Drinkaware in Chelsea

12 May 2014

Kensington and Chelsea Council can do nothing to counter its reputation as the most affluent borough in London. In fact, it revels in the notoriety. Take a look at the council’s new alcohol awareness campaign. The prostrate gentleman appears to be in white tie and drinking a half-bottle of champagne, while the lady, bedecked with pearls, swirls around with a martini glass in hand. Marvellous.


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  • NedMissingTeeth

    If the population was smoking weed instead of drinking alcohol the country would be a much better place. I love having a drink but you get soooo many w*ankers who get drunk and cause grief. .

    Vote UKip.

    • Aloysius

      The one thing worse than an annoying drunk, is an annoying stoner. Also, I don’t see how UKIP has anything to do with it – they are not for prohibition of alcohol or the legalisation or marijuana.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Do your drinking at home. Far cheaper, safer, and much less damaging to your reputation and standing in the community.

      • George Smiley

        And then beat the c*** out of the wife and children in the privacy of your own home when you become drunk enough?! Ah, how many times?! You are a Japanese! Stop shoving your Japanese, Chinese or any other Oriental customs and stories down our throats! Not interested!

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