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Euro elections 2014: final polls put Ukip in first place

22 May 2014

The final two polls are out on today’s European elections; both of which put Ukip in first place. YouGov, whose poll at the weekend had both parties tied, has placed Ukip just one point ahead of Labour with 27 per cent of the vote — well within their margin of error:

Opinium on the other hand put Ukip seven points ahead of Labour in their final poll, up five points on the last Opinium poll:

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Turnout will be key as to what happens in these elections, and the indications from YouGov’s likelihood to vote ratings are that Ukip supporters remain the most enthusiastic. Earlier in the week, almost 80 per cent of Ukippers said they would definitely be voting today. This has dropped to 70 per cent, while Labour, Tory and Lib Dem voters are looking more likely to turn out. However, Ukip still come top:

Based on these polls, predicting what will happen today is tricky. If Ukip supporters enthusiastically flock to the polling stations, coming first appears to be a real possibility. But a huge margin predicted by some pollsters a few weeks ago is looking unlikely. Either way, we’ll have to wait till Sunday evening to find out for certain whether Ukip will make it.

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  • pajeroexceed

    UKIP is five years too early, In five short years from now Immigration and its mammoth problems will propel UKIP into its rightful place in British Politics, UKIP will be able to ‘ put the kettle on ‘ and sit back and watch the votes propel it into its true political focus.

  • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

    Labour voters don’t get out of bed until 4pm, it’s a shame the polling stations are open after 4

  • Tamas Marcuis

    I tend to think the poll that gives UKIP 32% is more accurate. Not because I like UKIP but simply because YouGov is effectively owned by the Tory Party so surprise surprise they show lower numbers for UKIP.
    To all those daft buggers who have been voting for them you will one day be too embarrased to admit the fact.

    • pajeroexceed

      daft buggers eh !

  • johnbambey

    I really applaud the British people for finally and in significant numbers realizing that the Lib Lab cons are all run bin the bankster elite and do not have their interests in mind. Well maybe I am giving the average Ukipster too much credit when I say that they have finally realized that the Globalist bankster elite is their enemy but at least they know enough to disagree with many of their policies and realize that they must support a political party that opposes them,
    That is a gigantic first step.
    What I hope is that more and more people will proceed from this point with a really THOROUGH analyses of our political system, of its elite controllers and their aims, and how they deliberately deceive ordinary people to promote their lavish lifestyle at the expense of the rest of us.
    What must be understood is that globalist elite are so terrified of losing this bloated lifestyle that they are actively campaigning for world wide wars of population destruction. They see the deaths of millions, even billions of people as not some sort of horror but as neccesary for the survival of their lifestyle. When Rockefeller says his vision of an ideal world is about 300 million people ruled by a “benign” coterie of bankers he was not making a joke, He was talking about what the bankster elite really desire.
    So really it depends on your world view if you believe man can do what is already happening in most of the “first” world, slow even stop the net population growth by simply reducing the average birth rate to 2.27 children per couple, Or If You are religious and believe God controls all things then you are not planning wars of mass destruction. If you are member of the Global elite you are.
    How we as individuals propose to deal with this elite is dependant on how thoroughly we understand their plans for our future, and how we understand the sociology of human interaction, so we can work together for the common good.
    Voting UKIP is a sign that about a third of the British population has at least seen that it s time to take matters into their own hands and stop trusting the shills for the Global elite.

  • willshaw

    neither of those pie charts add to 100%, good job!

    • the viceroy’s gin

      That wouldn’t be surprising. These Speccie kids are all but innumerate, as they’ve repeatedly demonstrated.

  • colliemum

    Ah – here’s another hint as to how the hack pack will be interpreting the election results: the margin may be smaller than predicted, so UKIP didn’t do so well after all.

    The other ‘excuse’ will of course be the low turn out.
    After all, if we don’t need to worry about UKIP winning at a low turnout – we surely don’t need to worry when the Libdems stay below 10% at a low turn out, and the %% won by LabCOn are definitely more significant, low turn out or not …

  • Denis_Cooper

    I pointed out some time ago that two headline tests of UKIP’s performance are in conflict, because many voters of a leftish persuasion easily transfer their support between Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

    So while it would be an excellent result for UKIP to have driven down support for the Liberal Democrats below the level where they got any MEPs at all, one effect of that would be to push some voters to Labour making it more difficult to achieve the other excellent result of beating Labour.

    Given all the crap which has been thrown at UKIP wiping out the Liberal Democrats would indeed be excellent, and likewise beating Labour would indeed be excellent, but achieving both aims at once would be near miraculous.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      The true believer LD EUphile voters will be sticking with the LD’s, won’t they? Only the ones who despise the LD’s in coalition will be subject to flake away. UKIP will pick up some of those, but I don’t think there’s a direct causal relationship between UKIP and a LD—>Lab transition, which seemingly would occur all on its own. That’s an internal LibLabCon squabble, isn’t it?

      • Denis_Cooper

        Their core believers will stick with them, but we’ve already seen how most of those who float away from them in disgust tend to float to Labour, at least in the first instance. So anything which induces the more loosely attached voters to desert the LibDems will move in the direction of wiping them out, one very creditable aim, but will also tend to push up Labour and make it more difficult for UKIP to beat Labour, another very creditable aim.

        In the same way the Tories will face a much more difficult task beating Labour in 2015 because of the leftish floaters who have switched their support from the LibDems to Labour since May 2010; and those Tories who would like to see the LibDems crushed even further should realise that there may well be a downside to that, the concentration of the anti-Tory vote on one party rather than it being split between two parties.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          Yes, you’ve teased it apart nicely there.

          Poor Lab is going to have a tough decision to make. Do they move to attract their wandering UKIP voters, by absorbing some UKIP positioning, but thereby alienating potential LD crossovers? Or do they eschew any UKIP strategems, and drive a (sizable?) bloc of their support straight over to Farage?

          But poor modernized Dave perhaps has the worst possible set of choices. He’s got to embrace the LD’s as you mention, to bolster his Left flank, even though that drives off conservatives and the UKIP-friendly vote. This guy has managed to get himself into the mythical 2-front war, and that’s always disastrous.

          • pajeroexceed

            Yes Catch22 always a disaster

    • global city

      the Lib Dems are fanatical in their dedication to our full immersion in an undemocratic superstate. It is ideological and emotional, hence much more dangerous to the UK than Labour.

      They believe fully that we should be controlled by the High Authority, so the Lib Dems must be killed off.

    • pajeroexceed

      You are right. It would be near miraculous today. But UKIP is very young in its evolutionary stage but has the wonderful commodity of ” TIME” on its side, And of course time is very relevant because ‘ time ‘ ” Just a little more time” is all that UKIP is going to need as the roof comes down on everyone over Immigration. It is at this very moment Running at seven thousand new arrivals every seven days. ( that’s just the official figures ). There are 15000 prisoners of ethnic origin. costing £400 per day each. Time to get your calculators out. But sit down when you do the sum

  • Smithersjones2013

    Oh dear. Little Sebby’s now making conclusions based on poll on poll changes. How twee. Doesn’t he realise there will always be variances between polls based on the margin of error and that generally these are meaningless. What is important is any trends one can pick up from viewing a whole batch of polls. Now back in March UKIP tended to be 2nd or 3rd in the polls. Now more often than not they are leading the polls. Says it all.

  • keith

    I like the change in tack by the establishment lackeys in the press , even if UKIP win they didn’t win by very much, for a party with no backing from the media, broadcast or written, it must be a frightening prospect that they aren’t as powerful as the believed they are, the public treat them with the same contempt as the politicians, people like Nick Robinson have thrown all thoughts of impartiality out of the window and let his mask slip to try and maintain all the scoops he is slipped by the main parties to splash on BBC news, for them those old words from Robert Zimmerman come to mind “the times they are a changing”

    • MirthaTidville

      Robinson is a Liebour mouthpiece as well as a useful fool for some of the others

    • Jazatw

      for a party with no backing from the media, broadcast or written

      Are you kidding? The media handed this election to UKIP. UKIP was on every bulletin, on every page one, every single day. It absolutely dominated the news agenda. The other parties didn’t get a look in.

      And since the UKIP claim was that every time the media attacked the party it added to UKIP’s attraction, then complaining about the media seems paradoxical at best.

      The reality was that Farage and his motley crew of malcontents got the kind of exposure that no other party came anywhere near.

      And why do you think UKIP has selected the homophobic 70yo for their candidate in the by-election? Because they know the old fool will spout nonsense that will be lapped up by the media, thus keeping UKIP in the public eye.

      The only thing worse than being talked about …

      • global city

        Every piece of coverage was an attempt to smear them with foul slurs.

        The tactic also meant that NO party’s position on the EU, or the core issues surrounding our membership was discussed, even for one minute.

        The other parties find this convenient, as the deception of the people that is the heart of the project is never aired or has to be justified.

        It was a terrible indictment of the casual dismissal of the issues and the democratic process.

        • keith

          I would say Jazatw does seem to have a fixation with UKIP, he doesn’t seem to appreciate that in a democracy people can vote how they choose, he appears to think anyone who voted for UKIP are totally with out minds and cant think for themselves, i suspect he is a Labour supporter who thinks everything is a right wing plot

          • global city

            That seems to be the suffocating assumption of the whole political and media class.

            All of them have spent the last few days telling us why we voted they way we did, and none of it included consideration of issues and listening to points and arguments within a context of the environment we experience, with regards to political rule in this country and the EU….. no… it is all some sort of primal scream, ‘hurt’ or protest, unthinking, guttural, animalistic almost.

            My, those bubble people must be so clever, why don’t we just leave things up to them? They know so much about just about everything…..don’t they?

          • Jazatw

            I have a fixation with fighting the spread of UKIP and its divisive policies. I hate its views and it tactics. Based on the evidence of people on this and other sites, I find most of its supporters to be rude and incapable of sustaining an argument without becoming abusive. Oh what do you know…?

            • keith

              there you go again, you seem to think people who might not agree with you know nothing, you really must be less judgemental, i think from the sounds of things, you going onto other sites according to your last post and find UKIP people there, you might want to get out more and meet real people, but please don’t be so argumentative you could find yourself getting into trouble, now relax a little more.

            • Mike

              Here’s your chance to debate issues as so far all you’ve done is add to the smears. Clegg refused to debate with Farage by changing the subject and the other two self serving idiots just bottled out.

              Pick a political point where UKIP and the LibLabCon artists differ and lets all debate it, if you’re up for it and don’t chicken out.

      • keith

        I think UKIP made a mistake in Helmer he is a Tory ( left in 2012) all those mad homophobic remarks were made while he was one, strange look back see if you can find them reported by the media then, if they had chosen a Local i think they may have had a chance of winning, but the Tories will take the set, UKIP will finish third behind Labour. You may have missed the deal done between CCHQ and the guardian, in which the Tories fed them dirt and the guardian printed it, but now they have seen the people who vote UKIP don’t believe or trust the Media a new strategy is being used, Talks of pacts with the Tories are appearing in all the papers, Conservative MPs have been primed to get on the Television to talk about the possibility, this is a clear idea to try and shear away the Labour UKIP vote, whether it works time will tell, but if you don’t believe those in power haven’t used their friends in the media to damage UKIP you need to read a bit more

        • Jazatw

          I disagree — I think he is entirely the right person. UKIP understands, in the same way that Anjem Choudray understands, that the media is its lifeblood. For UKIP by far the worst thing the media could have done is to ignore it.

          But the media had no choice, but to play along, even though it meant they were supping with the devil. The more they ran stories revealing UKIP’s embarrassingly large number of bigots and buffoons, the more it fueled two narratives: the “they are all out to get us” narrative that paints UKIP as the plucky holders of the chalice of truth holding out against a shadowy conspiracy; and secondly the “we dare to say the things you are all thinking, but can’t say”.

          The next 12 months will prove very interesting. I am confident that UKIP’s inherent lack of discipline, its lack of coherence and its lack of a positive message (UKIP is strong on what it is against, less strong on what it is actually for), and added to its much higher exposure, means the inherent instability in the party will be exposed for all to see. (And yes, of course I am guilt of wishful thinking)

          • keith

            ah well, those millions of people who vote for them must all be simple minded fools, just the opinion the London elite have of them, why not just take the vote of the poor deluded fools, make it simpler for the ruling elite

            • Jazatw

              UKIP isn’t a party interested in solving problems, it is interested in attributing blame. It isn’t interested in bringing people together, it is interested in driving them apart. It is political fracking, making the existing cracks wider and harvesting the results.

              • global city

                cliched nonsense and, again, completely unoriginal.

                Even a slightly intersted punter would know the ideas that UKIP have for our post EU future, but the MSM will not report it, simply repeating the mantra that you have so clearly uncritically accepted.

                I do believe that allowing the technical issue over mass migration and EU treaty principles (free movement of peoples) to be turned into one of immigrants and immigration was a tactical error as I warned on here months ago), but people seemed to have seen through the twisting of the issues by the commentariat and UAF into race issue. It is a pity that you could not.

                From now on UKIP really need to concentrate on the core issue at heart, how the EU is set up to steal democratic control over the legislatures and law making of all members to the anti democratic High Authority.

                It is a pity that you do not value those fundamental issues yourself and are content to follow the herd of dumb arsed lefty rhetoric.

                • keith

                  he really does have a chip on his shoulder, think he can see the socialist republic he has longed for disappearing into the distance never to be seen again

              • keith

                you really have no grasp of democracy do you, people are allowed to have their views you don’t have to agree with them, i find George Galloway’s respect party hateful group but he has the right to express his views just like Labour, Liberals or UKIP, you seem to want to silence anyone you disagree with, have you thought of moving to Venezuela you would fit right in there

                • Jazatw

                  Of course people can hold any view they like but I don’t have to agree them. Would your rather this was just a place where people came and everyone agreed with each other? Are you happier in an echo chamber?

                • keith

                  of course you don’t have to agree with them its just seems you have some weird fixation over UKIP, i worry for your health, maybe you should speak to a doctor about it, it seems to be taking over your life, do you have any other pastime you could concentrate on to take your mind of things

                • Jazatw

                  Oh how touching, a concern troll.

                  But maybe you should book an appointment yourself – after all you have posted seven times today.

                • keith

                  oh i see someone who disagrees with you is a troll, that’s a new one you seem to think your argument is always right but in the real world, were you would do well to get out into occasionally i think, people can disagee without being nasty, perhaps you would do well to look back at the posts and see who has been abusive, although if you have a quick look in the mirror it might save you the time, if you would like to go out for a drink some time i could introduce you to some of the people you despise, you can talk them out of being UKIP supporters, look on it as an act of charity on your part, let me know if you want to meet i am free bank holiday monday

              • Mike

                Nothing wrong in attributing blame and having accountability. That’s something that’s been severely lacking under LibLabCon when its always some one elses fault when there’s a c*** up !

              • pajeroexceed

                Tony Blair’s multicultural dream of enrichment has brought about. ( from his perspective ) The horror of horrors. UKIP .
                He also inadvertently polarised whole communities too,
                You talk about UKIP pulling people apart ? I just know that you must enjoy watching our school children having to wear the Muslim attire in class ! NO ! What about genital mutilation NO ? So just who and what is pulling communities apart ? Wake up its far later than many of you anti Ukippers realise.

          • global city

            but that is just the establishment narrative that you are parroting… not a single original thought in quite a substantial post.

            UKIP will have a proper manifesto (September, so well before any of the other parties) so will no longer be questioned about what was in their 2010 one (strange how none of the other parties are held to account today over their 2010 promises?). Rather than give a free hand to every loon in the party to list their wishes (as they did last time) they aree getting proper advice and costed policies that derive from a limited number of core ethical points.

            We will be able to clearly see then what UKIP are, rather than what the flaperati and twitterwanks think they know or want us to think about UKIP.

      • Mike

        The media certainly did hand this election to UKIP but it was by accident & stupidity rather than design.

        Foolishly they tried everything in their power to smear, trash, lie and obfuscate facts to label UKIP racist, bigoted, single policy and many other distasteful adjectives but the electorate refused to listen to one sided bullying.

        It wasn’t even a case of all publicity is good publicity despite the attempts to label UKIP members with undesirable personal traits more akin to LibLabCon politicians.

        It was a simple case of transparent talking by Farage & UKIP versus Cleggs lies, Camerons cowardice & Millibands sitting on the fence coupled with a biased media in the pockets of the ruling elite.

        • pajeroexceed

          Time is wonderfully on the side of UKIP, I’m beginning to meet extreme LEFTWING nutters from way back in the 1970s who are now being affected by Immigration, After I give a chuckle or two. I advise them that their short sighted views back then, Is now propelling UKIP, As I said in a previous post. All UKIP needs to do is sit back a little while longer and let TIME do the hard work for it ! It is coming, So the anti Ukippers had better get used to it. it’s not going away, This Island cannot even repair the pot holes in its road system let alone accommodate seven thousand newcomers every seven days. Something had to SNAP and it has. Our abused tolerance is what snapped !

          • Mike

            Many times I’ve said to idiots that ‘payback is a bi*ch, isn’t it” and its especially nice when it happens to left-wing nut-jobs.

            • pajeroexceed

              yes Mike its so SO Sweet isn’t it Thanks for your support.

      • pajeroexceed

        like to fast forward five years and listen to you spout off once the heat is impacting on you, Think it won’t ?

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    Is this the mainstream media setup so a narrow second place can be presented as failure? And a return to the political class comfort zone, business as usual, put the public back in their box?

  • david trant

    UKIP have been working their socks off in this area, even though I’m not a supporter, you’ve got to give ’em credit for that. What ever our political views, we could be looking at a dramatic moment in British history, perhaps things will never be quite the same again. Those immigration figures couldn’t have come at a better time for UKIP or at a worse time for the other parties. Cameron’s target is now impossible to meet.

    • SteveFusionX .

      “I’m not a supporter”
      Does that mean you do not believe we are capable of running our own country? Or that “democracy” and “liberty” are old-fashioned words that we should just forget and bury, along with our sovereignty ?
      Because that is the intention of the European union – to dismantle nation states and create a super-state. The commissioners and “presidents” within the union are unelected by the people. They are voted in by each other via secret ballots. Go look up barrossos speech on this if you don’t believe me.
      Call UKIP what you like but they are the only party brave enough to stand up to the EU and tell them where to go.

  • Sapporo

    I am waiting for the headlines on Monday: “UKIP disqualified on a technicality”.

    • saffrin

      The technicality being Brussels declaring it a wrong result.

    • Smithersjones2013

      Indeed Brussels will demand a re-run of the election every month until they get the result they want!

      • Hexhamgeezer

        ‘Unrepresentative & Confused Electorate Renders Poll Invalid’ says Nick ‘read the small print’ Clegg

  • you_kid

    Nah mate, sorry – I like the other YouGov polls better. I believe they have now catered for everyone:

    Labour to beat UKIP.
    Greens to beat LibDems.

    or then there’s this one:

    UKIP to beat Labour
    Greens to beat LibDems

    You get the gist don’t you, Sebastian. The LibDems are toast in any case. Curious how that escaped your otherwise keen eye.

    • MirthaTidville

      I think that goes without saying

  • @PhilKean1

    A day of shame for the Conservative movement.

    Why have the few remaining real Conservatives joined forces with Euro-Federalists and Socialists in order to make sure there is no chance whatsoever of Britain leaving the EU?

    Against all the evidence. Against overwhelming argument which dismantles their very fragile and tenuous reasons for doing so.
    And worst of all, in the face of decades of lies, trickery and betrayals from the Europhiles as they move from one strategy, to another strategy – in their determination to make sure Britain stays firmly on the road to economic and political union.

    The facts have been presented by those of us who put country before party. They are indisputable and have never faced any serious challenge.
    And yet, mainly due to their fear of another Labour Government in 2015, Conservative politicians and their media conduits are attempting to snuff out the only political movement that is trying to take the fight to Brussels.

    The facts as they are of today.

    (1) – Cameron and his fellow EU Federalists are determined to make sure Britain stays in the EU under all conditions.

    (2) – On the other hand, what is laughably called the “Eurosceptic” movement thinks it will ultimately get its way because they think they know something that Cameron’s Europhiles don’t.

    (3) – But in a cruel and obvious twist of irony, Cameron and his fellow Federalists are also confident that they are going to prevail in their efforts to keep Britain in the EU. And the reason they are confident is not only that they are the ones who’ll be wielding the power, but that they ALSO know something that the “Eurosceptics” don’t.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    There’s a lot of fruitcakes, loonies, nutjobs, closet racists, and bigots out already today.

    Looking good.

    • curious

      That´s what happens when all you sensible and tolerant people pretend that certain problems don´t exist. Get used to it, it´s a bed of your own making…..

      • Hexhamgeezer


        • pajeroexceed

          if you knew what I know you wouldn’t be so smug

  • WatTylersGhost

    A big thank you to Nigel Farage and his team for running an
    outstanding campaign in spite of persistent and vicious attacks from all sides.
    Well done lads and lasses, put your feet up for a day or two
    and enjoy a glass.
    Let’s hope for a good turnout and prey that this is the beginning
    of a new era in British politics.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Well said. And yes, it’s been a valiant effort by these people. They are stout and selfless, and they are principled.

      The Speccie kids should take note of these qualities, as they don’t exist in the bubble.

      • you_kid

        For the record – this matters.
        We note the quality of this emphatic victory of common sense and straight talking. 157 seats out of a possible 4,000, well done UKIP.
        We believe that’s about 3%, almost 4. Respect, well deserved.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …not to mention, those qualities have socialist nutters like this guy soiling themselves, which is always amusing.

    • Dawn Richardson

      Poor Nigel and UKIP crowd all looking tired hoping the projection of a Victory is seen above. If I were there I would buy you a beer Nigel..Cheers to UKIP.. get Voting! still possible ’til 10pm tonight!

  • johnbarnes

    I don’t agree with them and I didn’t vote for them, but credit to UKIP for actually being in with a fighting chance of winning this thing. Gives me hope that the old established forces can be challenged.

    • WatTylersGhost

      “Gives me hope that the old established forces can be challenged.” But you don’t wish to challenge them yourself?

      White feather.

      • johnbarnes

        Not by voting for a political party whose policies I disagree with, no! I’m struggling to see what your point is.

        • WatTylersGhost

          Only by voting for UKIP will you see the change that we both desire. Perhaps you will have to hold your nose when you vote UKIP, otherwise you must tolerate more of the same ad infinitum.

          • johnbarnes

            I’m afraid I can’t agree. The logic that I must vote UKIP to see the change I desire is the same as the old logic that I had to vote Lib/Lab/Con as there was no way anybody else could deliver change.

            I think UKIP are a force for good in politics though, even though I don’t agree with them politically.

            • WatTylersGhost

              Well then, just enjoy more of the same.

            • Hexhamgeezer

              Then you must get out and put a bliddy great line through all the candidates. Tell the fkrs what you think.

              • johnbarnes

                That is what I did.

            • SteveFusionX .

              John I’m interested to hear what you disagree with re UKIP policy.

              I will pasted directly from their manifesto and perhaps you can tell me what you do not like:

              “A National, Not International, Health Service

              • It is important that everyone in the UK has access to free medical care. Visitors and migrants to the UK must show proof of health insurance as a condition of entry to the UK. ”

              UKIP believes that :

              • Council tax should be as low as possible

              • Immigration must be controlled to relieve pressure on our health service, welfare etc

              • Countryside should be protected – we oppose excessive housing development.

              Real decision-making should be given to local communities

              •Money should be used for local services, not the EU, foreign aid

              and foreign wars.

              UKIP Manifesto 2014

            • Fergus Pickering

              What do you believe in, old fruit? Is it the tooth fairy?

        • the viceroy’s gin

          Then presumably you agree with the LibLabCon clones, which means you’re not really opposed to “the old established forces”.

          I’m struggling to see what your point is, then.

          • johnbarnes

            How can you draw that conclusion? You seem to think that there are only two political opinions available. Lib/Lab/Con or UKIP.

            Whilst I am glad that UKIP provide an alternative to the previous orthodoxy of Lib/Lab/Con, I do not agree politically with them either. None of the available options were to my satisfaction, so I spoiled my ballot.

            It is perfectly possible to dislike the policies of both Lib/Lab/Con and UKIP!

            • MirthaTidville

              ok, give us a clue, exactly who would you like in power?

            • WatTylersGhost

              If Churchill had not allied himself with Stalin (who he despised as much as Hitler), you would now be speaking German. That’s how alliances are made and wars won – or would you have held the white feather in 1939?

            • Fergus Pickering

              Don’t be shy. Tell us. We are agog.

    • Kitty MLB

      You john barnes have been gracious, honest and polite.
      And I hope people here will treat you with good manners. But they are a bit excitable at the moment. Yes UKIP will win this as its to do with the EU
      but winning a general election is a different kettle of chips. And they are not ready . This is one of many many small battles.

      • johnbarnes

        Thank you.

        • Wessex Man

          I’m a UKip member and have to say that I agree with Kitty, it would be an awlful world if we all agreed on everything.

          • johnbarnes

            Couldn’t agree more. Cheers to you.

            I am thrilled for you that your party are doing so well at the moment!

          • Kitty MLB

            I should think so too. You wouldn’t want to be popped into
            the Spectator attic I am sure. Frazer has given me the keys you see.

      • keith

        Kitty you are probably right, UKIP only got 3% in last general election, but do you really expect them to fall back to that level now, they will poll in double figures, which will be just as bad for the Labour party as the Tories and predicting the result of the next election even in an improving economic climate will not be easy.

        • Alexsandr

          ‘predicting the result of the next election … will not be easy’
          I would suggest the best method would be to be blindfolded, and stand with your back to a dartboard, and chuck darts over your shoulder at the dartboard. The first one that hits the board will be the %age UKIP gets next GE.
          Well its as good a method as some of the predictions people spout on here.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Well, the fact that LibLabCon has spewed every bit of vile, smearing filth they could dredge up these past few weeks means that those tactics won’t work in a general election. That means UKIP is a certain force in that election, and will likely force Dave’s head to be mounted on a spike as a result.

          • Fergus Pickering

            Treble top, old fruit.

        • global city

          The most important strategy is to eliminate the Lib Dems or they will be King makers again.

          UKIP must get themselves into that position, whoever the main party is after the next General election.

          • keith

            you can see the media’s new plan, the smears and innuendo didn’t work so now its divide and rule, they are bringing up the idea of a Tory-UKIP pact, knowing this would cause the ex-Labour supporters amongst UKIP to think about things, UKIP must say loud and clear, NO PACTS WITH ANYONE, the have to show their no ones puppet

          • pajeroexceed

            Trust my word. UKIP will not need to get itself in any position. The position it needs to be will be carried out on its behalf by the very thing that the extreme left promote ” Immigration”

      • Smithersjones2013

        When is a party ready to run the country? Clearly the Tories and Libdems weren’t (in reality they have done very little other than squabble with each other) and arguably nor was Labour in 1997 (given the complete mess they made of it). Part of the problem is that politicians have lost control of the monster (remember all those reports of him saying how many things Cameron was told he couldn’t do) that government has become. That in turn is down to the obese size and scope of government and the perpetual interference of external forces.

        Therefore, if it is unrealistic for political parties to be expected to control the monster of government as it is, the best option is to choose the party which demonstrates it at least knows what the problem is and has the courage to take on the problem and currently UKIP are the only game in town. The rest of the parties, when in government, are now controlled by government and external influences (instead of the other way around) and as such are of no use to the UK electorate.

    • Roy Mears

      I am scratching my head here, you didn’t vote for them then you say it gives hope. It takes a certain kind of fool to not vote for hope, why not give them your vote, If you think you need hope? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Why didn’t you vote for them, then. A lack of courage, perhaps?

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