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Viviane Reding, secret UKIP supporter?

10 January 2014

Viviane Reding’s criticism of David Cameron’s concerns about immigration show how completely out of touch she is with voters. Reding, the Vice-President of the European Commission, is reported to have said ‘free movement and the supposed invasion of people who want to take advantage of social security and of the health system is an invention of politicians who like to have populist movements in order to win elections’. Can it be that Reding is a secret supporter of Nigel Farage? Her comments, hot on the heels of her decision to press ahead with proposals for a European Public Prosecutor’s Office despite the opposition of 14 national parliaments to the scheme, are surely designed to enrage the British public and drive voters into the arms of UKIP?

Whilst I believe the UK will remain an open economy and society that welcomes hard-working and aspiring people from across Europe, to hide our heads in the sand and pretend that the free movement of people across the EU does not come with some negative consequences is utter nonsense. The issue of immigration is one of the biggest concerns of taxpayers across many EU countries, and the impact on wages, access to benefits, and ‘social dislocation’ all need to be addressed in the context of large scale migration in the EU.

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The failure of the Labour government to introduce transitional controls when eight new countries from Eastern Europe joined the EU in 2004 was a massive mistake, as many in the Labour party have now acknowledged. This government is right to do what it can in the short term to mitigate the potential impact of migration, especially given the expiration of transitional controls on citizens from Bulgaria and Romania on 1 January this year. It is also right to stimulate a debate across the EU about more far-reaching changes to the rights of free movement.

The Fresh Start Project, set up in September 2011, has called for the application of subsidiarity in the area of access to benefits to ensure that free movement of labour does not become free movement of benefit tourism. Member states must be able to decide who should be allowed to access their welfare.

Andrea Leadsom is the Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire and co-ordinator of the Fresh Start Group.

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    This bloated bitch should shove her opinion up hers where the sun never shines, both back and front. That’s how much people should care what she and her other despicable despotic corrupt colonial €USSR BAST€RD petty DICKtators say.


    This despicable despotic corrupt colonial €USSR petty DICKtators must be ignored. That is the best way to deal with such idiots.
    Then vote for the UKIP to give back the UK the freedo from these petty DICKtators and put the Great back in Great Britain.

  • RaymondDance

    Reding also said that the (unelected) European Commission must be given all the powers of a European government. She’s either mad or stupid. Possibly both.

  • Blazenka Hudson-trograncic

    This Reding woman is pure poison , she first came to my attention over the Perkovic controversy and she is quite barmy, who votes for such a nasty person.

  • outraged

    Few people I know have anything positive to say about taxation, public finance or welfare systems in the UK. I found many elements irrational, promoting imprudence, inviting abuse or plain stupid (sowwee).

    Anyone rational will see through the smokescreens that Cameron and Farage are using old and tired populist tactics and give mob ‘entertainment’ in Nero-esque style.

  • Agrippina

    Labour should revisit their history they may learn something. Keir Hardie’s article for the Miner in 1887 in which he states the following “For the second time in their history Messrs. Merry and Cunninghame have introduced a number of Russian Poles to Glengarnock Ironworks. What object they have in doing so is beyond human ken unless it is, as stated by a speaker at Irvine, to teach men how to live on garlic and oil, or introduce the Black Death, so as to get rid of the surplus labourers.”

    Mr Hardie told a Select Committee in 1889 that the foreigners had filthy habits and 6 or 7 males occupied a one-roomed hse.

    The Lithuanians were the immigrants that Scotland did not want because they were of the view that they would undercut the indigenous workforce and possibly be used as strike breakers.

    John Wilson, the Unionist candidate for St Rollox, Glasgow, in 1900 did not believe “it proper that this country should be the dumping ground for all the paupers of Europe.” Trade Unions were openly hostile, claiming that the newcomers’ lack of English made them a danger at work; the Glasgow Trades Council declared the Lithuanians in Glengarnock as “an evil” and wrote to the TUC demanding immigration controls to keep them out.

    And so the 3 party troughers continue to act for business and nothing has changed, import cheap foreign labour and keep the working class poor. I agree with Mr Farage, halt immigration and be a little poorer, but have a decent standard of living in a cohesive society.

    • outraged

      You have copied these stories from the RECENTLY assembled website describing SELECTIVE tales from the mining history in the UK, right?

      Some things never change if its even true. But I doubt that because for some time now mignons and lackeys of UKiP are trying to put forward and propagate revisionist anti-Polish version of history. Propaganda against ‘ the enemy’ is and always was a big part of dirty battles.

  • twidili dee

    A princess from the glittering EU court defending the divine right of the Eurocracy. Good old Europe, still true to its forelock tugging past.

  • Holly

    Surely member states must also be able, and free to decide what kind of character the person wishing to enter their country should be.

    If the public’s new found ‘confidence’ to openly disagree with the current immigration levels continues, I reckon a couple of political parties in the UK are going to wake up the day after the General Election wondering ‘WTFH’ there???

    Oh S**t! in English.

    • outraged

      The restriction you so wish to introduce will invite all kinds of abuse. Tell me, who in practical terms will be making decisions about who can come from Europe and in what quantities?

      In practice this will result in restriction of the freedom of the normal people like me and I suspect you in favour of top international elites and corporates.

      If you hope that UKiP will reward you for your dedicated work as a canvasser you may be disappointed. Look at how they are beginning to treat the old folks, their original voters base.

  • John Border

    Reding is wonderful. She shows how nasty and rabid the Tories are. Thank God Scotland will cut free of this neofascism and hatred of society that Tories have.

    • Colonel Mustard

      “Thank God Scotland will cut free of this neofascism and hatred of society that Tories have.”

      Yes, thank God, you drooling fanatic, you buffoon.

      • Icebow

        If he actually believed in God, it would surprise me. If only we still had colonies to which he could be preventatively transported.

    • ArchiePonsonby

      Well, I don’t know about any of that, but I definitely would!

    • RaymondDance

      “Thank God Scotland will cut free”

      Yep, we can’t wait.

      • John Border

        You will sink without trace as a nation which hates the world.

  • Liberty

    To call the planned subversion and gerrymandering of the UK to vote Labour indefinitely by encouraging mass immigration from the EU, the Indinan sub-continent and Africa, etc as merely a ‘mistake’ by Labour is a travesty of the truth. As many others have said, it was a deliberate policy of Labour to rub the noses of the Conservatives in diversity, to lower wages, increase ‘growth’ falsely with an increase in population and create voters for Labour. That Labour now says it was a massive mistake is simply trying to stop people talking about it so that they can get on with the business of riding into power again on the backs of those same immigrants, benefit junkies, Guardinista, UKIP and the BBC to implement some new secret foul plan to consolidate their Fascist putsch with the connivance of the EU.

    • John Border


  • mrsjosephinehydehartley

    As far as I understand VC Reding is calling for everyone to get into a better, more open discussion of what the EU does and doesn’t do, what we can/can’t expect from the EU, including best/worst scenarios.

    This is a good idea I think because there’s an awful lot of shock/horror gossip and hearsay going about concerning the EU.

    So in the area of access to benefits to ensure that free movement of labour does not become free movement of benefit tourism, or worse – trafficked persons – I personally think it’s very important to burst the integrity of the very set-ups ( perhaps arrangements that reach from local to global scale) that would otherwise make certain jobs and/or benefits more available to some business concerns, but not all local individuals.

    Openness and transparency is key, but how can this be maintained without intruding into one’s personal, private life?

  • fubarroso

    Reding, the Vice-President of the European Commission…

    Given Mrs Leadsom’s role in the Fresh Start group I would expect her to know quite a bit about the workings of the EU. More especially I would expect her to know that there is more than one “Vice President of the Commission”. Even our own dear Baroness Café Ashtray is a VP! They are two a penny is Brussels.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Oh god not the ‘French (or is that Luxembourg) Tart’ project again and going on about immigration to boot? Is this an April Fool’s joke?

    The Coalition government is on target to allow 1 million migrants net into this country. That’s the same open door immigration rate that Labour achieved yet Cameron said he’d reduce it to tens of thousands (i.e. at least halve the rate). This government has failed totally on immigration.

    The only difference is that Cameron said he’d ‘role out the red carpet’ for them! the biggest failure of the Tories in power will be their total failure to staunch the flow of immigration,

    PS We know Reding wants to rape democracxy across Europe. Little else needs to be said.

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    Perhaps Ms Leadsom would like to tell us exactly why we have to negotiate and horsetrade with a lot of people whom we cannot remove from positions of power over us? The issue is not how much immigration, it is why we can’t decide for ourselves.

    And when I say we, I mean the electorate in the UK whose wishes count for nothing with our political class. I do not blame the EU. We were delivered to them in an act of betrayal. All attempts to reform or renegotiate are irrelevant and hopeless. We need to get our sovereignty back.

    • Smithersjones2013

      Its gets even better given we will not have the option to influence the dominant grouping (the EPP) in the European Parliament (thanks to the Tories). Since the Dave left the EPP to set up their own little EU clique (Cameron does seem to love this elitist crap) there is no British involvement in the EPP.

      How ironic that come May not one British voter will vote for the dominant grouping in the European Parliament. Can you imagine if no one at all in the West Midlands voted for the Tories? It just demonstrates what a complete waste of time our membership of the EU is.

    • John Border

      Perhaps Ms Leadsom would like to tell us exactly why we have to negotiate and horsetrade with a lot of people whom we cannot remove from positions of power over us?

      Like the Queen?

      You poor sap.

      • Rhoda Klapp8

        You think the Queen is in a position of power? You poor sap.

        • John Border

          Can we remove the Queen as Head of State? You were bleating that we couldnt – make your mind up. Chump.

          (She’s not even Eliz II, but Eliz I. Therefore she is an imposter)

          Scotland never votes Tory but gets saddled with those thieves – they cant be removed from power. You dont bleat about that do you?.

          IQ of shoe size, you.

          • Rhoda Klapp8

            Bill of rights. People are sovereign. Head of State symbolic. Scotland does not vote, Scots people do.

    • John Border

      We were delivered to them in an act of betrayal’. Tosh. The people voted for Europe.

      ‘the electorate in the UK whose wishes count for nothing with our political class.’ You dont whine about Scotland’s votes counting for nothing.

      You cant be trusted to tell the truth.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …well, cheer up, lad. In 9 months, you jocks will vote to remain firmly affixed to the suckling teat of socialist government, and your socialist mates in Westminster.

  • Peter Stroud

    It says all about lack of democracy when unelected, civil servants are allowed to make such political statements. The EU Commission should be restricted to carrying out tasks agreed by a majority of democratically elected MEPs. Commissioners should be seen and not heard.

    • Rhoda Klapp8

      There are no democratically elected MEPs. Firstly, we work from lists, so you can’t get rid of an individual. Secondly, party alignments in the EP are flexible. There is no manifesto to consider before a Euro election. Thirdly, we cannot claim to have had a Euro election unless the media give us a chance to see a proper euro-centric debate. When we have a euro election ( and just wait and see whether I am correct) all we get is domestic issues and domestic party politics. An electorate which is not informed about the issues is not participating in a legitimate election but an off-year popularity contest.

  • Chris

    What about Muslim immigration?

    • Pip

      Shh, the Establishment are hoping we have forgotten.

    • John Border

      What about it?

  • foxoles

    UKIP won 2 by elections yesterday. They won St Edmundsbury with 54% of the vote and Haverhill with 64%!!!

    ‘Oh, it’s just a protest vote … they’ll never get above 8%’ …

    • Pip

      Just goes to show Pollsters such as YouGov are clearly not reflecting the real opinions of the electorate, one can draw their own conclusions from that.

      • Smithersjones2013

        What do you expect when its founders were a Tory MP and another Tory Sponsor, and it’s president is husband of that beloved Labour Queen Of Europe Baroness Ashton..

        If it were Parliament everyone would be screaming conflict of interest

      • global city

        Yougov are a formal part of the Social Democratic establishment. It is appalling that such underhand engineering of the democratic process should be encouraged.

        Kelner is the husband of ‘Baroness’ Ashton, to boot.

      • John Border

        Yes it’s all a lefty plot to deceive.

        • Colonel Mustard

          Indeed it is, Glad you have finally seen the light.

        • JackyTreehorn

          Clever man, pointing out the bleeding obvious.

          • John Border

            Treehorny, do back to one handed adultery. Please

    • 2trueblue

      You mean the local elections? They have already gained many such council positions up and down the country. They will do well at the EU elections because that is where they have a good profile, but no one knows what profile they have at general elections.

    • HookesLaw

      18% turnout

  • Colonel Mustard

    An unelected EU apparatchik really should not be publicly condemning the views of the elected Prime Minister of a sovereign nation when he reflects the opinion of 75% of the electorate or trying to tell English people what they should and should not be concerned about.

    The creeping use of the word ‘populist’ as a pejorative by the leftist political elite demonstrates how anti-democratic they really are. Miliband boasts of ‘One Nation Labour’ but it is not our nation he means. It is, literally, a foreign construct.

    • Pip

      A foreign Marxist Construct.

      • John Border

        You poor soul!

    • John Border

      “English people”? I knew you were no supporter of Britain. You are a “foreign construct” – a fascist who missed being hanged after WW2.

      • zoid

        ‘HANG THE FASHIST!!!!!!!!’ – how very grown up of you.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Born English in England to an English family whose forebears have lain in this English soil for more than 900 years. No foreign construct or fascist I. You are the one who wants to hang or jail people for their political views, you sad stalking loony.

        • Icebow

          This Leftopathic troll only just popped upon my radar. Tracking.

          He claims to have ‘a brain the size of a planet’, and in another recent post said: ‘I myself am half English(London) half Irish (Cork), half Indian (Calcutta) and half Scots (Glasgow) so I know about internationalism.’

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Well, if the guy has 4 halves, he must be a space alien, ’cause the rest of us only have 2.

            • Icebow

              Not even of this universe, one might say. Sent from the troll dimension with orders to be very annoying.

              • John Border

                I deal in facts. Suck it up.

              • John Border

                Typical neocon nutter. If you dont agree – it’s a troll. It’s back to a night of onanism for you, innit?

            • Icebow

              Perhaps you think it beneath you, old chap, but you might consider more attentively down-voting this creature as a matter of routine, as he seems to be doing so to us (until he gets fed up and/or goes away). There is genuine psychopathological interest here in any event, I feel.

              • the viceroy’s gin

                A good point, and I’m not perhaps as attentive as I might be to it. But I hope I’ve made my point clear about this fascist, and you and others seem to have done so as well. That’s the most important thing.

                • Icebow

                  Right you are, Sir.

                • John Border

                  You and the Viceroy’s Grin are “close”, eh? You can come out, nobody minds.

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  Yes, you fascists have a proper armband for all those you seek to destroy, eh lad?

                • John Border

                  I thought you died in a bunker in Berlin. Clearly the poison didnt work.

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  …yes, you fascists always seem fixated on death, poison… all some of your favorite topics.

                • John Border

                  I detest fascists like you.

                • Icebow

                  It’s seriously deranged. I hesitate to mention it, since such Gollums thrive on attention however negative, but I just thought you might want to be aware of its comment below (typical example).

        • The PrangWizard of England

          Yes Colonel, I, too am pleased to call myself a free thinking Englishman with an Anglo-Saxon bloodline.
          It is the Left which calls for terror to be unleashed on those they disagree with. It is the Left which has killed tens of millions of people in the last 100 years in pursuit of their fanatical ideology. Not unlike the present day enemies of our civilisation. Terror is the logical extension of their philosophy. They cannot allow people to think for themselves. Such people must be eliminated.

          • John Border

            “Such people must be eliminated.” That’s what I say too.

            And you are a stranger to free thinking.

            • Colonel Mustard

              You are a little bit slow. The PrangWizard’s last sentence already referred to what you say.

        • John Border

          There was TV prog about chumps who thought they’d been here for centuries.Turned out they were all wrong! lol!

          Dont forget the English are illegal immigrants here. They arrived to steal Celtic land.

        • John Border

          Your passport says British not English you drooling fool.

          • ArchiePonsonby

            I have seen people with British passports whose nationality it would be impossible to guess from looking at them or hearing them speak!

            • John Border

              Yes, and why not? You are a very dim person.

              • ArchiePonsonby

                Fuck you!

                • John Border

                  That’s a dreadful response. I really disapprove of such language. You are awful – but I like you!!

                  But with a name like Ponsonby I can see why you are angry and unhappy. Who wouldnt be?


          • Colonel Mustard

            You have no idea what my passport says. In fact you don’t even know if I have a passport.

            A passport is bureaucracy conveyed by government, lately the occupying puppet government subordinated to the EU. But I own my Englishness, not the government and not you. You can never own it. You can never take it away from me. And that is what enrages you and makes you so full of hate.

            • John Border

              Define Englishness. Go on.

              C’est un cretinous.

    • John Border

      Brussels slaps down British threats to rewrite immigration rules
      President of European parliament says UK has ‘no chance of curbing basic principle of free movement

      • Colonel Mustard

        We’ll see. Long runs the fox.

        • John Border

          Yes, progressives got fox hunting banned.

      • JackyTreehorn

        Thanks for pointing that out. Vote UKIP

        • John Border

          UKIP – swivel eyed nutters. If they ever got power you’d find out soon enough that they are the fascist end of the Tory party. Read their policies. You really are a turkey voting for Xmas.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Actually, lad, they’d be more liberal-conservative, and quite apart from you fascists.

            • John Border

              “Lad” I bet you say that to all the boys, you cheeky thing!

              • the viceroy’s gin

                …sorta like you fascists always say “time for a shower”?

  • tribalterror

    There is a whiff of Marie Antoinette about this lady

    • foxoles


      • Smithersjones2013


  • Makroon

    What sort of Franco-German stitch-up, allowed Luxembourgers to occupy such a hugely disproportionate number of EU ‘top jobs’ ?

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    Who elected this woman? No one, that’s who.

    • John Border

      Same people that elected the UK head of State I suppose….

  • AnotherDave

    According to Nick Boles, there is no obligation to provide benefits to EU nationals.

    “European Directive 2004/38/EC deals with the right of the citizens of the Union and their family members to move freely within the territory of the member states and live where they like. This directive maintains the requirement that EU citizens need to ‘exercise an economic activity or dispose of sufficient resources in order to take up residence in another Member State’. If this requirement was incorporated into British law, it should now be robustly enforced.

    If it wasn’t properly incorporated, the relevant legislation should be amended to give the authorities the power to do so.”

    Any problem of benefit tourism from the EU into the UK due to the UK not implementing the EU directive correctly, or not enforcing the ‘legal resident’ requirement.

    • HookesLaw

      Correct – the directive was set up to prevent benefoits tourism and its our fault the fault of civil servamnts and other officials if they get benefits they are not entitled to.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …meaning it’s you socialist Camerluvvies who are at fault, then .

    • Nicholas K

      It’s not quite that easy, the precise terms of the Directive are that:

      “All Union citizens shall have the right of residence
      on the territory of another Member State for a period of longer than three months if they:
      (a) are workers or self-employed persons in the host Member State; or
      (b) have sufficient resources for themselves and their family members not to become a burden on the social
      assistance system of the host Member State during their period of residence and have comprehensive sickness insurance cover in the host Member State”.

      Note that the requirement for sufficient resources is an alternative to being a “worker” (i.e. employed) or, more significantly, being self-employed – hence Boles’s comment that “EU citizens need to “exercise an economic activity or dispose of sufficient resources”.

      The problem for the British social security system seems to be that, even with no record of NI contributions, low paid workers are immediately eligible for a raft of benefits and even the self-employed can access benefits as well, thereby creating the conditions which make it attractive for the apocryphal Bulgarian to become a self-employed Big Issue seller. Of course, most people would question that being a Big Issue seller amounts to a genuine economic activity and there may be some scope for challenging a Big Issue seller’s claim to a right of residence as a self-employed person. However, to avoid discrimination on grounds of nationality, disregarding such token gestures towards economic activity would have to be applied consistently: would HMRC be prepared to accept that a British Big Issue seller remained wholly unemployed and that therefore any revenue from selling the Big Issue should not lead to a commensurate loss of benefits?

      The Directive might stop beneft tourism in its most direct form, but it does not stop the leveraging of benefits off the back of economic activity of a type that will never yield taxes sufficient to pay the benefits. I don’t think it can be said that the UK is not enforcing the Directive.

  • Bert

    Why should she bother or care about voters?
    She’s part of the unelected EU elite that knows whats best for us.
    We are expected to shut up and accept their omnipotence.

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