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Labour rejects rebel deportation call as Immigration Bill crisis talks continue

29 January 2014

Labour will not support Dominic Raab’s Immigration Bill amendment on the deportation of foreign criminals. A party source tells me that ‘if the government are saying that something is illegal, then we can’t support it’. Which will come as a relief to the whips, given the level of support for the proposal. I also hear that the Tory whips seriously intend that the amendment never reaches a vote in the first place, using the plethora of government amendments and ministers talking until the time limit on debate for the legislation is reached. This will cause uproar, but well-placed sources tell me the whips are determined that this amendment is not debated for a second time.

Talks are continuing today between David Cameron and Nick Clegg on Stephen Phillips’ amendments. These are ‘backbench’ amendments backed by Number 10 which place a duty on the Home Secretary to measure levels of EU migration and to act if these become ‘excessive’. We may hear something after lunch on how the two parties intend to play this set of proposals, as the Conservatives want to support them, while I understand that the Liberal Democrats will not support them in their current state. There is a possibility the two parties could suspend collective responsibility once again to vote in different ways, although they may also be able to find a unifying amendment to the amendments (thus sending everyone’s heads into a spin). A senior Lib Dem source says:

‘The amendments are badly drafted and they send out a very damaging signal to our European neighbours that we do not intend to play by the rules. We do not know what the word ‘excessive’ means, but it seems to lead to quotas. Spain does not have quotas for the number of British people who are living over there.’

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But what has also riled the Lib Dems is the possibility that these supposedly ‘backbench’ amendments that Number 10 just happens to like are actually written by government officials. I am told by a number of sources that they were in fact brought to backbenchers by Home Office Minister Mark Harper. A senior Lib Dem describes this as ‘not cricket’.

As for the original trouble-making amendment from Nigel Mills, I understand that rebel whipping operation (that some Tory MPs are dismissing as rather too disorganised) believe they can now count on the vote of between 40 and 50 Tory MPs. So the whips have enjoyed some success on that front at least.

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  • Denis_Cooper

    ‘if the government are saying that something is illegal, then we can’t support it’.

    One might wonder what kind of MPs we are getting these days; are they so bloody ignorant that they even don’t know that the UK Parliament of which they were so keen to become members is the supreme legal authority for the UK, and so it is impossible for any part of an Act of Parliament to be illegal under our national law?

    Chuck them out; chuck out all those MPs who have no commitment to our national sovereignty and democracy, whether Tory, Labour or LibDems; traitors to the people they are supposed to represent in Parliament, almost to the man and woman, with just a small minority of honourable exceptions; chuck them all out.

    • IJMO_DS

      I think the reason they think it is illegal is that Raab’s amendment changes ‘constitution rights’ in the borders act 2007, to only ‘article 2 and 3 rights’, excluding article 8. So any one who is not a citizen and commits a crime and serves a year in prison or more is automatically deported. No consideration is given to family life at all. Theresa May’s bill is a lot tougher than now, but leaves open a possibility for a foreign criminal not to be deported for family reasons. The Home Secretary may feel the European court will rule no consideration of article 8 is illegal and the Lib Dem’s will not vote for it. Trouble is, when you leave a door open, the human rights brigade use it to get though your wall and it is basically a legal loophole to let foreign criminals stay.

      • Denis_Cooper

        To put it at its simplest they think it is illegal because they no longer believe in the sovereignty of our Parliament, which also means that they do not believe in the sovereignty of the people it is supposed to represent; and we should stop electing such persons whose primary allegiance is no longer to this country and its people.

  • Graeme S

    It is just stupefying ….. what are these people paid tax payers money to do ….


    Well the proof is in the pudding. We will have to wait for the first article 8 foreign criminal case after the immigration bill becomes law. If the human rights lawyers walk rings around it we will know Rabb was right and the government will be humiliated. Labour will just look gullible for believing them. So what then, does he table his amendment a third time, or do will just have to put up with dangerous foreign criminals roaming our streets, because they happen to have reproduced in this country.

    • Barakzai

      ‘ . . . do will just have to put up with dangerous foreign criminals roaming our streets, because they happen to have reproduced in this country.’

      Today’s Labour Party has one criterion – anything goes in return for voting Labour. Anything.

    • saffrin

      Labour won’t just look gullible, they’ll provide yet more evidence to what we already know.
      That being, they hate the British, they hate Britain and they’ll do everything in their power to wreck whatever is still standing.

  • Pb

    Oh for gd’s sake. We have the highest immigration in the eu, are the most crowded large country, run out of water regularly, have a housing crisis, and have the largest deficit in the OECD due to our enormous welfare state that, among working age people, goes disproportionately to immigrants and their children in tax credits and housing benefit. Is there never too much immigration? Time for a military coup. We need to shoot these tossers.

  • Major_Eyeswater

    So we can’t change the law because that would be illegal? There was me thinking that Parliament can not bind its successors…. Does anybody still think we have democratic self-determination in this country?

    • Denis_Cooper

      “Does anybody still think we have democratic self-determination in this country?”

      Yes, I do; we still have it and we just need to turn it back on.

      Like the answer to the question:

      “It’s freezing. Does anybody still think we have central heating in this house?

      Yes, we do, we still have it and you just need to turn it on.

      And the way to turn our democratic self-determination back on is to refuse to vote for parliamentary candidates who are not committed to our democratic self-determination, which is almost all of those put forward by the three old parties.

      • telemachus

        So who?
        Do not tell me you mean the fruitcakes
        That son is truly a wasted vote

        • Denis_Cooper

          It is far worse than a wasted vote if it is cast for one of the Labour scumbags you favour, or equally for one of the Tory or LibDem scumbags.

          • telemachus

            While all those fruitcake votes in Tory marginals are in fact good for the party of reason

        • Major_Eyeswater

          Mr/s Telemachus, would you like to allow Britain to regain its right to democratic self-determination, or not? ls asserting this right sufficiently important, in your view, or should the consequent risk that we might then violate the human rights of a foreign criminal by deporting them be accorded a higher priority?

          • telemachus

            We have democratic self determination
            I neither accept nor understand your question

            • Colonel Mustard

              Run away, little boy.

            • Major_Eyeswater

              It seems to me that you understand exactly what the question is but shrink from the answer implicit in your current point of view: rather than allow our Parliament to decide the matter you are happy to suborn our democracy to serve your own views on a rather perverse heirarchy of rights. This is the essence of authoritarianism.

            • livnletliv

              Freak, bet your a right sicko

        • saffrin

          Don’t panic.
          Every day that passes traditional Labour voters know NuLabour have nothing in common with the working man and now that the North of England have an alternative vote for keeping the Tories out it is very unlikely this country will be governed by the fruitcakes party ever again.

          • telemachus

            See above
            Fruitcake vote in Tory marginals = Labour victory

            • saffrin

              Cameron’s failure to deal with the last Labour Government’s gross incompetence does not by default return a failed Labour Party to Government.
              Don’t forget, the only reason Labour evercome anywhere in the reckoning is because the North of England vote Labour for one reason and one reason only, that being, keep/get the Tories out.
              If you think your blag will scare the voters into voting Tory in order to keep the Labour party out you are clearly not listening.
              Labour have NOTHING to offer the people of this country and if Livingstone’s failure to secure the Lord Mayor’s position in London, when the majority of London’s inhabitants are immigrant, nothing will.
              You waste your time on these threads

              • telemachus

                You think Labour have nothing to offer
                But what do the Sun Readers think
                And just cogetate on who Murdoch blames for his NoW loss and the inability to achieve his life ambition at Sky

                • saffrin

                  I doubt very much that sun readers read the current affairs columns. Not enough pictures if you know what I mean? Bought purely for the footy and t!ts.

        • livnletliv

          Just goes to show how corrupt the liblabcons have made society, when anyone telling the truth is called a fruitcake. Only one type of person would vote the liblabcons, thats the sick perverted type.

      • Major_Eyeswater

        Mr Cooper, thank you and well said.

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