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Introducing Spectator Play: Audio and video for what we’ve reviewed this week

2 April 2013

Did you catch Dr Who over the weekend? Clarissa Tan, who wrote our latest TV column, was surprised that the Dr had to contend with ‘something in the wi-fi’. How’s wi-fi for a thoroughly modern enemy? Here’s the prequel to this week’s episode, The Bells of Saint John:

Clarissa also watched Rachel Johnson learning to be a Lady. It might sound like a bit of a drag, but ‘what could have turned out to be a rather prissy affair turns out to be a fun watch’. Johnson tries to master riding side-saddle, and ponders why etiquette lessons are becoming more and more popular. Here’s Johnson describing what makes a 21st century Lady:

Now to the singing aristocracy of the Deep South: Nashville singer Caitlin Rose. Peter Hoskin said that her new record was ‘a fantastic album from a fantastic gal’. You can listen to it on Spotify here: