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Video: Matthew Parris vs Douglas Murray on responding to the ‘Trojan Horse plot’

11 June 2014

What should the government do in response to Ofsted’s report on the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ plot? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Spectator writers Matthew Parris and Douglas Murray debate if there was an organised plot, how worried should we be about the revelations, whether the Education Secretary should reconsider the funding of faith schools and the role of education in addressing the issues.

We’ve put together video highlights of the debate (above). Our regular View form 22 episode will be out tomorrow, subscribe here to receive automatically on your device.

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Show comments
  • CraigStrachan

    I really prefer the audio-only podcast. I find it hard to concentrate on what they’re saying, as I wonder why they’re saying it in what seems to be some sort of boudoir.

  • Pepperless

    Matthew Parris is an idiot

  • global city

    Matthew Parris is trapped in a ‘liberal’ mindset of which the ‘progressive’ elements will kill him one day.

  • Kennybhoy

    Has Matthew Parris got a death wish?

    I say again. The day that Islamophobia trumped LGBT, feminist and general anti-racism concerns was the day I knew for sure that left-liberalism is only explicable in psychological, nay psychiatric, rather than than a political/philosophical terms…

  • Bonkim

    Withdraw funding from schools that don’t play by British rules..

  • Brian Thomas

    Particularly ‘English’ or ‘British’ values may well prove to be quite slippery things to pin down, and this is very probably a good thing. Enlightenment values, however, focusing on the primacy of reason over dogma, can be taught unambiguously. Parris quite terrifyingly blase about the facts, and seemingly presenting his position with a mocking relativism; how worrying that this is pretty much the default pc liberal response.

    • Bonkim

      Enlightenment could mean different to different people – for a bigoted Muislim – the whole Koran by heart.

  • Tony_E

    The problem is not that we need to ‘counter indoctrinate’ children as Mr Parris inelegantly puts it, we simply need to stop our education system refusing to acknowledge our own culture and history.

    We need to stop our teacher telling our children that Britain or the West is some kind of guilty party to every ill of the world, simply because we once had a great empire. We also need to instil a sense of what Britain has achieved, and how English and British history formed the basis for the Anglosphere’s legal and constitutional stability.

    If you do that, then British values are automatically on display though the story of our Island. We need to have more cultural confidence. How can we expect immigrants to buy into our culture and history when we don’t do so ourselves?

    • Bonkim

      Not sure if any schools plead guilty for Britain’s imperial history. The evidence of what Britain has achieved and Britain’s social organisation and contribution to the world are all around us. Being British is to underplay ones greatness – everyone recognizes this dominant British trait. Shouting out loud will be counter-productive.

      • Kennybhoy

        “Being British is to underplay ones greatness – everyone recognizes this dominant British trait. Shouting out loud will be counter-productive.”

        Indeed. Have you read “The Flag of their Country” from “Stalky & Co”?

        • Bonkim

          No but looked up and see what you imply.

          • Kennybhoy

            This trait of ours is in my opinion an honourable one but there are times when it can put us at a disadvantage. For example, when dealing with nationalists and their incontinent passions…

            • Bonkim

              Not really, one should deal harshly and eliminate any forces attempting to destabilize/harm us without making a meal of it.

  • Dogzzz

    Does Mathew Parris realise that it is not a tiny number of extremist Muslims, but the vast majority who follow the laws of the Hadith of the Quran and Sunnah, which want him dead? I guess he may realise the error of his “inclusivity” and appeasement of extremism, when they are about to cut his head off for being gay.

    • Mojo

      Takiyya is only when you fear really for your life, as lying is a sin in Islam, I follow the teachings and I don’t want anyone dead so STFU.

      • sebastian2

        Which “teachings” do you claim to follow? How do we know you’re telling the truth now?

  • Foxy Loxy

    Lordy! I wonder if Matthew Parris is going to be waffling on about muslim ‘values’ when the ‘followers of the religion of peace’ throw him from the top of a high mountain?

  • John Dalton

    Douglas Murray is a hero.

    Whilst all the other journos in the bubble bury their heads in the sand on the issue of I*slam, too cowardly to tell it like it is, but more than happy to find convoluted ways of shifting the blame onto us and the focus onto our intolerance, Douglas tells it like it is in a cogent, incisive manner which displays a moral and intellectual courage that puts the rest of them to shame. This is a problem and it’s growing. The consequences of our inaction will be terrible.

    More power to you, Douglas Murray!

    • John Dalton

      Parris bleating on about certain religions and communities having “strong values” illustrates perfectly how effete bleeding heart metropolitans have gotten us into this mess.

      • The Masked Marvel

        Exactly. His phony moral relativism is pathetic, only Murray’s too nice to call him out as strongly as he ought.

        How can the Speccie teenager sit there and let Parris lie about there being no scheme to turn some schools into fundamentalist and extremist Muslim outposts? Regardless of whether or not the infamous letter was fake, something obviously happened, and on purpose. For Parris to sit there and shrug it off as some sort of curious anomaly which matron is now looking into, move along, nothing to see here, is intellectually dishonest, and the moderator should have called him on it. How did these schools end up like this, then? Too much curry in the school meals?

        And then to pretend there are no good, basic society-wide values we must teach our children….sickening.

      • sfin

        ‘Effete’ – the perfect word to describe the metro ‘liberal’ ‘intelligensia”.

        I’m just wondering what ‘intellectual’ argument Mr Parris will employ as he feels the first, cold, kiss of steel against his throat – on account of his sexuality.

      • sfin

        ‘Effete’ – the perfect word to describe the metro ‘liberal’ ‘intelligensia”.

        I’m just wondering what ‘intellectual’ argument Mr Parris will employ as he feels the first, cold, kiss of steel against his throat – on account of his sexuality.

    • Mojo

      There is no evidence of any radicalization, these schools outperform public schools in all courses, the government want to appear tough by bullying. There are also culture leftist Marxists who consider any one who don’t assimilate to their thinking and disagree with them on social or cultural issues to be somehow radical

    • redsquirrel

      One of the most impressive things is he clearly looks into the abyss of this issue and does not give in to despair or hatred. bravo. Maybe that’s a British Value

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