policy would in fact destroy their credibility
      Cries of frit in the seats they fail to contest

      • global city

        Not necessarily. Regardless of marginality of a seat, they would be seen as not contesting against fellow Euro-outers.

        What you have to remember is that there are only a relative handful of genuine anti EU MPs in either labour of the Conservatives now. Any ‘pact’, or simple agreement would be confined to those laudable MPs’ with a long track record of sincere opposition to our membership of the EU.

        • telemachus

          laudable MPs’ ??
          I would prefer to say treasonous MP’s who do not have regard for the best interests of their country

          • global city

            Well, yes, there are many more of the treacherous sort.

            You do mean all those who have sold OUR sovereignty and THEIR job roles to the EU, don’t you?

          • saffrin

            Like Labour’s for example.

        • Conway

          It will have to be based on actual voting record, not on what they say.

          • global city

            Absolutely. no deals with potentially treacherous scum.

            As I said, there are only about ten from Labour and ten from the Tories who are incontestably anti EU… they should stick to not contesting their seats.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Yeah but you socialist nutters would be absolutely stuffed heh, heh, heh, heh.

        • S&A

          Last month in Huddersfield I saw a UKIP canvasser at work.

          He was telling all and sundry about how Labour had betrayed its voters, and only UKIP could be trusted to look after the British working class.

          So it looks like Farage’s party has gone red. Either that, or they’re doing the Lib Dem trick of making promises for votes that they have no intention of fulfilling.

          • Smithersjones2013

            So showing concern for the working class vote is socialist is it? What should the Tories do about the working classes then? Deport them and replace them with the ‘right sort of’ immigrants?

            There was a time when a large proportion of the aspirational working class voted Conservative (were they ‘red’ then too then?) and then cupid stunts like you came along and alienated them all.

            Furthermore, I think the largest part of the working classes are neither ‘red’ nor ‘blue’ nor ‘green’ nor ‘sky pinkish purple’. They are just people who deserve adequate political representation (something they have not had for decades). Whats wrong with UKIP offering it to them?

            WInning elections is not about creating sneering urban elitist clique’s as you seem to think, it’s about appealing to as large a part of the electorate as possible. Given the working classes are the largest group within the electorate it would seem rather imbecilic not to try and appeal to them would it not?

            PS And it wasn’t Farage who went into Coalition with the duplicitous Libdems.joining them on the centre ground and attempting to perform sorts of tricks……………..

            • S&A

              Firstly, I’m not a Tory. I don’t know what made you assume that.

              Secondly, UKIP in the North is talking about protecting jobs and protecting benefits. UKIP in the South is talking about being the true heirs to Toryism, and states that in its current incarnation the Conservative Party are social democrats with a blue veneer.

              You may think that that’s just building a body of support. But you cannot run with Thatcherite foxes and hunt with socialist hounds. If you think you can you’re either a fool or a hypocrite.

              UKIP North is playing down Thatcherism and its true Toryism because it knows full well that both are electoral liabilities with working class voters of all races. The party is basically lying through its teeth to build up a support base.

              So don’t give me all those stories about morally corrupt and unprincipled metropolitan politicians cheating voters by making up policies they don’t believe in to win votes. Because that’s exactly what UKIP is doing. And if Farage’s bandwagon was truly committed to a new form of politics that is sleaze-free and representative of the people, it wouldn’t be a home for the likes of Neil Hamilton.

              • MirthaTidville

                I see, and presumably you are trying to have us believe that Labour don`t???……As for Neil Hamilton I`d rather have him than thePaedo sympathisers of Labour

              • the viceroy’s gin

                You’re assuming that the EUSSR and unfettered immigration is best for the working class. You best check again, because those issues may be the death of LibLabCon.

                • S&A

                  Wow. Almost a coherent sentence.

                  Are you trying to go on the wagon or something?

                  By the way, I always found the ‘EUSSR’ cliche tiresome. But then I know people who’ve actually experienced real totalitarianism, rather than the playschool version that permanent adolescents like you think you’re living in.

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  So you have no point to make, just blather? It did seem so, from reading your rant, lad.

                  It really doesn’t matter what you find cliche or tiresome, lad. It’s the electorate that counts, and I assure you that the people UKIP is pursuing are quite concerned about the EUSSR and unfettered immigration. That’s the entire point. And it’s the reason you’re shyyttting your pants over this, by the way. This is all obvious even to a dolt like you.

                • Wessex Man

                  How unsavoury and childish can you get, your next trick is?

          • berosos_bubos

            You’re assuming that socialism is best for the working class.

            • S&A

              Poor assumption on my part. I mean, it only gave the workers the minimum wage, limits on working hours, free healthcare, employment rights and all that meaningless and quite trivial stuff.

              • Alexsandr

                it also gave them inlimited immigration, taking way their earning ability and depressing wages.

                • S&A

                  And with a moniker like Alexandr I’m sure you originally hailed from these green and pleasant isles as well.

                • Wessex Man

                  What a racist!

              • Wessex Man

                You are too modest, it also gave then the National Socialists of Germany, whose gift apart from Slaughter and Slave Labour gave the world communism from the Bearing Straights to the Adriatic with yet more million slaughtered by them for the ‘good’ of the working classes.

              • andyrwebman

                Socialism tries to be best for the working class by handing out the measures you describe. However, due to the overall strategy of left wing parties, socialist countries always seem to end up poorer in the long run.

                The single simple measure of keeping the supply of workers near to that of the supply of labour – to give them a fair negotiating power – has always eluded the left, probably because it would lose them the extra votes created by disaffected people.

          • Daedalus X. Parrot

            No, UKIP are standing for the forgotten working class which Labour has ruthlessly abandoned to immigration and entrenched benefits addiction. UKIP also stands for the non-socialist middle class which has been abandoned by the “progressive” Conservatives.

            The last politician who consciously courted both of these constituencies was Maggie. And don’t forget, before her, such institutions as Conservative Working Mens’ Clubs existed. In those days the Marxist ideology of “Class War” and falsely splitting our country into ideologically opposed working and middle classes had not taken hold.

            UKIP could be the only party that could reunify the normal working and middle classes again.

            Also, don’t be such a snob.

            • S&A

              UKIP are ‘standing for the working class’?


              Is that why it was party policy to abolish sick pay, maternity leave and two weeks holiday? Is that why it was also party policy to make workers dependent on short-term contracts drawn up by their bosses?

              I say ‘was’ because all the relevant policy statements (on Keith Rowe’s website) were pushed down the memory hole after they became public.

              I think you’ll find that it is you (or your various sock-puppets) who is looking particularly stupid here.

              • Daedalus X. Parrot

                Yes, Mr S&A, UKIP are more supportive of the working (and middle class) voters than the other three parties.

                The greatest threat to the working class is not some
                lefty, middle class-friendly, state-enforced maternity scheme being lost, but mass immigration, high taxes, dependency on benefits and a dire education system.

                Miliband, Cameron (and Clegg) couldn’t care a flying fig for normal working class voters. Cameron knows most of the working class either don’t trust him or are socialist ideologues, Miliband knows he has millions of recent immigrant voters and a large client benefit-dependent state who are too afraid to not vote for him, so he has no incentive to truly help the working class.

                UKIP appears to be the only party attempting to communicate directly to the neglected working and middle classes.

                As for “sock-puppet”, I have no idea what you’re on about, I think you might be implying that I have many identities on here. If that is the case, then “No” this is my one and only user id on any news or blog site.

          • Conway

            You don’t have to be red to know that importing lots of immigrants who will work for less will depress wages and make it hard for the unskilled working class to compete. In the EU it would be illegal to prioritise “British jobs for British workers” (thank you, Gordon Brown).

            • Lady Magdalene

              Dr John Reid, ex Labour Minister, admitted in an interview which is available on YouTube that one of the reasons The Treasury under Labour wanted large numbers of immigrants was to increase the workforce AND suppress wages whilst The Moron went on his debt-fuelled spending splurge.
              There’s nothing like an over-supply of workers to keep them poor and in their place!

          • Holly

            I have lived in Huddersfield since the mid 1960’s, and it is now a student village.
            Last week Sheerman stood up in Parliament, and moaned about the lack of affordable housing, blaming the current lot of course.
            What he failed to mention was, that from the university to Waterloo, lots of family homes have become student lets, and most of Kings Mill Lane now is student accommodation.

            I do not object to him moaning about the current lot over the lack of affordable family homes, but he, and the council have done more to make the situation worse here than the current lot have.
            It is also down to them that we are now Kirklees.
            There is no Huddersfield.
            Personally I hope that UKIP can get rid of the three main parties, and start to make Huddersfield the wealthy, vibrant town it used to be.

            • 8 Ace – £1.49

              Sheerman is a pitiful buffoon and the Examiner seem in thrall to his every utterance. Makes a little bit of sick come into my mouth every time I read his name.

          • andyrwebman

            There ought to be a way of looking after the working class without “going red”. The most obvious is to balance the supply of labour against the demand for it.

            It worked in the middle ages after the black death, the shortage of labour giving the serfs the upper hand for the first time ever.

            All this despite the draconian rule of the nobles and laws regulating the pay of field labourers (which were secretly ignored because the workers had so much pull)

            This one measure could potentially do more than all the hard but unproductive efforts of the left. Plus we might get a less crowded country in the process

      • saffrin

        If Labour win the next general election, Labour’s MP’s wouldn’t be safe on Britain’s streets.

        • Holly

          What happened to ‘when’?

          • Kitty MLB

            Oh a good spot ! Are they becoming less confident.

      • Kitty MLB

        No pacts with the Conservstives and no coalition.
        UKIP should be after your old Labour voters,
        the betrayed core voters…and bye bye Labour
        as you float away to oblivion.

        • Wessex Man

          Come now Kitty it’s bye bye to at least 18 Tory seats according to the Tory Party as well!

      • Wessex Man

        F*** off S***!

    • alanmdouglas

      Errr – Kate Hoey was Labour the last time I looked !

      • global city

        as is Graham Stringer! That was the point that I was making.

        UKIP should pick, say, ten MP’s from the Conservatives and ten from Labour not to fight them. These MPs would be bona fide anti EU MPs.

        • alanmdouglas

          Quite right, sorry, did not follow your convoluted thinking !

          • global city

            That’s fine. I seem to be having that problem quite a lot lately!

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