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Bercow baiter Simon Burns to run for deputy speaker

4 October 2013

We’re about to find out what Tory MPs really think of John Bercow. Simon Burns, Bercow’s biggest Tory critic–and that’s says something, has resigned his ministerial post to run for deputy speaker. If he wins, the Speaker will be forced to work day in, day out with someone who, as Tim Shipman who broke the story points out, once called him a ‘stupid, sanctimonious dwarf’.

David Cameron’s very warm letter accepting Burns’ resignation suggests that the Prime Minister is rather amused by the prospect. I also suspect that he’s grateful for Burns freeing up a ministerial post ahead of the reshuffle next week.

The vote for deputy speaker is a free vote. But given that Burns is a former whip and has given up his ministerial career to run for the post, I expect that any wavering Tory MPs will be guided his way.

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  • Wessex Man

    What about Nadine, hasn’t she thrown her hat in the ring, come let’s start a caompaign Nadine to keep the Tory bad boys in hand, I’m sure they’d love it!!!!!!!

  • Altesegel

    Burns is a huge admirer of Hillary Clinton…Will she run in 2 yrs time. More to this than meets the aye……

  • StateWeShouldBeIn

    Short of immediately getting rid of Squeaker, I like the idea of an Official Opposition to The Speaker, so wish Simon Burns the very best of luck.

    It will be interesting to see how juvenile Labour are in this vote, given their reprehensible behaviour in 2009 put Bercow (who has done the almost impossible job of making us look back fondly to the days of Gorbals Mick) there in the first place…

  • itdoesntaddup

    Simon Burns was the minister responsible for HS2. Perhaps he resigned in shame of the government policy?

    • s_o_b

      Not really – Cameron and Osborne are the ones who are really driving HS2. Do you really think Burns, McLoughlin or any other minister could make it happen if the PM and chancellor were antis?

      • HookesLaw

        He is a self serving idiot, yet you give credence to his opinion of HS2?

        • s_o_b

          Sadly that’s a description that could be applied to an awful lot of MPs. On Bercow and HS2, I could just make the cheap shot that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but I have to pay tribute to the hard work that he has put into opposing it.

          As Speaker It’s my opinion that he has been awful. Many of his instincts were right, especially to hold the Government more to account in the Commons than it wants or is used to. But…….his pro-Labour bias, his pomposity, and the overall impression he gives that he is more important than the post he holds means that, overall, he’s a Fail.

          • 2trueblue

            I agree that his bias has been shameful, and unprofessional. He is unworthy of the post on that basis. He is just a peacock.

      • itdoesntaddup

        My point precisely is that his experience of looking into HS2 has convinced him it is not something he should be associated with if it goes ahead.

    • HookesLaw

      And perhaps you are streching credulity and your well worn prejudice a bit too far.

      • Wessex Man

        cor and you would never do that would you Hooky?

  • 2trueblue

    Goodness, what a cheering piece of news. Lets hope that it comes to pass.

    • telemachus

      ‘stupid, sanctimonious dwarf’.
      I thought that referred to the Health Secretary

      • 2trueblue

        You are so out of touch.

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