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Spectator Play: what’s worth watching, listening to or going to this weekend

12 April 2013

When Lara Pulver hit our screens brandishing a whip and wearing little more than a pair of high heels in the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes-influenced drama Sherlock, she became something of a viral hit, with that episode becoming one of the most-watched items on the BBC website.

Now she’s back, this time in Da Vinci’s Demons, a big-budget American TV series looking at Da Vinci’s ‘lost years’, and we sent Will Gore along to meet her. Here’s what she had to say on Benedict Cumberbatch, Renaissance rulers and James Bond.

From a beautiful woman to beautiful men. This week’s film review stars both Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper – which makes Deborah Ross very pleased indeed. Beyond the Pines, she says, is ‘one of those films you should see without knowing anything about it’ – so I will say nothing more, except for that the trailer is below.