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William Hague: Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan is where the threat to the British homeland is coming from

3 February 2013

On the Sunday Politics, William Hague confirmed that the greatest terrorist threat to the British homeland come from Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But he argued that without intervention, the Sahel could become as dangerous to Britain.

Those hoping for Hague to put flesh on the bones of the government’s European strategy will have been disappointed. The Tory leadership remains determined not to give out anything akin to a renegotiation scorecard. When pressed by Andrew Neil on whether he would advocate leaving if only the status quo was on offer, Hague said that the government would have to ‘use our judgment at the time.’

On gay marriage, Hague reiterated his support for it. Interestingly, he argued that if gay marriage was not being addressed in this parliament it would be ‘a big issue at the next election’ with MPs forced then to declare where they stand.

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  • Fowsiya

    Lets dance and tell a lie and tell a lie, lets have party.

    All bigots lets dance and dance and dance until you drop dead. my song is done.

  • rdthdty

    Well if you attack countries on behalf of the ZioLoons, you will attract the enemies of the ZioLoons.

  • BoiledCabbage

    The “greatest terrorist threat to the British homeland” probably comes from Tower Hamlets…..

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Willly! why weren’t you publicising this; ?

    Orders from dave or the PS?

  • Not_Allowed_To_Post

    What is taught in madrassas around the country? We know that in one
    such Islamic school a rapist was taught that women were of less value
    than a lollipop dropped on the floor. How many Christian Sunday Schools
    are teaching that terrorism is justified? None. How many Islamic
    schools are teaching that it is justified? We don’t know, but it is more
    than none.

  • Khan Habib

    wars for business, that’s what west does and has become a poor salve of the military industrial complex. Nobody wants to destroy the west, that’s the information you are fed with day and night 24/7. keep your bias aside and read Islam for once at least before abusing it. how many westerns have died in the terrorist attacks since 9/11? and what’s the number of Muslims died for each westerner in the same kind of attacks not only from the terrorists but also from the western terror? i think 1000 to one, right? it’s time to unleash the real terrorists!!!

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Lots of Muslims die at the hands of muslims. In fact far more than are killed by non-muslims.. I agree, lots of folk should read the Koran – it may galvanise a few more to face up to the bestial crud it contains and inspires.

  • Augustus

    ““A decade of war is now ending,” declared President Barack Obama quite recently. The fact is, a decade of war may be ending for Obama, but his policies have
    ensured a century of conflict lies ahead for the rest of us. “We will support democracy from Asia to Africa; from the Americas to the Middle
    East, because our interests and our conscience compel us to act on behalf of
    those who long for freedom.” No doubt like the “democracy” you fostered in Egypt, for example, has led to the loss of freedom,
    not the flourishing of liberty. Or the toppling of Gadhafi resulted not just in the death of Americans in Tripoli, but the flourishing and
    growth of al-Qaida in Mali and Algeria. What was once a cabal, trapped in the caves near Kabul, is today a worldwide
    movement spread from the southern shores of the Philippines lapping the Pacific
    to the African coastline of the Atlantic. And in the case of Islamism’s war on the West, none of our contemporary enemies have
    surrendered, let alone acknowledged the futility of their actions. America’s most devious and dangerous enemy, the Pakistan Army, is the
    recipient of billions of dollars of aid, much of which is diverted to foster hatred and, if possible kill Americans and their allies. And for all we know, Pakistani army insiders, in collusion with an external Islamic group, could even now be
    plotting to appropriate nuclear assets to which they have been entrusted. Obama believes he alone can turn the spreading cancer of ideological Islamofascism into ‘the surest of friends.’ ‘Feeding the crocodile before it devours us’ has never been more apt.

  • Michael990

    And the leftist politicisation of the EU is now to be officially encouraged by Barroso and his communist fellow travellers with real tax money from us funding secret police observers:

    Quite how this fits with the UK’s electoral bias laws I’m not sure. But then as the USSR showed, communists don’t care.

    • Colonel Mustard

      They’ve already started, q.v. pro-EU ‘comments’ from ‘beat_the_bush’ and foreign comrades here which must be a trial run.

      But everything with the EU is newspeak so where they say plurality of the press they really mean censorship of the press and where they say ‘trawling for EU-sceptic trolls’ they really mean deploying taxpayer-funded trolls to peddle pro-EU propaganda.

  • Tom Tom
    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yeah, I’m thinking the frogs may be the ones who go NSDAP this time.

  • Tom Tom

    The Real Threat to The Realm (Homeland is US gobbledygook)………….

  • Tom Tom

    Well William it must be a relief to represent Richmond, North Yorkshire and not have to face the Bantustans of Pashtuns or Somalis or Malians or assorted brigands you feel should be given access to British infrastructure and cities. What a relief it must be for you to have close protection and not worry about an Airey Neave car park event……and with your JC Bamford Scholarship you won’t even have to live near the riff-raff that have to live with the results of your hare-brained policies

  • Boudicca_Icenii

    Not such a bright idea to allow millions of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalians, Afghanis, Algerian and Libyan terrorists to settle in the country then, was it.
    I am so glad to know that the CONservative Party has banned all future immigration from these dangerous places.
    Oh ….. they haven’t. The 7/7 terrorists were home-grown. Or have they forgotton that minor detail.

    • Russell

      I wonder who influenced the ‘homegrown’ terrorists? Could the huge inflow of Jihadists over the past 15 years possibly have something to do with it?

  • 2trueblue

    Hague is right that the dangers are greater now. The trouble is we seem to have no idea how to rid ourselves of these troublesome people. We do not govern our own country anymore. We take all the rules and regulations to the letter and we should be concentrating on our indigenous population firstly. Why we can not deport those who are not interested in making themselves viable parts of our society?

    • victor67

      “We have no idea how to rid ourselves of these troublesome people”
      Yes we do
      1) Stop supporting Arab despots like Saudi’s, Bharain and Qatar
      2) Do not invade and occupy Islamic countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.
      3) End the sponsering and collusion of Israel persecution of the Palestinian people.
      Simple now isn’t it. All those would significantly reduce the threat posed by the Jihadi’s.

      • 2trueblue

        If only life were that simple.

  • jason

    recognition to Somaliland would be a major solution to reward democracy, in the horn of Africa. they have fought side by side with the Brits in Burma and Europe during the 2ww..

    • Tom Tom

      Yes and the Karens fought with the British against Japan in Burma and their reward….as usual with the British…..zilch

  • jason

    Every country has a Story… have we forgotten not to wash our dirty laundry outside?

  • the viceroy’s gin

    Well, yes, it’s plain the Cameroons would like gay marriage to be a big issue, but that’s only to fracture conservatives, and keep them fragmented. That’s the purpose for pushing gay marriage, the constantly floated coup leaders, the shrieking of the deadly Malian threat, and anything else that the Cameroons have been using as distraction.

    All these are being contrived to focus attention on satellite issues, rather than the important issues of the day, which are being shirked and given lip service only, rather than being addressed.

    In other words, the Cameroons are now solely focused on internecine turmoil, and their own status and that of their conservative enemies, and that means they can no longer govern legitimately.

    • Tom Tom

      Looking at Operation Fernbridge and the strange death of Carole Kasir one is led to wonder what exactly goes on in the inner reaches of the Conservative Party, and to question the deaths of not only Carole Kasir but of David Kelly and in the past, of Victor Grayson, MP. It would appear there are some deep secrets within the political-media establishment and a readiness to kill inconveniences which makes the structure of this feudal political system look highly suspect

    • Tom Tom

      Gay Marriage and Operation Fernbridge make one wonder just what the inner groupings of the Conservative Party have been covering up. There is clearly a lot of strange activity with deaths like those of Carole Kasir

  • chan chan

    Hague is right – the threat IS coming from there, among other places – into this country via Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and the Eurotunnel.

    And they bring with them a system of social, economic, legal, and political governance that is completely incompatible with The West. Not only do they refuse to assimilate (and the OIC reccommends they do not), but they wish to impose their culture, laws and traditions of vile bigotry, misogyny, violence and racism under the aegis of their so-called ‘religion’ on us.

    • Look_in_the_mirror

      Hague is wrong. There is no threat to UK but from its foreign policy toward ‘some’ nations. When you start wars on pack of lies and on behest of some other Country or to acquire Oil contracts, inflicting suffering on innocent citizenry, then you should be at least prepared to deal with hosts of refugees from those war torn countries. We can’t have it both ways. UK supported rebels (Al-Qaida) in Libya against Qaddafi and is fighting the same in Mali, same way USA supported Jihadist against Soviets by providing arms and millions of $$$ in 80s and is now spending billions to fight them, Wow: Our HYPOCRISY is amazing…

      • chan chan

        Ah, yes – it’s all our fault, isn’t it? Of course – why didn’t I think of that, as you did?

        There is no modification to our behaviour we can make which will stop Islamic jihadists. They have their own, 1400 year old reasons for hating us that have nothing to do with ‘western foreign policy’, and in fact, predate the idea of ‘The West’ by some considerable time. Don’t take my word for it – see what Muslim terrorists cite time and time again as the fundamental basis for doing what they do.

        If you solved tomorrow all the problems that allegedly give Muslim terrorists excuses to attack us, they would continue to do so because new excuses would magically arise out of nowhere.

        There is one fundamental reason why they do it, and that is because it says to do so in Islamic doctrine. It’s that simple.

        • Khan Habib

          wars for business, that’s what west does and has become a poor salve of the military industrial complex. Nobody wants to destroy the west, that’s the information you are fed with day and night 24/7. keep your bias aside and read Islam for once at least before abusing it. how many westerns have died in the terrorist attacks since 9/11? and what’s the number of muslims died for each westerner in the same kind of attacks not only from the terrorists but also from the western terror? i think 1000 to one, right? it’s time to unleash the real terrorists!!!

          • Russell

            And how many Muslims have been killed as a result of Christian terrorists bombing around the world with a belief that everyone should be christians and all other religions are evil?.

            • Look_in_the_mirror

              By your logic, I’d say, both world wars were caused by our so called Western nations annihilating millions upon millions.

              • Russell

                By your logic, I’d say, you probably want to go back in time to the Crusades! Burying your head in the sand and ignoring the immigration problem the UK has and the number of muslims CURRENTLY blowing up innocent people all over the world does you no good.

                • chan chan

                  “the number of muslims CURRENTLY blowing up innocent people all over the world”

                  Over 20,000 Muslim terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11 and counting…39 last week, 265 dead.

                  But remember, everyone. These attacks aren’t really happening, they’re a figment of our imaginations. They’re especially a figment of the imaginations of the people who were blown up, shot or beheaded.

          • chan chan

            I have read Islam. That’s why I know what I know. Islam is incredibly easy to understand. That’s what’s great about it. Did you not read it? It says it’s a universal message for all people for all time.

            And thank you, in your closing line, for being a true Muslim. I rest my case…

  • Russell

    And yet still they come by their thousands from Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan either illegally or by falsely claiming asylum (after traveling across Europe through Italy, Spain, Portugal and France). Obviously those european countries are not considered safe enough as specified in the law regarding asylum seekers.
    Soon to be joined by all their brothers and sisters from Romania and Bulgaria!
    The UK government is a joke. Even Nurses who have obviously neglected patients and contributed to their death are not sacked or prosecuted. The government are considering fining the Staffordshire health authority (taking taxpayers money from health and into the treasury box).
    You really couldn’t make it up the way the UK taxpayer is constantly let down.

    • Paddy

      Russell: Yes, nurses who have neglected patients are not sacked……and neither are politicians.

      Did you hear the two Leftie women on Murnaghan this morning…… trying to link the problems at Stafford Hospital to this Government. No sign of a Tory to put the record straight. Obviously too early for them.

      I despair. Have they totally written off the next election.

      • Russell

        There never is a rebuttal from any government representative on this matter or any other matter which was either a result of labour in office or things which happened under labours 13 years, like youth unemployment reaching almost a million, inreased unemployment in manufacturing Industries, health’shambles’ with MRSA/Cdiff, PFI contract incompetence, MoD contract incompetence, introduction of the many benefits/allowances for middle to high earners as well as those out of work and on low pay.
        Nobody seems to be interested and labour/BBC/Sky/Isobel and many other journalists want to ‘move on’ and conveniently forget about Brown & Balls & Labour shambles.

      • 2trueblue

        It is incredible how Liebore manage to lay all the problems at the door of the Conservatives. They had 13yrs and they made such a mess of itl Listening to the news all the chatter about the number of qualified nurses on the wards being too low. In 1967 there was two qualified nurses,at most, on duty with junior nurses to tend a ward of 24 and the patients were well cared for. I do not remember patients starving to death, being left to lie in soiled beds. They need to go back to the the old fashioned training system where nurses were trained on the wards, under the keen eye of ‘Sister’ and Matron.

    • Colonel Mustard

      And no doubt from Mali too very soon.

      • Russell

        Not forgetting Camerons desire for 80million Turks to be welcomed to the UK, no doubt with an increase in the construction industry with the building of mosques as the justification on an economic basis.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Why Cameron is trolling out his ‘Wet Willie’ for Sunday outings I have no idea. Hague is by far the biggest disappointment of this government (given his prior high profile within the party).

    1) We cannot afford Cameron’s international adventures

    2) The EU gambit is nothing but hot air. Cameron will be defeated in 2015

    3) No Gay Marriage will not be on the tongues of the electorate in 2015. It will be the cost of living, inflation and the government’s significant role in making almost everyone worse off, Osborne’s bloated taxation regime, the still exploding public debt, the failure of the economy, Cameron’s profligacy in funding the very nations that threaten us and how we get rid of this incompetent liberal fifth column that masquerades as Conservatives. Hague’s spin is either a poor attempt at distraction or indicates he is as out of touch with the nation as Cameron is.

    • Tom Tom

      Portugal under Caetano fought in Angola and Mozambique until Spinola and the MFA staged a rebellion. If things continue the failure of an under-resourced British Army will become even more disastrous than in Basra and Helmand and lead to the kind of abject defeat the French suffered in Algeria leading to the overthrow of the Fourth Republic

  • UlyssesReturns

    How lucky we are then that the last labour government allowed so many from Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan to come into this country. No doubt this practice ceased when the threat became apparent to Mr Hague, our conservative PM and his ministers.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      We should consider ourselves lucky that so many of them are diverted from supporting terrorism into organising child grooming and rape.

    • Field Marshal

      They continue to roll in in droves facilitated by Gayboy Hague-did you listen this morning-and would be but I do have the balls Thatcher Pretender May.

      • HooksLaw

        Another gobshite out from under his stone.

        • Field Marshal

          Well argued.
          We are used to bile from the Socialist Cabal but usually there is a sensible intellectual argument.
          Even Telemachus, mercifully absent, has a little substance and a witty turn of phrase.
          On the substance I see Cameron is toadying up to the Muslim Factions at his Country Retreat today-it is no Camp David and he is no Carter.

    • victor67

      I guess when you start wars an occupy countries you create fefugees looking for new homes.

      • BoiledCabbage

        Yes, look at the ‘White Flight’ from Britains’ cities!

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