What happens at conference stays at conference

7 April 2014

Readers of yesterday’s Mail on Sunday were treated to what appeared to be the perfect ‘Tory Sleaze!’ story. But appearances can deceive. Here’s what the Mail reported:

‘A Tory Minister is involved in an extraordinary row over claims that taxpayers’ money was used to fund gay sex parties. The politician is said to have been in a feud with a senior party official accused of using dating app Grindr to invite gay MPs and activists to his suite at the Conservative Party conference. 

Neither the Minister nor the official can be named by The Mail on Sunday for legal reasons. 

The gay sex party is alleged to have taken place at the Light ApartHotel, a luxury apartment complex in Manchester where suites cost up to £2,500 a night. It is just over half a mile from the Manchester Central conference centre and is popular with footballers and WAGs.’

Some homosexual men are alleged to have romped in a hotel bed at Tory party conference? Well, blow me. Mr S would be more shocked if the combination of alcohol and intrigue that dominate any party conference did not lead to rumours of some sort of orgy. Moreover, the taxpayer would have paid the bill for such an official to be at Tory conference, regardless of who did or did not drop their trousers. As long as they were all consenting adults, what exactly is the problem here?

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  • 0rangeman

    Its way past the time in this country that taxpayers were given the power to call a halt to every sleazy stupid jolly that the Mr Camerons 22 millionaires coalition club which runs our country and all this meyhem we read about daily now is currently sanctioning.

    The utter contempt they show to ordinary people is breathtaking. A pat on the head and its trust us we know what were doing! & what are they doing well not very much as the EU dictates over 50% of our new laws and the Wesminister muppet show obediently rubber stamp it all.

    Business for Britain discovered that for the last 20 years on not one single occasion when the UK voted NO in the EU was our position upheld. SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT INFLUENCE WE WIELD THERE IT DOSEN’T EXIST!

    Meanwhile Maria Millar helped herself to was it £45,000 or £5500 we will probably
    never know the truth. Then the PRU were caught with their trousers down
    (literally) on taxpayers expense at £2500 a night. Dont worry though
    when the parliamentary watchdog rolled over for Maria she will be a
    pushover this time too

    f the poor old taxpayer in this country was a species then the
    establishment elite in this country would have hunted him to extinction
    by now while the 22 exclusive millionaires club which run our country
    (CAMERONS CABINET) do a sterling job looking after their tax heavening
    pals; the bankers and fat cat big six bosses profiteering who pay less
    tax than their secretaries, while bedroom taxing the rest of the
    peasants into the ground.

    On top of all this mehem Dave finds God.

    Jesus in the gospel according to Dave was the !st Conservative.
    Well Dave here’s a short parable for you:

    In the end Jesus was CRUCIFIED and he DEFINITELY had God on his side

  • Druth


  • FrankS2

    Surely such things should be encouraged – compulsory, even – at all party conferences, as a demonstration of gay-affirming inclusivity.

  • Ken Bell

    “Well, blow me.”

    I would really rather not, if you don’t mind.

    • TonyB58

      Tory friend of mine told me about these antics at the Party Conference years ago. Sickening hypocrisy and misuse of my taxes!

      • Ken Bell

        The problem is that until someone clips a video camera to their lapel and grabs this nonsense it will continue. Yes, I know it is all legal now, but that is not the issue. The issue is that an awful lot of people will be revolted by such antics and that will force the party to reign in its weirdos.

  • Cobbett

    Cameron,Hague or Osborne involved?

  • Smithersjones2013

    Indeed why is the taxpayer funding accommodation for any political event?

  • itdoesntaddup

    Perhaps voters would prefer if their representatives came out before they got themselves elected under false pretences?

  • Sceptaphilia

    I doubt the taxpayer paid for anything but I can guess whose suite it was.

    • itdoesntaddup

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  • Kitty MLB

    Good Lord! the things that occur at Tory party conferences,
    were they all gay- no transsexuals- maybe they go to Labour party conferences.
    And wild forest animals attend Lib Dem conferences.
    Never been to a conference myself… I would find them too stifling.
    I am utterly shocked to the centre of my essence, I shall
    eschew this shocking article.

    • Wessex Man

      I’m not happy about them moaning about a few of us getting slightly drunk at our Conferences!

      • Kitty MLB

        That is quite outrageous, to deprive you all of a little sustenance
        to get you all through the conferences, regardless of party..
        Mind you, yours would be more interesting then the others with
        their same old rattlings. Don’t you worry Wessex Man..
        you just continue.

  • gram64

    Another reason, among many dozen, to vote UKIP.

    • Paolo Caldato

      Why, exactly? You appear to have missed the point of the article somewhat spectacularly.

      • stevetierney

        He’s a ‘Kipper. That’s what they do.

        • DavEd CamerBand

          Keep smearing us Tory dinosaur. UKIP will wipe the floor with you.

      • DavEd CamerBand

        Not at all, he’s hit the nail on the head, it is you who has simply swallowed the article’s message “hook,line and sinker”, rather than looking at it rationally.

        Why on earth should tax payers pay for the Tory party to frolic around in expensive hotel rooms?

        Answers on a postcard.

        • Paolo Caldato
          • DavEd CamerBand

            hahahahahaha, is this the £2 million over the space of 10 years? If so, this is all accounted for.

            UKIP spent this money on the no campaign for EU membership, the EU spent £3 billion of tax-payer’s money on the yes campaign.

            • Paolo Caldato

              It’s not that — read the article.
              Also, I wasn’t aware of the £2 million issue that you’re referring to, but it suggests a bit of a pattern forming regarding questions about UKIP’s use of funds.

              • Smithersjones2013

                What ‘questions’? Are you seriously suggesting that there is a problem with a political party spending their funds on promoting their policies?

                As for the allegations they are risible, likely totally unprovable and only a fool would put any store in them.. The idea that someone has to be located in Brussels (which by implication these allegations demand) to fulfil their functions in supporting MEPs in the 21st century is utterly laughable

                • DavEd CamerBand

                  He’d sooner UKIP stopped spending money on promoting the idea of democracy to counter the 3 billion that they EU has spent crushing it, and instead use it for hotel orgies.

              • DavEd CamerBand

                I’m pleased to say I don’t pay to view the drivel in the Times, however this is the case I was referring to, just the Times are rehashing it as the European elections approach.

                It would appear the main parties are getting desperate. There are enough REAL scandals in the two other main parties so to vote on the basis of this alone would be lunacy.

                UKIP can do no wrong in my eyes, they are the perfect party with true common sense.

                • gildedtumbril


          • gildedtumbril

            nige farrago is a simple crook. All who vote for him are simple.

            • DavEd CamerBand

              Farage is anti-establishment, as is your avatar.

              Explain how Labour and the Tories aren’t crooks.

              Farage simply spent tax payers money countering the 3 billion the EU has spent of tax payers money indoctrinating morons like you.

        • gildedtumbril

          Answers on the back of a definitive stamp, please.

          • DavEd CamerBand

            Go on then, answer.

    • Mike Oddpiece

      Nikki Sinclaire, Tom Wise

    • gildedtumbril

      UKIP(WHILE THEY STEAL) is a fake party designed for those who lack the balls to vote for the only British party.

      • DavEd CamerBand

        Which party is that?

        • gildedtumbril

          I am not certain the Spectacular would print the name. But let us try…
          The BNP. There, that was not difficult to work out, was it?Even for a ukipper.

          • DavEd CamerBand

            Oh the ones who have picked up the rosette for racism? You know, I was reading a politics text book the other day and it had an entire section dedicated to the BNP where it described them as a racist party.

            I really don’t see the point of voting for the BNP even if you believe in them, they will never get anywhere near government. UKIP on the other hand will, this is not to say they are “the next best thing to a racist party” because they are NOT racist at all, the media has tried and failed with this smearing attempt.

            A vote for the BNP is a wasted vote for sure.

            • gildedtumbril

              Hey, cummerbund, the only racist parties I see around are called labour, toerag, liberal dimwit and ukip(WHILE THEY STEAL) They are racist against all who are not non-white or whatever. All aliens in Britain are illegal if I personally have not sponsored or endorsed them

              • DavEd CamerBand

                How are UKIP racist?

                • gildedtumbril

                  They are racist because they espouse immigration. We simply cannot afford it. It is the supplanting of the British. I am a Celt, born in England. I took the queen’s shilling. I was robbed.

                • DavEd CamerBand

                  I’m confused, so UKIP are racist because they support the same immigration policies as Australia? ie, allowing for doctors to immigrate when there is a shortage of doctors.

                  By your own logic we can only deduce that everyone to the “left” of UKIP is racist for disregarding the indigenous population, but somehow a party whom espouse a ‘populisticly’ considered racist ideology are not racist?

                  Using your logic in conjunction with the colloquial term “racist” UKIP are the least racist of them all.

  • smilingvulture

    £2.5k a night is the story,whatever happens in the bedroom,goodluck

  • Tom Chance

    By that same logic, it is fine for Maria Miller (& any MP) to have their parents live in their tax-payer funded ‘second’ homes, as the taxpayer would have paid for it anyway, regardless of who else lived there.

    • Dougie

      Well, yes actually. Miller owned the house long before she entered Parliament and long before her parents moved in. So the presence of her parents is not relevant to how much the taxpayer was shelling out. Personally, I’m all in favour of families supporting each other across the generations. Keeps social care costs to the taxpayer down.
      And before you mention Tony McNulty, his case was very different.

      • Tom Chance

        But it is something that has, rightly or wrongly, been specifically banned for MPs, I believe.

  • keith

    I heard that some MP in the know, got great rates on some lovely Brazilian boys to come along, as he was a frequent user, he was able to keep the costs down, so saving the taxpayer a fortune, well done i say

    • MaxSceptic

      Do Mandy, Greenwald and Tory MPs get them from the same source (like Thai mail-order brides for elderly heterosexuals?)

      • keith

        as i understand it, Mandy’s black book ( sorry pink) has been deposited in the house of commons library, for the use of all, to help ease those tense nights at party conferences, its full of useful tips and hints, even includes the etiquette one should have if you find yourself on board a ship with a crooked oligarch, although i don’t believe boy George got to read it

        • gildedtumbril

          They are all in it together.

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    Why am I paying ANY bill for a tory conference?

    • Rallan


  • P.chi ki wan

    I didn’t think you could have guests in a hotel room overnight,they must of come in the backdoor

    • sallyroberts

      Read the article – It’s an apartment complex, not a hotel.

      • obbo12

        Hmm sense of humour failure. I recommended listening to round the horn on R4 extra

      • Riesler

        Read the comment – it’s a joke.

      • P.chi ki wan

        Ooh er missus,that will go down in the annals.Apoligies,feeling a bit Frankie Howardish today

        • obbo12

          Titter yea not.

      • Kitty MLB

        Hello Sally, its lovely that you are here ( you will bump into Raddy
        at some point)
        really must introduce you to Hooky, you and he as devoted cameroons
        will get on like a house on fire.
        And indeed you are right its an apartment complex not a hotel.

        • Wessex Man

          couldn’t have put it better myself!

          • Kitty MLB

            Sally is lovely and has a excellent sense of humour, you
            would get on with her too. Apart for a little issue with the EU
            where you would disagree.

            • sallyroberts

              Thank you

        • sallyroberts

          Hello Kitty, Nice to see you here and I would not be surprised to bump into not only Raddy but some of our other little friends :-)

          • stevetierney

            Amazing who you bump into on discussion threads.

  • Jack Dawson

    “Well,blow me.” Indeed.

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