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Lord Rennard sets out legal threat to Lib Dems

10 February 2014

Just when the Lib Dems thought the Lord Rennard row had calmed down, the peer announces that his lawyers have demanded that he be reinstated as a member by Thursday, or he will take legal action.

His spokesman has confirmed that a ‘pre-action protocol’ has been sent to the party which notifies it that certain individuals will be sued if Rennard’s suspension is not lifted. Contrary to some reports, neither party president Tim Farron nor any other individual is named in the letter: it is simply notifying the party that individuals responsible will be sued for costs as the Liberal Democrats cannot be sued as a party.

It is highly unlikely that the suspension will be lifted, although the Lib Dems cannot comment as this is now a legal matter.

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  • monty61

    Could this all be part of a master plan to split the party and re-brand to something (at least temporarily) less toxic … you know like Windscale and Sellafield?

    • Andy

      The Cleggite Party ?

      • Wessex Man

        bring back smoking in cars driven by the wife!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Andy

          With or without penalty points ?

  • James Strong

    I wish Lord Rennard every success.
    He was asked to apologise after not being found to have done anything wrong and he resisted. He has not surrendred to the monstrous regiment of wimmin.
    And whichever way this legal action goes it will damage the LibDems. So, heads, they lose and tails, they lose as well.

    • Andy

      I agree. I hope he sues the bastards.

      • Wessex Man

        Yep bleed the so and sos dry I say and leave the GE for a three party contest between Labour, Tory and UKip!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicholas chuzzlewit

    The Liberal Democrats, the only party with the ability to hammer the nails into its own electoral coffin.

    • sarahsmith232

      Oh I am sorry, but have you been reading what it is the Yorkshire Tory males have been getting up to as well? That has been unbelievably irresponsible levels of stupidity.

      • Nicholas chuzzlewit

        I neither know or care but assume you have irrefutable evidence to support whatever it is that you are contending. The absence of such evidence is the resaon why the Liberal Democrats find themselves in such a sorry mess. I am merely enjoying the plight of a party which even gives the Labour party a run for its money when it comes to sanctimony, hypocrisy and ineffectiveness.

      • Nicholas chuzzlewit

        I neither know or care but assume you have irrefutable evidence that supports whatever it is you are contending. The absence of such evidence has brought the Liberal Democrats to the sorry state they find themselves today. I am simply enjoying the discomfort of a party so hypocritical, sanctimonious and ineffective it almost gives the Labour party a run for its money.

    • Mynydd

      They are not the only party. Do you think that when the Immigration Minister resigned for employing a cleaner, who had no right to work in the UK, then claimed her wages on parliamentary expenses is not hammering a nail in the Conservative Party’s coffin, then think again, all the way to the next general election

      • Nicholas chuzzlewit

        Yes. How many Labour MPs have been jailed for expenses fraud?

    • Andy

      I’ll buy ’em another hammer.

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