Well said Ian Katz. It’s Labour who should be ashamed, not you

10 September 2013

I see the new Newsnight editor, Ian Katz, is in trouble for having ‘tweeted’ about the performance of one of the programme’s guests in an ungallant manner. He described the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Rachel Reeves, as being ‘boring snoring’ during her interview with Paxo. The Labour Party has demanded an apology and suggests that Katz’s comments ‘undermine the neutrality of the programme’.

As a party member, could I just be allowed to say ‘piss off Labour?’  Katz’s tweet – and why he feels the need to utilise this medium Christ alone knows – revealed no such thing. In fact, I suspect Katz is a Labour supporter. He said Reeves was boring because she was truly bloody boring, a head office apparatchik determined to recite robotic anodyne idiocies instead of addressing properly the questions she was being asked. Paxo was bored, I was bored, the rest of audience was bored and somewhere way above us all God was bored stiff too. So well said, Mr Katz.

On a related note, though, perhaps Ian could do something to stop his reporter, Stephen Smith, attempting to burrow himself up the fundament of ‘edgy’ pop musicians. His interview with the excellent Arctic Monkeys was so bad I’m still cringing today.

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  • Lungfish

    yes, give thick twats the pow
    er to punish and arrest, duh, yes , of cvourse

  • Roisin

    “The excellent Arctic Monkeys”? For flip’s sake!

  • Ben Kelly

    I’d like Ron Liddle more if he wasn’t a tribal Labour party supporter, voting for a party that supports so many things he seems to hate and despises so many of his opinions. Bizarre. A Labour party supporter who writes for a conservative weekly, weird.

  • Doug McAndrew

    “I suspect Katz is a Labour supporter.” Why?
    Because Newsnight is run by Labour supporters?
    Or because you have detected Labour bias in his work?

    • rodliddle

      Oh, because I used to know the bloke, worked for him and so on. Happy?

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Hold on, you’ve taught me something here Rod. So am I to take it that Newsnight claims to address issues and interviewees in a spirit of “neutrality”? Well, did anyone see the way that sh.t Paxman treated Tommy Robinson? As “neutrality” is a BBC cipher for “free speech” then Paxman like many of his sort (ch4’s John Snow for example) comes up very short indeed. The only upside to all this is that Paxman made a complete fool of himself – the ultimate Achilles heel of this awful and unthinking LIBERAL FUNDAMENTALISM which will see an end to the free speech it claims to defend..

  • D B

    There’s no need for profanity.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    I see Ms Reeves somewhat in the Owen Jones mould. It’s like the last 30 years didn’t happen. Something akin to the style of say, Bob Crow, both belong in the metronomic 1970’s during which “union-speak” was compulsory for anyone who had taken the working classes to their heart. It’s boring because, by necessity of those it addresses, it’s so SIMPLE…You can read the guardian and still be a simpleton you know…

    • Cornelius Bonkers

      In fact, I’d say it might be preferable yo!

      • Lungfish

        welcome to the new socialist nightmare,price and income fixing, OMGWTF, in the new parlance

  • Eddie

    He said something bad on Twitter? He offended a poor wickle woman who is vulnerable and sobbing?
    So when are the police going to arrest this devious criminal – that’s what I want to know.
    (Well, the plods do seem to spend most of their times these days arresting anyone – always male – who ever says anything non-bland on Facebook or Twitter or in emails – especially when in response to feminasties who have encouraged the abuse and then go all ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ and Princess Diana infantile, instead of being the strong equal-to-men women they purport to be. Anyone would think they’re devious and manipulative or something… Anyway, it’s great there’s no real crime out there – oh like mugging, stealing, stabbing etc – so the police have the luxury of focusing on people who say naughty words on the inter-troll super rant way…)
    But let’s face it, most politicians these days are boring robots, parroting platitudes emailed to them by a senior robot in the Westminster robot factory. Gone are the days of real personalities in the mainstream parties who dare to think for themselves (heaven forfend!).

  • george

    You could, but you’d have to put the question mark after your exhortation.

  • Jambo25

    Actually, judging by the look on Reeves’ face someone had just dropped an ice lolly down her decollete.

    • george

      Nah, she could never be that animated. I think she has just seen a picture of Cameron hugging a hoodie, in which case I sympathize.

      • Jambo25

        She does look like she’s about to throw up, as well, so that could be it.

  • Jambo25

    God, these people are awful. All of them: Labour,Tory and Lib Dem.

  • Lungfish

    Labour generally knacker the country and run the bills up, the poor saps in the Tories have to repair the damage and wait to get beaten at the next election by the majority vote who are mostly thick and poor. We all know this and so far it has worked well but having a left wing BBC doesn’t do the country justice as thick poor people spend most nights in front of the telly being indoctrinated. This is why the BBC should become a pay service.

    • Baron

      Hear, hear, hear

    • george

      That’s so truthful it’s beautiful, even though the truth in this case is ugly.

      • Lungfish

        Perhaps a bit of a simplification? In the good old days they had a time posted up so you could generally tell whether the poster was a bit pissed or not..Not that it matters a damn at the end of the day.

        • george

          I have a feeling you’re one of those lucid and limpid types, all the more so when relaxing with a drink.

          • Lungfish

            never ‘limpid’ , just ask the missus

            • Lungfish

              boom boom

            • george

              ha ha!

  • Baron

    Is the bloke on the right, the fat one pointing his finger, saying: ‘And this, comrades, is what we haven’t yet bankrupted, but most certainly will when we get in in 2015’?

    • Lungfish

      do you live near Edwardstone Baron?

      • Baron

        As Hillary’s Bill would say: Close, but no cigar. Hartest is what we border with. Why are you asking? You familiar with the Constable country?

        • Robert Taggart

          Baro – be warned – he soon will be !

      • Robert Taggart

        Lupo and Baro – the former be something of a ‘wanderer’ – the latter ?

        • Baron

          Please, keep the blue veined barbarian in the picture, Robert. Rolling out the red carpet isn’t an easy job, if one’s pushed on time.

          • Lungfish

            I shall be expecting a drink or two in The Swan at Lavenham. Myself and Mrs Lungfish are moving up that way shortly. She’s upset at the lack of gas and mains sewage , but I’m not saying anything.

            • Baron

              If this is what worries her, my blogging friend, you should be OK. The region has alot to recommend it, fewer people for a start, enchanting countryside, half empty roads, lower rates….

              And as for the drinks? Of course, with the approval of the boss. Don’t forget to cable the day and time, and keep in mind Baron’s on tour until October 10.

              • Lungfish

                ok Baron, shall be up there soon old warrior!

                • Lungfish

                  you there Baron?

  • Jim Steed

    nice bloke on the left of the photo

    • tompiper

      Yes, what is he pointing at?

    • Old Canute

      They are all on the left.

  • Austin Barry

    Rachel presents as a monotonic depressive.

    I’ve tried to imagine her in the throes of eros, but without success, having to switch to Diane Abbott in mid reverie.

    Come back, Margaret Beckett, all is forgiven.

    • Abhay

      You may wish to ‘direct your thoughts’ to Maria Miller.

    • Noa

      You’re best off looking to the chaps in parliament for libidinal concupiscience these days Austin.

      The women are mostly professional uber-feminists but the men, now free of feminine restraint, can pursue old dormitary pleasures with a new and open vigour.

  • DougS

    Time to change parties Rod.

    I would suggest that you join UKIP, the only dynamic force in British politics and one that has policies that are hard to argue against!

    Unhitch your wagon from the pathetic, outdated Labour party.

    • george

      But then he’d be without a wagon.

  • Abhay

    Rachel Reeves is boring. What a discovery!!
    And Grant Shapps / Maria Miller fill us with mirth and excitement?

  • sunnydayrider

    What’s needed is for Fraser Nelson to take over Newsnight. Then we could have some real intellectual and witty repartee. We could have Pippa on to explain the countries economic woes, after she told us what she did on holiday of course..

  • Tron

    “I suspect Katz is a Labour supporter.” Suspect?

    He edited The Guardian and now runs a BBC political show. I know he is a Labour supporter. How else could he get those jobs?

    • Lungfish

      I was going to say the same thing.

  • Robert Taggart

    Liebore – cannot take criticism – where is the news in that ?!
    Liebore – always the first to criticise others, and worse still – ridicule them. But, when dealt their own ‘medicine’ by those they presume to be one of their own (BBC Guardianista) – they cry wolf !

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