Josh Williamson is arrested for preaching the Christian gospel in public

24 September 2013

Freedom of speech is alive and well in Scotland, then. Pastor Josh Williamson took the Christian gospel to the streets of Perth last week, before he was arrested by the old bill for a ‘breach of the peace’. Asked why he was being arrested, Plod No 1 said because you’re too loud, pointing to the electrical device the clergyman was carrying. That’s an MP3 recorder, he replied, it’s not an amplifier. Then Plod No 2 claimed it was the content of his sermon, although he could not put his finger on what it was exactly. Hauled down the nick, refused the right of a lawyer, Williamson was eventually released with a verbal caution and the comment from another copper: ‘You seem like a reasonable man, why not just stop preaching?’

I wonder if that would have worked with Christ? The cops also arrested a man who had been enjoying the sermon, for asserting that he had been enjoying the sermon. They have since denied Williamson was arrested at all — but this is a lie, because the pastor recorded the copper saying ‘I am arresting you’, and I’ve heard it.

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  • Picquet

    Good points; following today’s calls for a Royal Commission into the Police when it seems that they are prone to lying through their teeth on occasion, this (and a number of other instances, many of which are on view on Youtube) is worth watching.

  • Sir Harry Plunket-Greene

    Does freedom of expression include shouting? I am not so sure.

  • Guest

    another nail in the forehead of common sense. It isnt about what he is saying.
    his voice is strained, piercing and dull. If he added some flair and variation to his delivery, people might actually start to accept/enjoy it. As it is, its like listening to an angle grinder.
    I agreed with the piece wholeheartedly and then watched the video.
    Josh, go on some sort of presentation/acting course or something.
    And stop saying ‘here we go, here we go’ when people disagree with you.

  • Guest

    Isobel is a babe though

  • Lungfish

    life is short

  • Guest

    I know you think I’m a fool Dave, but you need to make a deal with those wankers at UKIP. Its plain and simple. I actually don’t think they are wankers, they are good chaps who should be dealt with. I beat you at tennis at Oxford many times and do not live in this daft little country. Bon Soir

  • Lungfish

    Isobel- saw you getting chatted up by that old pervert on This Week. lol.

    • Lungfish

      no, i’m not saying anything, i’m 47 and past it

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