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The real sign of a professional Ukip

26 May 2014

Nigel Farage hasn’t just been enjoying today, he’s been using it as a springboard for a professional, grown-up Ukip. He told a press conference in London that his party would challenge Ed Miliband’s focus on the cost-of-living crisis and do so in the Labour leader’s own town. He also said the party had been doing ‘substantial work on the NHS’.

Even though he’s had a torrid few weeks of scrutiny on every reach of his party and his own views, you can’t fault Nigel Farage for continuing to plug away at trying to make his party grow up. But while more prominent policies than just Europe are an important part of growing up, the real sign that Ukip is a ‘professional’ party will come when it makes its first unpopular pledge – what Nick Clegg would describe as a ‘difficult decision’. Of course, Farage knows that at the moment voters aren’t particularly bothered by policy detail when they turn to Ukip. But to be a truly grown-up party, Ukip will need to include commitments to cutting spending in its 2015 manifesto.

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  • Smack My Nigella Up

    The state pension should go, if you are born in 2015, YOU will be responsible for your old age provision not the state

    Hey presto £300 Billion annual saving in 60 years

  • Gary Wintle

    Germany and France already control our overpriced transport and overpriced energy infrastructure. They win either way.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Well done, Nigel.

  • callingallcomets

    Why do I ever bother to read any Speccie post re UKIP? Shallow, dismissive “filler”…I ought to know better…

  • Chingford Man

    I’ve been looking through a lot of the media coverage and only Guido and Breitbart have mentioned anything substantial about the strange “An Independence from Europe” which polled a huge 235,124 and probably cost UKIP at least one seat.

    Why isn’t anyone else in the media all over this story? Why isn’t New Labour quango queen Jenny Watson under serious pressure? It seems a prima facie case of trying to con people who were intending to vote for UKIP.

    Do some proper journalism, children, instead of retailing tittle-tattle from the Village. If Guido and Breitbart can dig, why can’t you?

    • terence patrick hewett

      Because the 4th estate is now part of the political set-up: it is the internet that is now holding politicians to account.

    • Ed_Burroughs

      I noticed that as they were announcing the results. “An independence….” was out-polling all the other groupuscules massively. Then again i you can’t read a ballot paper…. (no offence to the short sighted intended).

      • Gary Wintle

        Most of the UK’s infrastructure is controlled by foreign governments, who fleece the rail and energy networks for their own gain.

        Yet UKIP are strangely silent about British people being taxed by Germany to use our own trains.

        • Ed_Burroughs

          Not sure how that’s relevant to the discussion. And I’m fairly sure it’s not true either.

    • Kaine

      So your allegation is that a quarter of a million UKIP voters lack the interest to read a ballot paper to the end?

      • Harryagain

        It has been shown that parties at the top of the ballot paper get more votes for whatever reason.

  • cargill55

    UKIP had the highest proportion of eurosceptic votes amongst all EU countries at almost 28% of the national vote.
    Absolutely astonishing.
    Brilliant Farage, brilliant UKIP .

  • Mynydd

    In the cold light of day, the MSM, the BBC, ITV, and Sky will come down to earth when they take off their UKIP rose tinted spectacles. The first thing to consider, or far ignored, will be UKIP’s failure to win control of any council. After all the spin UKIP in terms of actual power UKIP remain with all the also runs, they control nothing.

    • rtj1211

      True, but they increased their share of the vote significantly.

      You have to start from somewhere…….and usually that is from where you were at the start.

      • Mynydd

        Increasing your share of the votes may win a few seats, but, as the council elections have shown, it takes more than that to win overall control. If you fail to win control of a single council, it’s odds on you will fail to win the more difficult job of winning a constituency

    • Tom

      That will come in the next elections, be patient!.

    • Alexsandr

      how did Labour do in their first election after 1900?

      • Kaine

        This isn’t UKIP’s first election,they’ve been around for twenty years. By this stage Labour had 57 MPs and went on to form the next government.

    • Double Gloucester

      How could they win control of councils where they previously had no seats when only one third of the seats were up for re-election this time? Please try and understand how local government elections work before posting asinine comments.

      • Mynydd

        All seats in London were up for grabs, so how many councils do UKIP now control.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …so you’re using the Londonistan bubble as your yardstick?

  • Denis_Cooper

    Just because UKIP are mainly amateur politicians doesn’t mean that they should be amateurish in how they run their party and conduct their campaigns, on the contrary they should seek to be highly professional while not being trapped into becoming merely career politicians like most of the MPs we have.

  • Denis_Cooper

    I’m tempted to say something rude about growing up, but I’ll refrain from doing so.

  • fathomwest

    WHY fall into the trap being set by the failed, tired liblabcon cabal aided by their mates in the MSM, BBC and Sky. It would be far more sensible to say that this is a ruse used by all parties in the past, yet when elected forget all about their ‘promises’ then quote some from each party. The Cast iron guarantee from Cameron for a referendum, The other parties have so many it makes one sick. UKIP will always be honest and when we get to see the true state of the Country’s financial state we will be in a far better situation to discuss our belief in Grammar Schools, The NHS, Policing. Dangerous Drugs policy etc. One thing you can assured of is that UKIP will close down the majority, if not all, quango’s especially The Electoral Commission.
    Attack, attack, attack

  • cargill55

    Blanket and actually , mainly respectful , BBC coverage of UKIP .
    The establishment is absolutely cr.pping itself otherwise the BBC would not do this.

  • cargill55

    Don’t become professional politicians UKIP , stay honest, millions are sick of professional politicians and professional politics.

    • Lucy Sky Diamonds

      UKIP are the new ‘small c’ conservative party without the toxicity of the Tory franchise up north. They will cause huge shocks next year.

      “Europe destroys, the nation protects,”

      • Alexsandr

        the toxicity of the tory brand isnt only just ‘oop north’. Its in scotland (poll tax mainly) and in the home counties (this disastrous government) I fear they may never recover. We need a new party and brand for right of centre views.

      • Harryagain

        You are right.
        The problem is that the dross/rejects from other parties are creeping into UKIP under the door, the “teflon types” we all hate and despise.
        UKIP is changing before our eyes.
        UKIPs popularity arises from the fact that people have had enough of creepy lying dissembling “normal” politicians.
        And UKIP is a one man band. There are few other people of worth.

  • Lucy Sky Diamonds

    The key is that immigration is one of the highest causes of concern right across the country.

    “Europe destroys, the nation protects,”

  • MirthaTidville

    The headline on this must have stuck in the Speccies throat. Some of us on here were saying that some time ago. Farage was a one man band because he needed to be. He changed his party by brute force at times. He did it because he knows how to lead not just follow. He was underestimated and batted off as a rascist populist by so many. In reality he was neither. Nick Clegg gave him the platform he had needed for a while and he took it with both hands.

    Millicamclegg now realise, late in the day, exactly what a cunning professional they were dealing with and that will have struck fear into their hearts tonight..Most of us will be truely heartened by such fear. It is long overdue

  • cargill55

    Farage and UKIP have a vision, the Liblabcon oligarchy just has self interest , abuse of our political system, cronies and are parasites on Britain and the British people.
    UKIP v Liblabcon corporate Fascism (Costed , comprehensive 2015 manifesto coming soon.)
    Smaller v big state.
    Sovereign v Britain in a superstate.
    Lower tax and spend v higher tax and spend
    No political correctness or multiculturalism v political correctness and
    multicultural extremism.
    Defend Britain v illegal and unnecessary wars
    Functioning democracy v broken democracy
    Keep nation state v EU superstate
    Controlled v uncontrolled immigration
    Deal with illegal immigrants v let 1 million illegal immigrants stay
    Welfare as a short term basic emergency v welfare as a lifestyle
    Lower tax and spend and balanced books v higher tax and spend and soaring state debt
    Common sense Britain v cronyism, quangocracy, charitocracy, bureaucracy.
    Britain first v Britain last.
    No instant immigrant benefits v immediate immigrant benefits
    EU exit v EU
    Emergency humanitarian aid v £60 billion every 5 years.
    NHS with fewer managers and higher standards v NHS cronyism.
    Tough on Law & Order v Soft on Law & Order
    No unnecessary foreign wars v EU/US expansionism

    • telemachus

      A vision
      Yes indeed
      Advertise beer swilling to the louts who need no encouragement
      Advertise cigarette smoking to our children
      Fill YouTube with videos featuring shameless rudeness to those MEP’s who disagree
      Hire the boats to ship em out
      Advertise in Australia, Canada and New Zealand for reverse migrants with skills
      Vision indeed

      • rtj1211

        The Labour Party has never used strong language to its opponents, has it?! It just calls little old ladies bigots when briefing the Press…..

        • keith

          don’t worry about poor old Telemachus, he has been saying UKIP would be found out on Euro night and disappear without a trace, so it must be a bit tricky for the poor old boy to be wrong yet again, but he will go on defending the establishment with the same old tired arguments of yesterdays people

          • Alexsandr

            telllytubby has been wrong so often he probably thinks its the new right.

          • telemachus

            You have seen the high water mark

      • SimonToo

        Your New Jerusalem, on the other hand, will be a bundle of laughs?

      • oldschooltie

        I agree that it is disgusting that Nick Clegg is a smoker; and the level of acholol abuse in Westminster is shocking.

        However, both of these issues are kept from the electorate so people like you are kept in the dark and fed the nice clean image the politicos and MSM want you to see.

    • Mynydd

      You forgot:
      Privatise the NHS, profits v public health
      Doctors Tax £25 each visit to your GP v free at the point of delivery.

      • oldschooltie


        So you do not pay prescriptions charges when you visit your GP?

        We all know the NHS as currently contstructed is unsustainable as ‘free at the point of delivery’ and we have seen all parties ‘floating’ ideas on how to fund the NHS in future. Some elements are alreay being ‘privatised’ with increasing involvement by private comapanies, for example in Devon NHS Heatring is now managed by a company called CHIME.

  • Kitty MLB

    Nigel Farage also said on Sunday that he wishes to destroy the Conservative
    Party, leave the EU and then leave politics. Which sounds awfully grown up.
    Quite honesty the EU election was easy, he also said that himself.
    Just been throwing stones at the ‘ establishment’ but having no responsibility.
    Responsibility requires you to be part of the ‘establishment’ at Westminster and that
    makes one unpopular. Especially while because of the coalition we have a two
    party system instead of three that we normally have.
    But UKIP needs to be more grown up, the general election is about the economy,
    welfare, police, education, NHS etc..
    Also its lovely being in the sunshine, but to expect no rain is foolish and public
    opinion changes as quickly as the wind when it becomes about their individual lives.

    • Tom

      Bring in the EU is dictating how we spend our money, because of the pressure on school places this government are setting aside 7 billion for the building of new schools.
      What happens when these are fill set aside 10 billion its unsustainable and planning for the future is impossible.

  • @PhilKean1

    In challenging Nigel Farage to a debate about the merits of membership of EU –

    – Clegg effectively made these Euro elections a referendum on whether Britain should stay in the EU or pull out. And the people gave Nick Clegg their overwhelming verdict.

    Time for Mr Clegg to pull up the drawbridge and resign.

    • XH558

      Time indeed, but like almost everyone else in public / quango office he is pretty much welded to his post. “I feel a responsibility to continue in my work in order to put right what went wrong.” When did one last hear, “I feel a responsibility to resign.” expressed promptly and without the aid of political advisers, focus groups and peasants with torches & pitchforks?

      • @PhilKean1

        Ahh, but we heard him say when debating Nigel that – “I won’t allow Britain to leave the EU “

        I am guessing he thinks he needs to stay in a position of power to make sure he can.

        • rtj1211

          As you are not a member of the Liberal Democrats, wouldn’t you agree that his resignation is not a matter of any relevance to you, rather to the members of his party??

          • Conway

            While Clegg is DPM, surely his resignation or otherwise is of relevance to everyone.

  • Common Sense ✟ كافر

    How will UKIP cut spending?
    We already know – it’s not difficult

    – Leave EU and save Billions
    – Stop paying immigrants benefits
    – Stop paying for human rights lawyers to defend terrorists and illegal immigrants
    – Have an NHS which actually checks if you are from the country and entitled to care rather than no checks at all at the moment saving further billions across the uk
    – No foreign wars defending the people that actually hate us and does nothing for British interests
    – No Billions in “foreign aid” ending up in corrupt dictators pockets
    – Immigration freeze would also save Billions combating the school and housing shortage

    • colliemum

      Ah – but the Westminster villagers will say immediately that this isn’t really grown up, because actually a grown-up party only talks about cutting spending but isn’t actually planning to do so …

    • Tom

      Do away with interpreters and paying for English lessons.

    • Lucy Sky Diamonds

      Use shale gas to create a sovereign wealth fund, stop subsidising wind turbines, ditch HS2….

      “Europe destroys, the nation protects,”

      • fundamentallyflawed

        fracking is probably the one topic Nigel Farage is wrong on…. if it goes ahead en masse our children will look back and ask what we were thinking

        • Alexsandr

          like deep mine cloal mining, and oil extraction in dorset and disfiguring the county with useless windmills.

          • fundamentallyflawed

            Indeed. Anybody in favour of fracking without a vested interest should repeat this to themselves a hundred times “pump earth full of dangerous chemicals for money” and then say its a good idea. Windmills are a proven hazard to birds (Not that the RSPB seem to say much) and are as much a cash cow as the fallow fields allowance

            • Alexsandr

              its an unfortunate fact of life that we need reasonably priced reliable energy for our civilisation to function. All energy carries risk. The clever bit is managing that risk while delivering for our needs.
              I think relying on countries like Russia and the gulf states for our energy is foolhardy when we have energy under the gound here. Spose Russia had cut the gas off because of Charlies remarks!

              • fundamentallyflawed

                Perhaps our governments should have thought of that before selling our suppliers to foreign interests… amongst other national industries

              • Harryagain

                Come this Winter, that is what Putin will do to show us who’s boss.
                No point in doing it in Summer.

            • Harryagain

              The earth is full of dangerous chemicals anyway. The problem arises when they are brought to the surface. Burning coal and oil releases far more dangerous stuff.

              Cars kill far more birds than wind turbines. So cars should be banned?

          • Kaine

            Whether windmills are “disfiguring” is a subjective, aesthetic opinion, not a fact. I happen to think they’re rather pretty, and no more scar the countryside than pylons, or hedges, or dry stone walls or the many other artificial marks on the English landscape.

            • bwims

              Yes, but you also happen to be w@nker.

        • Conway

          I expect there was somebody saying that about coal mines once upon a time. They certainly mistrusted the railways.

          • Alexsandr

            do look up Dionysius Lardner on wiki. especially his ideas on a brake failure in the Box tunnel.

          • fundamentallyflawed

            Coal Mining while certainly destructive is removing from the Earth. Fracking involves pumping seriously nasty chemicals into the ground that will sit there for untold years. Not quite the same problem

            • Ed_Burroughs

              With respect, you are mistaken. Fracking involves pumping water into the ground; hardly a “nasty chemical”.

              • Kaine

                It’s not just water. You certainly wouldn’t want to drink the stuff. Benzene is pretty much the definition of a “dangerous chemical”.

                • bwims

                  No Benzene is proposed for the UK. If you avoid the hysterical Marxist-based newspapers and go to the source for the real information, you find that it is 99.95% water and sand.


                  “Before fracturing takes place, the Environment Agency must approve the proposed composition of Cuadrilla’s fracturing fluid. The fracturing fluid that Cuadrilla has used at the Preese Hall exploration well site and plans to use at future exploration well sites is composed almost entirely of fresh water and sand. We also have approval to use the following additives:

                  ● Polyacrylamide (friction reducer )

                  ● Sodium salt (for tracing fracturing fluid)

                  ● Hydrochloric acid (diluted with water)

                  ● Glutaraldehyde biocide (used to cleanse water and remove bacteria) So far, as additives to fracturing fluid, Cuadrilla has only used polyacrylamide friction reducer along with a miniscule amount of salt,which acts as a tracer.

                  We have not needed to use biocide as the waters upplied by United Utilities to our Lancashire exploration well sites has already been treated to remove bacteria, nor have we used diluted hydrochloric acid in fracturing fluid. Additives proposed, in the quantities proposed, have resulted in the fracturing fluid being classified as non-hazardous by the Environment Agency.”

                  So the only question mark is over Polyacrylamide.

                  It’s already being used as a soil conditioner, so anyone with problems about Polyacrylamide should be protesting the removal of the soil conditioner.

                • Kaine

                  All of which is a lot of keyboard bashing to agree with what I already said, that it isn’t just water, and you wouldn’t want to drink the stuff.

              • fundamentallyflawed

                “Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well.”


        • helicoil

          Smash that spinning jenny eh?

    • UniteAgainstSocialism

      UKIP can raise millions by introducing a “racist” tax on all those journalists and the rest of the metropolitan elite who lied to the British public and tried to brand UKIP as a “racist” party.

      • Smithersjones2013

        Just make it a ‘bigot tax’ that all urban liberals pay on an annual basis. because If they are not unjustly haranguing UKIP over racism they’ll be unjustly haranguing someone else over their class or wealth or sexism or homophobia or somesuch. They just can’t help themselves.

        And while we’re at it we could also apply a ‘sanctimony tax’ so that when they are preaching from their ivory towers (and they just lurve to preach from their ivory towers) about morality we’ve already got some sort of compensation for the inevitable hypocrisy of whatever they are procrastinating about!

        A couple of years of those taxes and the debt will be paid off!

        • Tim Reed

          Dan Hodges’ contributions alone will be enormous.

          • Gary Wintle

            What is the UKIPs position on European governments owning most of our infrastructure?

            What will they do about the German state rail forcing British taxpayers to fund German railways?

            What will they do about EDF taxing British people to fund the French energy infrastructure?

            I say there needs to be an immediate end to ALL rail subsidy, let the rail networks live or die in the free market, and let them die.

            Also, abolish the state pension and thus free young people to spend their money on themselves and not be taxed by the parasitic Baby Boomers.

      • Smack My Nigella Up

        How about implementing Levenson in full…

        The organised media smear campaign agains UKIP has shamed Britain and made us look like a politically corrupt banana republic

    • telemachus

      Spoken as a true little englander

      • oldschooltie

        Do you have any evidence at all to support your claims?

        Thought not!

        Canada has just signed a Free Trade Agreement with the EU, no budget contributions, no Freedom of Movement……… so what benefits is the UK getting that Canada is not?

      • Mangochutney

        When i hear that businesses would pack up and go to the EU where they would have

        1. More regulation
        2. Higher employment costs
        3. Higher energy cost

        I can come to only one of two conclusions, they are either scare mongers and liars or they are bloody idiots.

      • bwims

        Spoken like a complete sp@z

    • Mike

      But that’s racist innit, not giving money to those who hate us or scrounge on us !

      Joking apart, you’re spot on its not that difficult to see how 10 billion could be saved at a stroke as Brussels alone costs us around 4 billion.

    • Kaine

      The fact that these are listed as amorphous ‘billions’ rather than hard figures is rather the problem. To take one example, unless you are going to hang around in casualty waiting to check if your crash victim is a UK citizen everyone is going to get emergency care. The NHS trusts have repeatedly said the reason they don’t go after money from foreign nationals is that this happens so rarely, and the amounts involved are so small, that chasing people after the fact for the money would be more expensive in administrative and legal fees than would be recovered.

      • oldschooltie

        A crash victim would be taken to Energency and treated of course witha bill following as necessary.

        How do you think other countries manage such things? I have just returned fom a holiday in the USA and made sure I had travel insurance to cover unforseen emergencies. Why can’t the UK make it clear that non-UK citizens do not qualify for FREE NHS treatment and are advised to make sure they have appropriate cover?

        Can you get FREE health treatment when you visit another EU country? My aughter had a skiing accident in France and the E111 Form was worthless, fortunately she had travel insurance.

        The problem here is that the UK NHS is not replicated across the world and therefore we are not on a level playing field.

        • Kaine

          The EHIC card replaced the E111 form in 2006. You have to have the card on you. It does not entitle you to free treatment, but the same treatment as a citizen of that country. Since most countries put in place some fees for their own citizens, you will be liable for them, and travel insurance is always a good idea.

          Most other systems have some form of “payment recovery” administration in place already. We do not, which is one reason the NHS has one of the lowest per person costs in the OECD.

          Assuming you’re not going to let people die in the street because they don’t have their insurance documents on them, you’re going to have to treat them. They should pay through their insurers, but if they don’t, it is rarely in the hospital’s interests to chase them.

          So I put to you this question. Would you favour adding more bureaucrats to NHS trusts to chase people and ensure payments, even if doing so cost the NHS more than it clawed back?

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