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Political euphemism, Ulster-style

23 June 2014

There was such a cherishable quote from DUP leader Peter Robinson on the occasion of the Queen’s visit to his old stamping ground, Coleraine Prison, I feel it shouldn’t go unapplauded. Mr Robinson recalled that he spent time at the prison ‘at her Majesty’s pleasure at a point during the last millennium’. The last millennium? So, sometime between, say, the Battle of Clontarf and the construction of the Millennium Dome? I love it, and commend the formula to politicians everywhere whose career lows took place before 2000. So last millennium…so over.

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  • The Zizzanax

    What was the point of this article?

  • ted hagan

    I’m a bit confused by this snippet. Peter Robinson, was I think, in Crumlin Road jail in Belfast, at one stage some years ago. Not in Coleraine, that’s 60 miles away from Belfast; The queen is visiting Crumlin Road today with the queen. As for Robinson’s quotes… I’m not sure

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