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Despite Miliband’s best efforts, Cameron still has the upper hand at PMQs

22 January 2014

Ed Miliband is still trying to keep his reasonable tone going at PMQs. He led on Syria, pushing David Cameron on the government’s refusal to join in a UN resettlement scheme. Cameron argued that given how many refugees the Syrian conflict had created, a resettlement scheme could only ever deal with a tiny part of the problem. Labour, though, were not happy with Cameron’s answers and will hold a Commons vote on the matter next Wednesday to try and force the government into changing its position.

But when Miliband moved onto the economy, he found it far more difficult to keep his tone civil. Tories cheered him saying unemployment had fallen while a confident Cameron took every chance to remind Miliband of just how positive the figures were. This prompted the rather Punch and Judy line from Miliband that Cameron was doing ‘his Bullingdon Club routine.’

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In the end though, it is the economic facts giving Cameron the upper hand in these exchanges now. When unemployment was rising, Miliband used to win these exchanges. But now the unemployment rate is falling rapidly, Cameron does. If the economic news remains positive, Miliband is going to find these exchanges difficult regardless of the tone he adopts.

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  • NBeale

    No-one has yet mentioned the fact that it was Ed who prevented Western intervention in Syria which would probably have avoided much of the present horrors.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …you mean, like it did in Libya?

  • kyalami

    Cameron’s body language at PMQs is interesting. He never is able to look Miliband in the eye when responding to a Miliband question. Most odd. He’s makes eye contact with other MPs when answering their questions.

    I prefer Miliband’s new style of questioning. I don’t mind a bit of punch and Judy but the change is refreshing.

    Still, the economy is changing in good time for the Tories, although an overall majority remains unlikely.

    • Makroon

      Er, maybe something to do with the fact that questions and answers have to be addressed to Mr Speaker.

      • kyalami

        Really, it isn’t just that. In every other case he at least glances in the direction of the questioner.

        • Holly

          Maybe Ed could ask a question about this at next weeks PMQ’s.
          Trivial, trivial, trivial.

    • Holly

      It might be a new style, but it contains the same unworkable, bad for Britain, hypocritical, bandwagon jumping content.

  • Jock

    Hopeless rather than hopless.

  • Jock

    Ed Milliband is both hopless and hapless. A deadly combination.

    • DrNickelBockle

      There are more hops in Ben Truman!

  • realfish

    Miliband has got a brass neck on Syria (and most other things as it happens). While many think that our intervention in Syria would not be welcomed – none of our business, the threat of intervention, and the imposition of a ‘no fly zone’ might have made a difference.

    That Miliband initially agreed this with the PM, but then reneged on that agreement shows Miliband up for what he is; a dangerous opportunist who has no regard for anything, not democracy, the wellbeing of the British people, Britains standing in the world. Nothing

    Why Miliband reneged, we don’t know. Did he see an immediate opportunity to defeat Cameron, one that was too good to miss? Did Uncle Len have a word?, or was he simply too emotionally attached to mother Russia and its Syrian puppet? Whatever, since Milband’s sudden about turn and its impact on the west, an emboldened Syria has murdered thousands. And the vacuum that Miliband has created has flooded the region with terrorists.

    The big question is; Is this Miliband at his cynical worst, or is he simply an idiot, out of his depth, with no understanding of the damage that he is doing?

    • DWWolds

      The answer to your final question is that both of the points you raise are correct.

  • anyfool

    So Labour want to bring experienced fighters from the civil war in Syria, that is what you will get, the refugee camps are r&r hostels for the combatants, it will be their families that go to the top of the list for flights and each family will have several young men as a rule.
    Just tell the murdering scum from Britain not to go abroad for training, Labour will fetch the trainers here.

  • zanzamander

    Is that Blackpool?

  • zanzamander

    When there is such an outcry against it, it says something about Labour’s gall, cheek and total disregard of the British voters when its leader believes that its strongest suit is its demand to allow more refugees into the country.

    Labour has no shame, has no regrets and is totally unconcerned about its disastrous immigration policy (unless the migrants happen to be white Christians from Eastern Europe). Only people punch drunk on welfare benefits, lazy and unpatriotic sentiments would ever vote for for them.

  • swatnan

    Ed needs to ditch the hystrionics and play it casual and pretty laid back and act the statesman and not behave like a terrier street urchin.

    • Paddy

      Act the statesman! That’s todays funny story.

    • Holly

      Miliband could ‘play it casual’, but until he comes out with plausible, workable, policies, that will not have a negative impact on investment, jobs or peoples pensions, he will be seen by many as not fit to govern Britain.
      The more people in work, therefore with more to lose, the more he will scare them off.

  • Wilhelm

    Why does the media continually cover this phony charade, pretense of prime ministers questions, ” we hate you, they hate us, blah blah blah,” when they all agree on mass immigration, multiculturalism and the EUSSR ? then they all go to the bar and watch themselves on TV and applaud themselves.

    All 3 parties, LibLabCon have a visceral hatred for UKIP because they don’t play the westminster game.

    • HookesLaw

      Why don’t you stick to waving your flaming crosses.

      • Wilhelm

        Did I grant you permission to address me, yes or no ?

        • HookesLaw


          • Wessex Man

            Come now Hooky, I expect you are very tired after waving your white flag these last three years or more to the Lib/dums!

          • Wilhelm

            Was the question too difficult, a simple yes or no would suffice ?

  • Makroon

    Yet another Labour stunt, (yawn). Try to trap Cameron into inviting a load of Syrian refugees to settle here – that should inflame UKIP.
    As the latest “cunning plan” it was rather pathetic !

    • Hello

      A little rich for Miliband, who managed to single-handedly destroy years of diplomacy in trying to get international agreement on intervention, to cry about the situation in Syria.

      • Holly

        Typical seems more like it.

    • Wessex Man

      You really should get your facts right, Nigel Farage has been calling for the Uk to take it’s fair share of Syrian refugees!

      • kyalami


        • fozz

          So I’m not the only pedant. “Invites” as a noun also gets my goat.

      • Makroon

        Oh sorry, I understood the sainted Nigel was talking about a small number of Christian asylum seekers.

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …and meanwhile, you socialist Camerloons want to help your islamofascist buddies murder those Christians, eh lad?

  • telemachus

    You are wrong
    Cameron may please the hacks
    But he has no answer on the poverty of 13 million of the British people
    Of course Cameron was helped by the Tory Speaker not reining in the Tory mob for braying

    • Alexsandr

      milliband should have gone on the fact Cable has given the convicted lair and perjurer Vicky Pryce a job.
      How do such scum end up back in the government.

      • HookesLaw

        He has not ‘given her a job’. She has resumed the ‘job’ she has had for 10 years on the Monitoring the Economy Panel which meets three times a year.
        Its unpaid.
        When she first joined the panel when she was chief economist at the then DTI. With even your flimsy grasp of maths you will work out that Labour were in power then. All of which makes youn thicker than Miliband.

        • Alexsandr

          still a convicted liar – should not be anywhere government.
          I don’t care which of liblabcon gave her the job or anything. she should not be anywhere in the public service,
          she is still a convict out on licence.

          • Wessex Man

            don’t forget that you are exchanging comments with someone who has head shoved so far up Call me Dave back**** that Call me Dave is feeling quite overcome!

    • Wessex Man

      “I believe in fairies in everything they say” NURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David B

      As you are talking in parrot phrases what ever happened to “Talking the economy down” an old Brown and Balls favourite from when they were blowing the economy up and creating all that poverty under their preferred defination. The poverty Osbourne is now reducing!

    • Hexhamgeezer


      • telemachus

        I admire your breathtaking originality

  • peterb

    Ed Miliband is now known by a new name ‘The Mop’ because David Cameron wipes the floor with him at every PMQ’s.

  • Bert

    Cameron clearly had the best of it today. Again.
    But PRAVDA still lead with a Wallace soundbite on the following news bulletins.

  • LadyDingDong

    If these were Miliband’s best efforts, and he ever, despite the Labtard party’s evident unfitness to rule, becomes Prime Minister, then Gawd ‘elp us all.

  • nnnnnnnnnnnnn

    The bun fight between two Establishment upper class twits is a bore.

    • McRobbie

      Cant disagree. What’s between millie the millionaire socialist nerd and the posh millionaire cameron ?….at least cameron is honest about his background and his policies.

      • HookesLaw

        What has somebodies background got to do with anything. Winston Churchill was born in Blenheim Palace.

        • Wessex Man

          surely not even you are trying to compare Call me Dave with Winston Churchill, er well knowing you you probably are!

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