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Downing Street holds crisis talks to revive Immigration Bill

21 January 2014

What has happened to the Immigration Bill? I asked this question last week, and as it still doesn’t have a date for the report stage, it’s worth asking the question again. Now I hear that Number 10 has been holding crisis talks to try to get the legislation, which has been derailed by Nigel Mills’ troublemaking amendment calling for transitional controls on Bulgarian and Romanian migrants to be extended until the end of 2018. Yesterday, Mills and colleagues were summoned to Number 9 Downing Street, to talk to the chief whip and the Prime Minister’s backbench envoy John Hayes. The whips have previously approached Mills trying to strike a deal whereby he withdrew the amendment, but he has continually refused to do so, much to the delight of the colleagues who have co-ordinated this particular revolt.

So the Bill continues to be held in stalemate, with the whips telling backbenchers that they cannot progress to report stage until the amendment is withdrawn, and backbenchers telling the whips they will do no such thing. The rebels are clear that even if the thumbscrews were applied to Nigel Mills and he decided that he’d get something out of withdrawing it, another MP would quickly re-table the clause themselves.

All of this, it is worth remembering, is a row about an amendment extending controls which have already lifted to a bill that was introduced largely to calm backbenchers down.

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  • CausticWally

    Hah! These people are soooo funny!

  • Mynydd

    There is one simple way to stop unwanted immigration from both the EU and Non EU countries. Make the employer responsible for: income tax, NIC, housing, transport, heath care, and schooling.

    • grai

      also have a 10 year restriction on maternity care free on the NHS – would these people be pregnant for every year since they arrived if they were paying the £3000 it costs the NHS to deliver a baby? Would they even have these children out of their own pockets in their own country?- we’d see the population explosion of 40% of births being foreign mothers PLUMMET if they had to pay it themselves

      • Mynydd

        Under the scheme I outlined the employer would pay for the total health care, that is including maternity costs,for the whole family of the immigrant employed, and would add pay child allowance as well.
        In in original comment I missed out training. The employer should pay for the training of a UK worker to take over from the immigrant.

  • Not Voting For You

    The immigration bill causes a crisis for the Conservative Party because it does not wish to restrict immigration and considers that there is no crisis caused by immigration at all.

    Labour and the Lib Dems think the same. To vote for any of these three parries is to support our own demise. It is time for us to take away their legitimacy by refusing to vote for any Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative candidate and choosing any other party or none at all.

    If we take a pledge now to refuse to support them in the future then we will show that they can no longer rely on simply passing votes from one to another in the same high stakes game that the electorate must always lose.

    Take the pledge now at ….

  • HookesLaw

    Thick Tory backbenchers in action

    • bwims

      They are no worse or better than the rest of the LibLabCon scum. Get that through you head and you will understand that UKIP is our best option.

      • CausticWally

        You are right. It’s high time we had a political party that was led by millionaires who made their wads by speculating on the stock market. By George chaps, England is definitely in need of a change!

    • CausticWally

      You bet! Bring on the clowns……

  • David Kay

    if the Tories were talking about a Deportation Bill rather than an Immigration Bill i’d consider voting for them. If in addition they promised to scrap the telly tax and execute all socialists, i’d actually join the Party

    • Redrose82

      Please do and start with Smellycactus or whatever his name is.


    Am I missing something here. Why not let them table the amendment and let it be defeated? Then the immigration bill can continue it progress through parliament.

    • bwims

      They are probably scared that it won’t be

    • Mynydd

      It would seem that the conservative whips believe that the HoC would pass the amendment. A large number of Conservative back benchers want to stop unlimited EU immigration, then if the Labour party, to make amends for past mistakes, where to vote for the amendment. This raises the question, how many votes can Mr Cameron lose before the men in grey suits come knocking on number 10

  • George Laird

    Dear All

    It is about time that the EU had an internal immigration policy.

    If you wish to work elsewhere, you must have certain resources for example a job offer.

    Free movement of labour should be free movement of labour going to a job.

    It is a problem that can be fixed, but it requires an EU solution with each country setting a criteria.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

    • Bert3000

      You have no concept of what the EU is, do you?

      • George Laird

        And you do, you’re an expert? I am putting forward an idea, external immigration is limited, why should internal immigration be off limits?

        • Daniel Maris

          Because of the nature of the EU project, which – at its best – is to create a single European identity in which all Europeans can share, so that peace and prosperity are guaranteed.

          Although the anti-EUers here won’t like it, in many ways it’s been a very successful enterprise. The EU’s wealth wellbeing outcomes are much better than in teh USA for the average citizen.

          The issue is whether it’s right for us. I don’t think it is.

          • First L

            The nature of the EU Project is to create a United States of Europe. It’s been admitted as such by officials.

            This is despite: not a single person in Europe having been asked if they want a USE.
            The currency being an absolute disaster.
            People who vote against any stricture of the EU being told in no uncertain terms to vote again, that their vote is invalid or simply having their elected officials removed and replaced.
            That the EU accounts have not been signed off for over a decade.
            That their policies are absurd, insane, counterproductive, unwanted and a cause of massive conflict.
            That the EU is not required for peace in Europe.
            That the EU is actually the cause of the rise of far right parties.
            That what was supposed to be a common market now actually restricts our trading ability.
            That the top of the EU is led by people for whom the word Communist would not be inappropriate.
            That not a single member of the the EU Leadership has received a single vote from the people.

            • David Kay

              absolute nonsense. never in my life have i read such misinformation. You need to get your facts right. The EU accounts havnt been signed off for the 19th year in succession. They wish it was only a decade! Everything else is spot on though

              • bwims

                I like the ironic first sentence. What out for TLDR twits though.

            • Daniel Maris

              You might think the Euro has been a disaster but as I predicted, it survived the crisis. Even during the worst of the crisis the majority of Greeks wanted to stay in the Euro. Take it up with them not me.

              I don’t support the UK being in the EU, but you are living in a dream world if you think it has been unsuccessful.

              • Tony_E

                It’s been massively successful in one respect, and one respect only: scaring it’s citizens into thinking that they can’t survive without it, despite it being the millstone which is dragging them into penury.

                • telemachus


                • Tony_E

                  That is the weakest defence of the EU I have heard so far.

                • bwims

                  What utter crap. The Russians prevented another war in Europe, firstly by splitting the most belligerent country in half for 40 years, secondly by turning hot war into cold war, which nicely stopped our left wing from getting too powerful until it collapsed in the 80s. After that there was no restraint on the kind of cultural Marxist indoctrination that produced creatures such as yourself.

              • First L

                Right – so the utter devastation of the economies of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece is something that you class as ‘successful’.

                There’s a reason Greeks want to stay in the Euro, because they spent a decade creaming off welfare from the Germans. They think they can get through this crisis and go back to that. They can’t.

          • Raw England

            Peace and prosperity guaranteed? That MIGHT have been vaguely possible if not for one very, very rancid, growing problem: the colonisation of our last homeland by millions and millions of blacks and Muslims.

            Even then, the EU is still sinister in every way. And doesn’t have a SINGLE positive aspect.

            • bwims

              And that problem is being encouraged by the EU, firstly by freedom of movement, secondly by not preventing rogue states from selling passports to people who want to scrounge of the biggest mugs in Europe – us!

          • bwims

            The last sentence avoided a downtick. It’s not been good for us at all!

          • George Laird

            In many ways the EU is a success, but do people in Greece eating food out of dustbins flag up anything to you? Or do you just right that off as ‘winners and losers’?

        • CausticWally

          Cool idea. And while we are at it we could have a policy to stop those Scouse, Brummie, Georgie, Macon, Mankie and all the other hordes of internal migrants from messing up patch. Sure we need a policy, and even more we need an army of state bureaucrats, immigration cops, ‘Go Home’ van drivers and pub bouncers to enforce it! We know what we are aiming for – no one can go ANYWHERE without my express permission – so let’s go for it!

          • George Laird

            if a person wanted to entry a university to be a doctor, you wouldn’t think twice if the uni asked for qualifications for entry would you. Why shouldn’t the same concept apply to a move to another country. Oz as regs for allowing people in, so why not within the EU? It isn’t about stopping people moving but ensuring they meet a criteria if they want to permanently ‘work’ in another country.

            • CausticWally

              The obvious difference between the EU and your Australian example is that the former participate in a single market with the other European countries. This means that relations within the EU are more analogous to what happens between the regions of a single nation, which is also based on the existence of a single market, than between two countries that trade as independent sovereign entities. Geddit?

      • George Laird
    • telemachus

      What about all the English youth going over to France to improve their French and their outlook and who often look for a job while there?
      Would you deny them?

      • George Laird

        No, a visa system could be set up to address this problem.

        • telemachus

          The whole point of the EU is to abolish such requirements
          In my work L have benefitted greatly from the free access to the totality of Europe
          Myself and most like me want no controls
          Further my colleagues who run small enterprises requiring enthusiastic labour are delighted by the ready pool of Poles and now Rumanians
          These are by and large hired from folk already here
          Would you deny them?

          • George Laird

            when the EU was small it wasn’t a problem, it is now.

            What is your solution, it appears to me to be nothing, not much of a help.

            • telemachus

              My difficulty in your quest for a solution is that I do not see much of a problem
              You are no doubt familiar with the Dustmann and Frattini indicating net benefit to the economy and the fact that immigrants take less benefits than indigenous.
              We, in fact need these immigrants to support our ageing population
              Remember the population is actually projected to decline in Europe as a whole to their detriment

              • Colonel Mustard
                • telemachus

                  I am not surprised you quote a fellow Makhnovist

                  “Many of the big issues were stitched up by the whips working through the usual channels,” he complains. “I very rapidly realised my job as an MP was to be a sycophant to the whips, to hope for promotion so I could read out someone else’s lines like a third-rate actor. If I was really good and a whip’s nark for long enough, I might be able to be minister in charge of widgets. But if anything of interest happened in the widget world it wouldn’t be my views on widgets that count, it would be the views of the party machinery. I suddenly realised the whole system of democracy has been completely messed up by the party domination of politics.”

                • Colonel Mustard

                  I am not surprised you resort to a silly label when faced with the healthy democratic dissent you and your sort can’t handle.

                  PS I didn’t ‘quote’ him. I provided a link to his article. You quoted him and a very succinct insight into the greasy pole climbing it is too.

                • telemachus

                  You are a true anarchist who will not nail his colours to the mast
                  Much as I hate Hannan at least I respect his steadfast course

                • Colonel Mustard

                  I am not an anarchist. I believe in good government.

                  But you are a stalker and mischief making provocateur.

                • telemachus

                  Folks get the Government they deserve in the UK
                  We are the most democratic society in the world
                  We are suffering under the burden of the coalition because folks did not understand that Gordon actually was good for the economy in the crisis
                  But I respect their need to be there until we remove them at the ballot box
                  The right confuse lack of personal charisma with incompetence

              • DWWolds

                And the statistical work of Dustmann and Frattini has been rubbished by one of the LSE’s statistical experts.

              • George Laird

                Because you don’t see much of a problem to you it is meaningless, however if you visit soup kitchens, you will see what the effects of too many people and not enough jobs has created.

              • Hello Sailor

                The old “we need immigrants because we are ageing” myth.
                It’s a Ponzi scheme – immigrants grow old & in turn need care in their old age

          • Colonel Mustard

            “Myself and most like me want no controls”

            Pff! This from the nasty extremist who wants to control not just what people say and write but what they think too, on the presumption that you know best and that the boast of ‘caring’ justifies all.

            • telemachus

              As you know there is an age old tradition that if you are not with us you are against us

              • Colonel Mustard

                We are against you and everything you represent, which isn’t much.

                You are neither a gentleman nor a man of honour, but a low crawling thing of mischief and bile.

      • Colonel Mustard

        There has been a long tradition of English youth travelling and working on the continent. It goes back long before the EU, in fact to the Middle Ages and before.

        I am sure that in your case North Korea would welcome you with open arms and waive any visa requirements. But your ‘outlook’ would not need improvement there, it is already perfect for them.

        • telemachus

          I love my country
          But I wish to see my mongrel heritage enhanced

          • Colonel Mustard

            The only thing you love is your red proclivity and power.

      • Patricia

        “What about all the English youth going over to France to improve their French and their outlook and who often look for a job while there?”
        Don’t confuse educated English with third-world dross who come here to escape justice their own countries and / or to help themselves to benefits.

      • bwims

        Thanks heavens for the troll-destroying minus sign to the right of your name (appropriately enough)

    • manonthebus

      I’m sure that was the intention. However, it didn’t take long for the ‘usual suspects’ to utilise it to allow poor countries to merely export unwanted people to richer countries. Some of these take jobs whilst others merely access the social welfare services that others have contributed to, but not themselves. It amounts to a transfer of wealth and is unacceptable. This is wrong and must be corrected.

      • bwims

        corrected by BREXIT! VOTE UKIP!

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