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9 January 2014

The EU commission office in London was kind enough to send me this, a warmup for a ‘town-hall style meeting’ on the part of the Vice-President of the Commission, Viviane Reding, though I’m not entirely sure that the Royal Institution is quite your normal town hall. Anyway, something of the spirit of the open primary has entered the EU so I think Coffee Housers should enthusiastically take up the invitation to get involved in the online discussion. Quite what will happen to the contributions afterwards is anyone’s guess; but let’s not be churlish – it’s the blight of every consultation exercise. Anyway, let us hope that the discussion does actually represent popular sentiment in some form; over to you folks. Be nice.

Have your say on what the EU should be doing

The Citizens’ Dialogue comes to London on 10 February 2014

What is this?

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Vice-President of the European Commission, Viviane Reding, will be coming to London on 10 February to hold a town-hall style meeting. This will be an opportunity for people to articulate their hopes for and concerns about the EU directly to one of its senior officials.

In the lead up to the event, there is an online dialogue for collecting ideas for discussion on the day and allowing those that cannot physically attend to make their voice heard. The online dialogue, like the main event, will be grouped around three themes: After the crisis, your EU rights and the future of Europe. The authors of the most popular and most commented ideas will be invited to present them at the event itself.

British Sign Language interpretation will be available at the 10 February event.

How can we take part?

1. You can go to and put forward your ideas.

2. You can hold an event with your membership or offer another way to collect their ideas, in case some of them do not have internet access.

3. You can email ideas to comm-rep-lon-networks @ and we will upload them to the site for you.

4. Come along to the event, which will be at the Royal Institution, Albemarle Street on 10 February 2014. You can register online at or send an email to the address in point 3.

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  • Agrippina

    I am with Mr Hardie when it comes to immigrants. Keir Hardie’s article for the Miner in 1887 in which he states the following “For the second time in their history Messrs. Merry and Cunninghame have introduced a number of Russian Poles to Glengarnock Ironworks. What object they have in doing so is beyond human ken unless it is, as stated by a speaker at Irvine, to teach men how to live on garlic and oil, or introduce the Black Death, so as to get rid of the surplus labourers.”

    Mr Hardie told a Select Committee in 1889 that the foreigners had filthy habits and 6 or 7 males occupied a one-roomed hse.

    The Lithuanians were the immigrants that Scotland did not want because they were of the view that they would undercut the indigenous workforce and possibly be used as strike breakers.

    John Wilson, the Unionist candidate for St Rollox, Glasgow, in 1900 did not believe “it proper that this country should be the dumping ground for all the paupers of Europe.” Trade Unions were openly hostile, claiming that the newcomers’ lack of English made them a danger at work; the Glasgow Trades Council declared the Lithuanians in Glengarnock as “an evil” and wrote to the TUC demanding immigration controls to keep them out.

    And so the 3 party troughers continue to act for business and nothing
    has changed, import cheap foreign labour and keep the working class
    poor. I agree with Mr Farage, halt immigration and be a little poorer but have a decent standard of living in a cohesive society.

  • Frank

    I love the fact that the Duchy of Luxembourg has a population of just over 1/2 million, ie about twice that of Tunbridge Wells, and yet over-populates the senior ranks of the EU organs. Ms Reding would do well to learn some humility – even the self-obsessed Boris (who got more votes than the entire country of Luxembourg) doesn’t feel entitled to tell nations what they should, or shouldn’t think. A second very minor point is that the economic crisis in the Euro-zone is hardly over so how can she be proposing to hold an “after the crisis dialogue”.

  • joames

    Switzerland, Norway ‘failed’ states for opting out of Europe.

    Sweden, Denmark … such dire situation for opting out of the Euro.

    Meanwhile, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland – such bastions of success, the pillars of the EU, glowing examples of our promised future land!

  • john hughes

    germany exports 13% of it world trade to the uk the scare tactics of the pro eu lobby that they would stop trading with us is a lie as germany alone if it stopped trading with us would put 13% equal to 3million of its people on the dole do you think for one minute it would stop trading with us the same would happen to the rest of europe. as the eu exports more to us than we do to them. we would automaticly be better off on our export figures. the pro politicions ie the lib the lab and some cons. as that is what it is. it is not a free trade organisation anymore as we are not free. NOT FREE to trade with who we want to as we need their permision to trade with whom we like. if the eu keeps gaining momentum as its doing now.IN A FEW YEARS TIME if we want to leave the eu and we had demonstations to get out they would send in troops to quell us. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE. French spanish or german troops. to put us down think and act before it it to late. imigration does not effect politicions as the imigrants do not live where they live. imigration means cheap labour.

    • John Border

      But with the French we would get better food and with the Germans better cars. I’m up for that! And you could learn to spell in German.

  • Fergus Pickering

    Come along to the event. Take eggs. Express yourself.

  • James Allen

    Where do you get off?

  • Makroon

    I do hope the “British Sign Language” interpreter, will brush up on his/her volcabulary of good, old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon signage.

  • Robert_Eve

    The EU should disappear.

  • mitate

    seventy percent of the population of tiny luxembourg rely on the EU (directly of indirectly) for a living, thanks to which luxembourg is unrecognisable from the country it was prior to the formation of the EEC in the late 1950s.
    therefore no one should waste their time arguing against the EU with anyone from the grand duchy, least of all the lady in question.

    • Makroon

      Luxembourg is not a country, it is the tax haven that dare not speak it’s name.

      • Alexsandr

        boring place too. I spend my most boring afternoon in Luxemburg.

  • Holly

    Why are EU countries, that have not joined the Euro, losing their individual sovereign right to govern themselves regarding immigration, law/justice, deportation of undesirables, and any other right, that is proving detrimental to the well being of said individual countries?
    That is about as ‘nice’ as I can be.

    • HookesLaw

      You can certainly ask thse questions, but where does the Euro come into it?

      • Smithersjones2013

        Well here’s one you should ask Hooky.

        Why is it that at the 2014 Euro elections will the British people not be given any opportunity to vote for the dominant grouping in the EP?

        Astonishing isn’t it? That come May not one British vote will be cast for the group Reding is part of (She’s a member of the EPP), the ‘ruling’ grouping in the EU.. Some democracy they run in the EU. It’s a sham!

        • HookesLaw

          Is the EPP a British political party?
          I do not agree with the very existence of the Euro parliament. ‘Europe’ should be an economic arena not a political one. If countries want to group themselves closer together thats up to them, but it does not need to be part of the economic ethos of the EU.

          Given the way the Euro has come about and what will need to happen to sustain it, then ultimately thats how I see we will end up with our relationship with Europe (economic but not political). Well thats how I see it under a tory govt.

          Under a Labour govt I see that we will become ever closer to the EU and the political aspect of it.

      • Hexhamgeezer

        Because it’s one of the main tools towards creating Reding’s United States of Europe – DUH!

        • HookesLaw

          But Holly was saying why should countries not in the Euro….
          The Single Market and free movement of labour came in ages ago (and Labour ignored the transition rules). Deportation of aliens is being made difficult by the ECHR which has nothing to do with the EU or Euro.
          We are not in the Euro because it will certainly need and lead to a unified fiscal and other economic policies. If countries want that they are free to join the Euro. By all means ask this woman about the Euro and let her justify it of she can.

      • global city

        The Euro is the currency of the European Union…. check the Lisbon Treaty.

        The intention is to compel all members to adopt it… ALL members.

  • Ricky Strong

    I would quote Tony Benn to him:

    What power have you got?
    Where did you get it from?
    In whose interests do you use it?
    To whom are you accountable?
    How do we get rid of you?

    With particular emphasis on the last point.

    • In2minds

      The same questions could be asked of the people hoping to buy water cannon to rid our streets of anti-EU protesters.

      • john hughes

        they will not use water cannons. they wil send in the eu army ie french german spanish troops to put us in our place. the eu elite will not give up thier gravy train without a fight. because it looks like it will come to that. the eu elite do not care about a free country unless they rule it by decree.

        • John Border

          Yoo ar sow roight. Down wiff punctcheration. Down wiff capital lettors.

  • Denis_Cooper

    Margaret Thatcher speaking in the Commons on October 30th 1990, Column 873 here:

    “The President of the Commission, Mr. Delors, said at a press conference the other day that he wanted the European Parliament to be the democratic body of the Community, he wanted the Commission to be the Executive and he wanted the Council of Ministers to be the Senate. No. No. No.”

    Which can be seen here:

    Viviane Reding, vice president of the European Commission as reported on January 8th 2014:

    “We need to build a United States of Europe with the Commission as government
    and two chambers – the European Parliament and a “Senate” of Member States.”

    Twenty-three years on, roughly speaking a generation, and exactly the same
    proposal is being advanced; since Thatcher rejected it outright item by item
    with her “No. No. No.” her successors as Prime Minister – Major, Blair, Brown
    and Cameron – have all played their part in allowing and assisting matters to
    move in that same direction; and does Cameron really believe that he can now
    reverse that process through renegotiation, and does he expect us to believe
    that he really wants to?

    • Smithersjones2013

      I find it ironic in the extreme that not one British vote will be cast for the EP grouping that Reding is part of (the ruling EPP grouping) in this years Euros. There are no British parties belonging to it anymore (since the Tories left in 2008?.

    • atticus1900

      An excellent post, and one that should be promulgated more widely. With your permission, Mr Cooper, I will repost elsewhere.

      • Tim Reed

        Here’s the Press Release for the speech in question…

        It’s quite a jaw-dropping read.

        Of particular note…

        Under the heading…
        “Democracy needs to catch up with reforms”.
        (Let the arrogance of that sentiment sink in)

        “That is why we have started to co-ordinate economic and fiscal policy much more at European level. The European Commission now even gets to analyse and comment on Member States’ draft budgetary plans before national Parliaments have their say. That is a huge leap forward.”

      • John Border

        Pompous wally.

  • Mr Grumpy

    For the benefit of those not working in global corporations, a “town hall” is where somebody very important spouts self-congratulatory MBAspeak for an hour before taking carefully filtered questions from a handful of brown-nosers. At the end Ms Reding will doubtless inform the audience that her door is always open and invite them to reach out to her.

    • HookesLaw

      The fact that you do not value an educational qualification shows how ignorant you are.

      • James Strong

        Philosophy is education; Physics is education, Classics is education.
        There are other subjects/disciplines too.
        Business Administration is training.
        If we can all share best practice to achieve optimal outcomes going forward then we’ll help people understand the unique selling points of each.

        • John Border

          Yer just arsk John Hughes. Illiteracy is education.

          • john hughes

            hello butt plug have you takin it out of your mouth. those two women you say give you some good head. one is your sister the other is your mother. tell them not to suck to hard as they may spit some of your brains out on the floor. ok john butt plug border. THICKO PLANK.

    • Skywarrior

      You mean like Dolores Umbridge? Quite.

    • John Border

      a “town hall” is where somebody very important spouts self-congratulatory MBAspeak

      No thats you on this blog.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Whats the point? All the chosen questions (no doubt planted by stooges) will tell us how wonderful the EU is and how insane the UK is for not believing in it. Frankly I doubt North Korean TV could create a better stitch up than this will be…..

    • Denis_Cooper

      Comment deleted by author after main comment above had reappeared.

  • Bluesman_1

    Aah. The old “we did ask and most people liked what we are doing” ploy. Translated as “here is a distraction which we shall ignore, now do as we tell you”.

    But as to what it should be…

    Being exposed as a totalitarian fraud and a vampire sucking the life out of the people’s of Europe.

  • b.edwards

    ”Anyway, let us hope that the discussion does actually represent popular sentiment in some form; over to you folks. Be nice.”

    The last two words in your article above disqualify me from commenting.

  • John Lea

    Why bother? It’ll be a case of: ‘Don’t want mass immigration eh? Don’t want the sovereignty of your nation subsumed under the bureaucratic and all-devouring EU juggernaut? Don’t want us telling you what you can and cannot eat, how and when to dispose of your refuse, how you manage your prisons/hospitals/manufacturing industries? How very interesting. Thank you for your feedback. Most constructive. Now we’ll just forget about all that and carry on as before, shall we?’

    • Alexsandr

      well we could swamp the email…

      • Alexsandr

        and why London? don’t people in other parts of the UK have a view?

    • HookesLaw

      ‘Why bother? Whats the point?’
      Just what are you afraid off?
      Why do you value your closed mind so?

      • John Lea

        I don’t have a closed mind, more a healthy dose of scepticism, not to mention a firm grasp on reality. Cameron won’t even allow us a referendum on Europe; do you seriously imagine that protests made at a town hall meeting will change anything?
        (p.s. in re to your 2nd line: it’s ‘of’, not ‘off’.)

      • Andy

        Only person with a closed mind around here regarding the EU is you. The EU are busy destroying democracy and spreading mayhem across half of Europe, but to folk like you that seems to be ok. Well it aint.

        • John Border

          “Ain’t” ? How quaint!

          The Tories are trashing the UK name with its antiEu bile. Shamed us in the eyes of the world and chumps like you are its footsoldiers, though idiotic ones I’m glad to say.

          • Andy

            Fascists like you always support the EU. No need to ask why.

            • John Border

              I do believe you’re a stalker. How thrilling!

              Yes I love the EU. Lets have a united Europe with one government. Lets have free lobotomies for you, as you do a Monica Lewinsky on your betters.

              • zoid

                i’d have thought that letting your betters decide for you is closer to giving them a blowie than asking them to be elected and accountable.

                you seem obsessed by a lardy white house intern from 20 years ago. did she not ring you afterwards?

                • John Border

                  Try good grammar.

                  But otherwise, what are you on about?

                • zoid

                  apologies for the late replly. i don’t use the dreadful disqus too often…

                  grammar nitpicking (no problem with the lack of capitals then?)…the last refuge of those with no juice left in the sack.

                  clue: read my post again, slowly, and get someone to help you with the words with more than one letter.

              • wibbling

                The concept of a united Europe is a travesty. It cannot happen. It always ends in war, suffering and misery. That is what you are supporting.

                The Left don’t really care though,. It is always someone else paying the price.

                • John Border

                  No, sh*t for brains. The EU was formed to STOP wars. I think you have verbal incontinence.

                • john hughes

                  stop wars what about the war in the balkans the eu never stopped that war. the good old yanks did. i say that with tongue in cheek. as i am not a yanky lover. so you see the eu never stopped any wars. the elite are to busy filling thier pockets with untold riches to be sidelined by a war.

                • John Border

                  You haven’t a brain in your head have you? You know nothing of any kind and I won’t tell you why the EU was initially formed. You look it up.

                  Will you learn to punctuate and spell? – you seem really thick when you write as you do. It’s serious.

                • john hughes

                  dear john borderline i was born a thicko unlike you. because you are a self taught thicko. it must have taken all of your life to reach my stage thickness. all i and many other thicko,s want is a vote is that to much to ask. as i have said before the eu has not prevented any conflict in europe. the good old yanks put an end to the balkans war while the good old people in the eu lined thier pockets. i am willing to give a self taught thicko like you a vote why will you not give this thicko a vote. as ihave said our armed forces are being done away with to be replaced by a eu armed force who will be sent into britain to quell any anti eu riots and they will shoot to kill have you ever done any work in you life i have 50yrs. so i suggest you go back to benefit street and join white moma dee you will learn about life you are a very bitter person and i am sorry i called you a self taught thicko because did not mean to insult every day thicko,s so get off your brain and get a job.POSTED FROM THICKO LAND i just want a vote.

                • john hughes

                  hello you self taught thicko my question was and is why yo.u self taught thicko’s object to born thicko’s like me having a vote on the eu. i never asked why the eu was initially formed but i will humour you as you are in conflict with my question so i will ask the question again why do self taught thicko’s object to natural thicko’s having a vote on the eu do you understand the question. do you want me to repeat the question do you understand what i am asking you. if not go back to benefit street and ask white momma dee to explain the question to you. go and sit on your brain it needs a rest.from a natural thicko to a self taught thicko. and get a job as it is plain you have never done a days work in your eu life. CAN YOU ANSWER THE QUESTION?.

                • JackyTreehorn

                  Just to give you some background on this thicko, he admitted to me that he was living in rented accommodation on benefits.
                  He’s just another lefty parasite loser that gets off trying to rile people into responding to his idiotic views.

                • john hughes

                  hello jacky. he has still not answered my question why a self taught thicko will not let me vote i have asked him several times but he wont answer the question WHY. i cannot take the piss out of this self taught thicko because nature beat me to it. he does not even know which way i will vote as he does not discuss the ins and outs of the eu. we the silent majority must keep asking why will they not give us a vote. in 2017 we will still not get a vote because it will not be the right time to vote.they will come up with some cosmetic changes and say they got a great deal for the uk. and if we still vote no they wont be able to give us another vote fast enough. thicko from thicko land.

                • john hughes

                  to be serious did you know germany exports 13% of its world trade to the uk the eu zealots try to scare us by saying the eu will stop trading with us 13% equals 2-3 million jobs that would be lost in germany alone thats not including france spain italy ect. we import over 12% more from the eu than export to the eu. does anybody really think the eu would stop trading with if the did our export balance with the eu would be a lot better than it is now and millions of eu workers would be put on the dole just like the self taught thicko’s. the uk holds the best hand. the eu are terrified if we leave they will give us what we want ie our own self governing parliment. and a better human rights act ie our country and people first. signed thicko from the land of thicko’s .

                • JackyTreehorn

                  I know, but the eurofanatics have no positive reasons to be in the EU and so revert to making up ridiculous statements about the EU stopping trade with us, Clegg even stood up in PMQs and said that 3 million jobs depended on the EU, as you say, why would they stop trading with us when they sell more to us than we to them. You have to feel sorry for the pro camp, they have nothing to offer.
                  I think that the reason eurofanatics like ‘Benefit John’ as I have now christened him don’t answer your question is not because they are that pro EU, but more to do with them being against those that are anti EU and not lefty.

                • john hughes

                  jacky i am afraid you maybe wrong thier positive reason are money for thier elite pro eu pals. the kinnocks have made £10 million. between them. and they cannot say anything wrong about the eu because thier pensions would not be paid to them as it is paid on condition they do not critisize the eu or any of its functions. if that is not corruption i don’t know what is. if the eu was so good for the people they would go out of thier way to explain why it is so good and not rely on threats and lies. sorry i am just another thicko,

                • JackyTreehorn

                  I fully agree. I’m referring to the lefties that come onto eurosceptic sites for an argument being more against the eurosceptic right than being pro europe, that’s why you hardly ever get a reasoned answer from them.
                  You have reminded me about an interview Kinnock had on the radio when 7 years after standing on Labours out of Europe manifesto he was asked about his sudden change of heart in being pro single currency/federal Europe. He replied “seven years was a long time ago boyo what were you doing seven years ago” quick as a flash the interviewer replied “I dunno listening to you I think” Classic the half wit Kinnock walked straight into it.

                • john hughes

                  these people of the left who come onto anti eu sites and try to denergrate eurosceptics.would better be serverd by trying to convince sceptics thru reasoned debate thier case for the eu.but they have no reason other than the wish to get on the gravy train themselves. i do suspect that these people have never had a real job in thier lives. they are so bitter and twisted they want everybody to have the same as they have had in life O . they have no ambition but to rule by decree. but i will keep asking why will they not allow a vote ?. signed THICKO.

                • john hughes

                  hello self taught thicko you have still not answered my question. to be sure you understand the question i will ask again.WHY WONT SELF TAUGHT THICKO’S LIKE YOU LET BORN THICKO’S LIKE ME HAVE A VOTE ON THE EU. do you understand the question. if not ask white momma dee.

          • john hughes

            foot soldiers. the only foot soldiers in the eu will be the ones who are sent here by a future eu facist state to quell the rebelion in this country. an uprising in britain will come about. because we never voted for facist communist state.

            • John Border

              Your spelling and punctuation show that you are thick and badly educated with an IQ of shoe size. No doubt you will blame the State of course. You have totally no idea what is a fascist or a communist. They fought against each other in WW2, window licker.

              • john hughes

                the fascist & communist joined up with each other and invaded poland if the fascist had not turned on the communist they would be mates still as it turned out the yanks came to the rescue of europe and helped to defeat herr hittler/ but uncle joe took over the whole of easten europe and kept them in fear of the midnight knock and poverty for 50yrs i am sorry this thicko does not know anything about fascist or communist. glad to be a thicko……………………………………………………………………………..

                • John Border

                  ‘ glad to be a thicko…’

                  Yes I can see that. You have a reading/writing age of about 11. Seriously. That’s a handicap for an adult. People are sniggering at you behind your back. Quite rightly of course.

                • john hughes

                  can uou really count up eleven. please tell me you self taught thicko why will you object to people having a vote on the eu.please can you tell why or have you masters ordered not to tell the people why. please tell this thicko who reading age might be as high as eleven if you reply and i do not understand your reply i will get a thicko with a reading of at least twelve to explain your reply to me. so go back to sitting on you brain.

          • global city

            Would you care to elaborate on any of that tripe?

            Are you so progressive that you do not mind giving up your own right to self determination in order to let your betters ‘get on with things’?

            Talk about shaming idiocy… imagine if somebody from some other part of the democratic world read your post?

            • John Border

              My post is clear ; if you dont get it, then go back to onehanded adultery.

              I am a democrat, unlike you. We fought against your sort in WW2.

              My posts are read right round the world as it is, so enough froth and bubble from you, plonker.

              I’m pleased though, that you tidied up your grammar before sweating out your post. Well done!

              • global city

                No you’re not, and I bet your posts are only read by your mates.

                You make out like you are some sort of serious dude, then post a kid’s response!

                What a loon, and what an ego.

                • John Border

                  I have no mates. So you’re wrong.

                  A serious ‘dude’? Where the fork do you get your vocabulary from, you dreadful plonker? Do you also wear a baseball cap back to front? Window licker…

                  A loon is an old word for a lad, and as for ego – mine is forking gigantic, like my capacity for lurvmaking.

                • global city


                  You had me. I thought you were a pseud, but you’re just a lad (loon) having a laugh on tinternet……!

                  Good one.

                • JackyTreehorn

                  Dear benefit john I have decided to follow you as you are so entertaining. Now I see you admit to what I said about you in an earlier post. You’re a johnny no mates.
                  Love it! Vote UKIP x :-)

                • John Border

                  Of course I’m Billy No Mates you plonker, or I wouldnt talk to a loser like you.

                  How much for a short time honey? Or a b*low jb? I’ll give you 50p.

                  What do you say Ms Lewinsky?
                  Vote FUKIP!

                • JackyTreehorn

                  oooh I have got you angry :-) you are now starting to ramble.
                  Unemployed on benefits no mates and now resorting to prostitution to fulfil your need to get laid. No wonder you have so much angst against the world.
                  VOTE UKIP x

                • John Border

                  Lie back and spread ’em Jacky!!

                  You could never get me angry unless you asked for too much money, honey! Now get blowing!
                  Fed up with you now as you have nothing interesting to say. Mind you, you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full!

                • john hughes

                  mmm you talk with your mouth full. FULL OF CRAP. which should be used as compost. and what has monica not done to you that you get upset with. I SHOULD KNOWN YOU CAN’T AFFORD HER BECAUSE YOUR ON THE DOLE. there is always benefit street full of cheap’os. the thicko.

                • john hughes

                  jacky its just like playing tenis your turn to volley at easy isn’t he.

                • JackyTreehorn

                  Yep, and if he wants to hang around Eurosceptic blogs like a paedophile round a school playground I’m going to have fun and be Johnny benefits official troll

              • JackyTreehorn

                You didn’t fight and I bet your relatives were probably socialist conchies

                • john hughes

                  like jack straws conchie father. anybody who refuses to fight for thier countries independence are conchies. just like the pro europe cowards. signed THICKO.

                • John Border

                  Anyone who cant read or write should not be allowed to vote. It’s obvious innit. especially a FUKIP follower.

                • john hughes

                  it is plain to anyone that you a very bitter and twisted person who’s parents did not nor could not love you or wanted to. who is hoping that the eu with its large population there might be a person who will love or like you. its plain to see no one in the uk will. when your poor dad first saw you he said to you mum what a waste of a recreational moment. should have had one handed adultery instead. you really are a bitter and twisted person. and if i meet you i promise i wont laugh. because i just want to take the hook out of your mouth. signed THICKO plank………jacky you are so right he is so easy. getting bored. anyone for tennis

                • John Border

                  Still can’t write, can you, johnny bag??

                  Loved? I live with two women who love me dearly and take turns with me.And there’s more!

                  I wish you would laugh – I would if I were as thick as you, and I mean that most sincerely.


                • john hughes

                  i can see why you are so bitter one vibrator between the 3 of you. and as men can not last as long as womem they give you a butt plug after they have used it to use as a dummy. just to stop you whinging. so stop throwing you rattle out of the cot. you are so easy. take hook out of you mouth.i will not compete with nature. as nature beat me to taking the pss
                  out of the afflicted.the THICKO PLANK.

                • john hughes

                  hello jacky. our dear friend benefit john border not replied for days. probably disapeared into that black hole called the eu. or some hole. ah well no more tennis.

                • JackyTreehorn

                  The leftie troll is full of hate and comes on sites like this just to annoy.
                  I decided to be as annoying in return and it seems to have worked.
                  Sniveling lefties don’t like it up em.

                • john hughes

                  jacky he ran of with my hook. never mind he’s gone back to the swamp. i love being classed as a thick plank by swamp dwellers. anyone for tennis.

              • john hughes

                you say you are a democrat one man one. if you truly beleive in the democratic principle ie one man one vote why will you not stand by what you beleive in. i would like to know why you would deny me the democratic right to vote i would not deny you the chance to vote. signed THICKO

                • John Border

                  You can’t vote because you are illllitryte/illuterate. And as thick as two short planks.

                • john hughes

                  i just love being compared to a plank it can be used for many useful things unlike a dolite like you. but even one as useless as you are is entitled to a vote. i would not even try to deny you the right to vote even tho you are useless. for you to deny me says it all about your character. signed THICKO PLANK.

      • Jesus Actionfigure

        No-one needs to be “afraid” to be offended by replacement of democratic accountability with “town hall style meetings”, managed to the point were the permitted “themes” for discussion are pre-determined.

        What is the EU so afraid of that policy-shapers like Reding aren’t subject to free and fair elections?

        • John Border

          ‘I don’t have a closed mind, more a healthy dose of scepticism, not to mention a firm grasp on reality’

          Nothing like misplaced modesty. TeeHee!

          • Jesus Actionfigure

            Your comment has no relation to my comment, to which you appear to be attempting to reply.

            • John Border

              OK action man.

          • JackyTreehorn

            “Nothing like misplaced modesty. TeeHee!” So says the boy that bangs the rich good looking guys girlfriends. Big claim from a low rent benefit claiming loser.
            Vote UKIP :-) xx

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