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Spectator Play: what’s worth watching, listening to or going to this weekend

5 July 2013

The BBC’s Proms kick off today, with the First Night of the Proms from the Royal Albert Hall delivering what they describe as ‘a surge of natural energy in sea-inspired works by Britten and Vaughan Williams’. In this week’s magazine, Kate Chisholm speaks to the director of the event, Roger Wright, about the challenges of what sounds like ‘a dream job’, but is in fact ‘more like 26-dimensional chess’.

Is the next generation being messed up by our celebrity-obsessed culture? That’s the question Sofia Coppola raises with her latest film, The Bling Ring, a film that Deborah Ross thinks ‘might be worth watching just to see Paris’s shoe room’. There’s plenty of visual panache, but that’s not all that this film offers. It does have a point – and one it makes very well ‘without hammering it home’. Here’s the trailer: