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Scottish voters don’t like independence, their Parliament, what it does or the leaders

9 September 2013

What do Scottish voters think about the Scottish Parliament? Nothing particularly pleasant, according to Lord Ashcroft’s latest polling. The Tory peer has asked 12,000 Scots over the last few months what they think about their Parliament, the work it undertakes, its leaders and the notion of independence. The resulting picture isn’t a very happy one.

Firstly, the role of the Scottish government. Just 14 per cent claim to have a ‘very good idea’ of how power is divided up between Holyrood and Westminster, while 40 per cent claim to have ‘very little idea’. Just over half think  Scottish Parliament elections are of equal importance to Westminster and 18 per cent believe it is more important. Not exactly a vote of confidence for an institution looking for more powers.

On the work of the Scottish Parliament, nearly half think independence is its main priority, compared to 7 per cent who believe it is focusing on the economy and jobs: