The far-left and the attempted assassination of Lars Hedegaard

6 February 2013

The participation of far-right groups in stirring up hate-crimes is rightly and often written about. Less noted is the way in which the far-left demonises figures with whom it disagrees.

A far left group called ‘Hope not Hate’ (which has previously done some good anti-BNP work) has in recent years attempted to draw their own particular political lessons from the atrocious murders committed by Anders Breivik in Norway. Among other things they have compiled a helpful list of a ‘Top Dozen players‘ in what they call their ‘Counter-Jihad Report’. Their title-line subtly uses a photograph of Breivik with his rifle alongside images of their self-selected ‘Top Dozen’ guilty men and women.

That ‘Top Dozen’ list includes the ex-leftist American conservative David Horowitz, the Dutch politician Geert Wilders and a number of bloggers. It includes Lars Hedegaard. ‘Hope not Hate’ describe him as:

‘Journalist and historian. As founder of the International Free Press Society (IFPS) he leads one of the most important international ‘counter-Jihad’ networks and has championed the cause of Dutch politician Geert Wilders.’

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Among the list of reasons they include him in their list is the fact that Hedegaard is: ‘Founder and President, Danish Free Press Society’.

I do not see why this should warrant ‘Hope not Hate’ placing his picture alongside that of the mass-murderer Anders Breivik.

But if you were an ignorant person would it not be eminently possible to be persuaded by slurs of this kind to believe that Lars Hedegaard might be the next Anders Breivik? If anybody is interested in the sequence of this process, here is the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn commenting on a similar trend on TV in Holland. The interview was done before Fortuyn was assassinated, of course.

On the very same day that the assassins knocked on Lars Hedegaard’s door, ‘Hate not Hope’ were running a day-long conference investigating the ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement.

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  • Daryl

    Very strong answer indeed..

  • ohnonotcameron

    Hedegard is clearly part of the counterjihad movement.

    * Addressed inaugural CounterJihadconference in Brussels on 18 October 2007.
    * Co-author, In the House of War: Islam’s Colonisation of the West (Hovedland, 2003)

    So really you’re just complaining about the use of the most famous and most violent counterjihadist to date in a graphic in a report about counterjihadism.

    See also

  • Christian

    Good anti-bnp work? What a strange statement from mr Murray.

  • Simon Morgan

    Nick Lowles contributes to the Guardian. Nuff said…

    • Damocles

      and simultaneously the Guardian hates (yes hates) Julian Assange
      Explain that one if you can.
      The Guardian editorial line is probably the epitome of inconsistent, hypocritical ‘Left’ in the UK ?
      but at least they tend to be open to different ideas
      plus they field views from across the political spectrum in their columns

      • adamber

        They liked Assange until they had an internal squabble.

  • SarahAB

    I didn’t care much for that particular Hope not Hate campaign, but they are – though left of centre, certainly – hardly far left! They don’t tend to discuss I/P much, although they do cover antisemitism, including antisemitism associated with Muslim groups or individuals.

    • Petra Thompson

      “although they do cover antisemitism, including antisemitism associated with Muslim groups or individuals.”

      In your dreams. It seems to me you are withholding some information here. Aren’t you a financial backer of HNH?

      Does HNH report on cases like that of a jew bitten on the face by an academic at SOAS, the academic then being let off by the court? Do they report on jews not being allowed to speak at public events at SOAS? Do they report on jews being bundled out jew-hating conferences at SOAS? Do they report on the anti-Israel protesters in London who routinely carry placards of terrorist organisations like Hizbollah?

      Fakestine is used as the vehicle for jew-hatred in Britain. Not taking a stand on that is to facilitate jew-hatred. HNH is a money-making racket. Like all of the causes of the Left, they have no true interest in “the cause”. It is a means to an end. The end is to get power. Any cause — from opposing slavery or apartheid, or gay rights — will be dropped when it is no longer convenient.

      The Left are totally silent on the on-going islamic slave trade (600,000 blacks are enslaved in muslim Mauritania). The Left are totally silent on the apartheid in islamic states e.g. Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Pakistan. The Left are only interested in gay rights when it is an opportunity to bash the Tories or to bash Christians.

      • SarahAB
        • Petra Thompson

          I have no access to either your bank account or the swiss bank account of Hate Not Hope. I just remember seeing you talk about giving them money in some other place. I think that since you are a financial backer of Hate Not Hope that others should know that when you defend them here.

          Aren’t you also some kind of academic? If so, you should realise that finding 4 references on their site is pretty meaningless as an indication of what HNH’s form is.

          If I search their site for say “EDL”, google tells me they have 3710 pages. If I search their site for say “Hizb ut Tahrir”, google tells me they have 8 pages! Now, I’d say that is statistically significant.

          Hizb ut Tahrir have stated polices to abolish democracy and to impose 2nd class citizenship on all non-muslims. They seek to execute homosexuals. They seek to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. I don’t recollect that EDL ever stated they wanted to abolish democracy, or disenfranchise muslims.

          Hizb ut Tahrir have been around for 27 years, and can
          get 10000 muslims to a conference, I’d say that makes them ever so slightly more
          notable than EDL, who never got more than 3000 people to a demo,
          and who we are told by HNH are “finished”.

          Hate Not Hope is concerned with fascism allegedly associated with people with white skin. It has a fig-leaf of tokenism to pretend it is equally concerned with fascism and anti-semitism by people with a different skin colour. The massive difference in their coverage between groups like EDL and Hizb ut Tahrir show the lie.

          They know they are onto a good little earner by talking up the threat of neo-nazism. They know that stupid white liberals will donate money and feel they personally helped assassinate “a new Hitler”. That good little earner would become more difficult to market if they told the truth about islamo-nazis in Britain.

          The HNH site has 7 pages that refer to “The English Volunteer Force”, an organisation that most people will never have heard of (I don’t think it has existed for 1 year yet); they have had 1 demonstration that got around 100 protesters. Yet they have received as much attention as the 27 year old Hizb ut Tahrir.

          Congratulations on giving money to an organisation with such skewed priorities.

          • Christian

            I think that’s what’s known as conclusively demolishing someone.

  • Petra Thompson

    The Guardian and the BBC have reported the assassination attempt on Lars Hedegaard as if he was the criminal. The BBC have apparently reluctantly corrected the idea that Hedeggard was a convicted criminal (although they manage to repeat the lie a second time under their correction). The Guardian has not bothered to correct it.

    • SarahAB

      His conviction was overturned on the grounds that he did not know his views would be repeated/published, I believe. I think – even though his comments were offensive – such views should not be criminalised, so (arguably) even if he had been a convicted criminal by Danish law, one might not agree with that decision.

      • Petra Thompson

        It does not matter on what grounds his conviction was over-turned. The British media are quite happy to report stories concerning prominent muslims in Britain and not even mention their relevant convictions which were not over-turned.

        Hedegaard is the victim in this story, yet both the BBC and The Guardian wrongly portray him as the criminal. If he’d been a muslim who had smoke blown in his face, Fiyaz Mughal would be on national TV talking up the victimhood of all muslims.

        The Left love violence to be used against their enemies — witness the number of t-shirts emblazoned with the face of mass-murderer Che Guevara. Europol statistics show that around 90% of all terrorist activity in Europe in the last 10 years is from muslims and the Left. That is the consequence of the Left’s duplicity when it comes to violence.

  • MariaKay

    And “Uriasposten,” a Danish counter-jihad site has posted today how Danish “antifa” organizations published Hedegaard’s home address online (as well as Kim Moller’s, the proprietor of Uriasposten.)

  • Damocles

    I think you will find that Hope not Hate are very pro-Israel for example and Israel has been described by many South Africans who fought apartheid (Ronny Kasrills, Desmond Tutu) as being an ‘apartheid state’ more extreme than apartheid South Africa.
    A very curious sort of ‘Left Wing’ ?

    • Petra Thompson

      “A very curious sort of ‘Left Wing’.” If you acquaint yourself with Hate Not Hope you would find they are a very typical sort of Left Wing i.e. deeply hypocritical.

      Nick Lowles prides himself on never having spoken out on the Israel/Palestine question.

      Yet he is very happy to attack “right wing” jews in Israel who criticise islamic antisemitism, islamic jihad, islamic imperialism, and islamic terrorism.

      HNH gives every sign of being an income-generating machine for Nick Lowles.

      Did apartheid South Africa have black MPs sitting in the same chamber as white MPs, the way Israel has jews and muslims sitting in the same chamber? Seems like only a rabid jew-hated would use that language.

    • adamber

      Is that the same Desmond Tutu who said that the gas chambers were a “neat” death? The same Tutu who accused Jews of acting in an “unChristian” way, the same man who said that the Jews were “hogging” the Holocaust?

      That Desmond Tutu – the rabid Jew hater? I’m supposed to care what he thinks?

      What a victim you are.

      • Damocles

        I think a lot of ‘other’ people (not Jews) died at the hands of the nazis
        perhaps you hadn’t noticed ?

        As for the constant reference to Islamic links to National Socialism (Petra Thompson) why don’t we take a look at the similarities between National Socialism and Zionism ? (which is increasingly being made)
        Both are based on a (supposed) form of socialism, both are an extreme form of (exclusive) nationalism, both feel that any opposition should be met with extreme violence, and both espouse the view that their people are somehow superior and chosen compared to the rest of us.
        Are they really so different ?
        Remember, all the stuff involving extermination in the camps etc under the nazis happened during a time of war, and when the nazis were losing and gradually being destroyed.
        I hate to think what would happen to arabs behind their borders in their prisons, were the zionists in a ‘fight to the death’ against the arabs, and a fight where they were being destroyed.
        So perhaps the true excesses of zionism have yet to be tested in the way that the nazis were ?

        • adamber

          Damocles, don’t try to be smart – those who perpetually claim that the Jews have “hogged” the Holocaust all to themselves do so because they don’t like Jews. Can you name a Jewish organization or body which has claimed that Jews have a monopoly on suffering? Tutu has a long history of saying nasty things about Jews, and your attempt at whitewashing such a history is disgraceful. Indeed, your own smirking tone about the Holocaust is suspect.

          Zionism is NOT exclusive at all – it claims the right of Jews to establish a homeland. It does not claim that this homeland must be exclusive to Jews, or that no others can live in it. Indeed, 20% of Israel is Arab – that’s the reality. Compare and contrast to every Jew free Arab state around Israel, and the Palestinian Authority, which has as official policy a racist imperative that no Jew can live on territory administered by the Palestinians. As for Hamas, their charter calls for the genocide of every last Jew on earth, but I don’t hear you complaining about that. Wonder why.
          Your further attempt to present Zionists as Nazis is unbelievably offensive.

        • adamber

          Your excuse for the Holocaust (the Nazis losing the war) demonstrates, that you are a racist bigot. It is also historically illiterate (the apparatus for the Holocaust were put in place when the Nazis were winning you utter moron) and morally repugnant.

          • Damocles

            Perhaps it is best to just let you carry on wallowing in self pity ?
            I think you need to read ‘The Jewish State’ by Theodor Herzl the founding father of zionism because you clearly don’t know very much about your subject.
            Your comments, apart from being factually wrong, are unbelievably stupid.
            May I please also recommend ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion’ by Israel Shahak ?
            Shahak spent some of his childhood in Belsen Concentration Camp, and you ?
            Or are you someone who’s distant cousin, thrice removed, knew someone who knew someone who was in a Concentration Camp ?
            I think zionism and nazism are much the same for the reasons I previously mentioned.
            In order to really debate a subject you need to have at least some knowledge of your subject. Time to get reading I think ?

            • adamber

              Damocles, firstly you excuse Tutu’s offensive comments about Jews “hogging” the Holocaust. You remain silent on his contention that the gas chambers weren’t so bad. Either you are ignorant or a Jew hater. No rational person can make such claims.
              Secondly, I have read Herzl. Nowhere does “Der Judenstaat say that no Jew can live in a Jewish state.
              Thirdly, you excuse the Holocaust on the grounds that the Nazis wre losing the war, and thus demonstrate complete ignorance about how the Holocaust came about, whilst simultaneously showing a profound immorality by excusing genocide as merely an “act of war”. It is never an act of war Damocles – and your downplaying of it says much about you.
              Fourthly, you studiously avoid confronting the case of Arab racism, as demonstrated by the policies of both Fatah and Hamas, and the ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Arab lands, or thesystem of dhimmi apartheid in which they had to live for centuries. Thid dictated where Jews could live, what work they could do, and enshrined in law an inferior status. Oh, and the odd murderous pogrom. Tutu the hypocrite also has nothiong to say on the subject – funny that.
              Lastly, comparisons between Israel and the Nazis is just plain offensive, and the refuge of every Jew hater. There is no comparison that any rational human being could make – and by turning the victims of the Nazis into Nazis themselves both whitewashes the Holocaust whilst vilifying an entire people.

              • Damocles

                are you ‘hitting the bottle’ (again) by any chance ?
                I think it is time to put it down.
                Another book I would recommend is ‘The Holocaust Industry’ by Norman Finkelstein and watch RT (after you have given the demon drink a chance to loosen it’s grip that is)

                • adamber

                  More avoidance on your part Damocles – still, anything to avoid the substantive points put to you, which expose your lies.

                  I wish to thank you, Damocles, for proving so conclusively that behind many so-called “anti-Zionists” lies a rabid Jew hater. It’s frequently denied, but your disgusting comments about Jews being Nazis and your dismissal of the Holocaust demonstrate your problem is not with Israel, but Jews.

                  I recommend “The Case for Israel” by Alan Dershowitz and “A State Beyond the Pale: Europe’s Problem With Israel” by Robin Shepherd.

                • Damocles

                  OK, You got me adamber, I have to bow to your superiorness
                  You have unmasked me.
                  I’m a ‘Jew-Hater’
                  How did you know ?

                  But just a minute
                  perhaps you simply categorise anyone who in any way disagrees with your point of view as being a ‘Jew Hater’ ?
                  Could it be ?
                  So maybe I’m not guilty after all ?
                  Perhaps I can breathe easy (or easy-ish)

                  Yes, I’m freeeeee !!
                  Now I can sleep at night.
                  Gosh !
                  Thank goodness.

                • adamber

                  No you sad creature – you are a Jew hater for precisely the reasons I outlined. Excusing the Holocaust as an “act of war” is not a simple disagreement.
                  Excusing Tutu’s comments (the gas chambers weren’t so bad, Jews aren’t as good as Christians) is excusing blatant antisemitism.
                  Accusing Israel of being exclusively Jewish, when it is pluralistic both politically and racially (in contrast to surrounding Arab entities) is not a disagreement, it is a lie.
                  Accusing Jews of being Nazis is not a disagreement, it is a vile (and deliberately offensive) lie.
                  That’s why you’re a Jew hater.
                  Now kindly crawl back under the rock whence you came.

                • Damocles

                  Hi sad-sack
                  You are a fool aren’t you ?
                  So you also hate Desmond Tutu (I’m in good company)
                  how many others ?
                  I am taking the michael out of you because you are so dumb and you believed every word when I toyed with you.
                  Israel IS exclusively Jewish (in terms of who has any rights)
                  The ONLY reason Israel prevails at the moment is because it has superior armaments (courtesy of Uncle Sam)
                  That can change
                  You are an anti-semite (Palestinians are a semitic people dopey)
                  Admit it.
                  By the way, there is no room under the rock what with you and your chums.
                  (as if I’m looking !)
                  Goodnight and please start reading something.

                • adamber

                  Oh dear. That old trope “Arabs are semitic too”. The term antisemitic has ONLY ever been used in the context of Jew hatred. Those who pretend that antisemitism applies to Arabs as well do so in the hope of negating its true target (more evidence of your racism). Incidentally, the term refers to a family of languages, and has nothing to do with race, but then I don’t expect a thicko like you to know that.

                  I hate Tutu because he is also a Jew hater. Someone who claims that the gas chambers weren’t so bad, or that Jews are inferior to Christians, is an utter bigot. Pity you are too victimised by the propaganda you read that you are blinded to it. But then, I have rarely met a Jew hater with an open or original mind.
                  Israel is not exclusively Jewish, nor do rights pertain to Jews only – another hateful lie. Strange how a candidate for President was Arab, a Supreme Court judge is Arab, there are Arab Israeli diplomats, Arab political parties which hold seats in the Knesset. Compare and contrast to the racism enshrined in law by Arab states, and specifically by Hamas run Gaza, which openly advocates genocide against Jews, and Fatah run Palestinian Authority, which insists in law a Jew free territory.
                  But then a Jew hater applies double standards, and betrays himself with the terminology he employs – like you.
                  At least try to think up an original insult, instead of reusing the rock thing.
                  Pathetic loser.

                • Damocles

                  Can you try to stick to the subject in hand ?
                  You keep changing the subject in order to justify even more wallowing in self-pity.
                  95%+ of what you have said is completely unsubstantiated fiction.
                  Your comments about Desmond Tutu for example.
                  He has never said anything of the sort.
                  You have simply made these things up (that is why I didn’t bother to respond to your comments)
                  Perhaps you are a schoolboy ?
                  You certainly write like one.
                  I am glad that we at least agree on one thing, the only people in Israel who have full rights as a citizen are Jewish people.
                  Everyone else is ‘officially’ regarded as a second class citizen and are treated as such.
                  You cannot debate a subject with so little knowledge.

                  Perhaps you could try watching the IQ2 (IQ squared) debate ‘Israel is destroying itself by it’s settlement activity’, that was the subject of an earlier piece by Douglas Murray last weekend ?
                  It is available on YouTube

                • adamber

                  That’s a great tactic Damocles – unable to refute the quotes of Tutu, just go for denial.
                  err.. you iclearly can’t read properly, so let’s reiterate – non-Jews in Israel have full rights as citizens. Meanwhile, minorities in Arab states have either been ethnically cleansed (Jews, for example) or have no rights at all. Yet you repeat ad nauseam the same tired lies, and add a few of your own, such as Jews being Nazis.
                  You ar ethe classic example of the so-called anti-Zionist betraying his motivation – Jew hatred.

        • Petra Thompson

          Well, your jew-hatred is evident in your obsession with Israel and zionists. There is far more apartheid to be found in Saudi Arabia than there is in Israel. Medina was a jewish city, but jews are no longer permitted to enter. Just as christians and hindus and buddhists are not allowed to enter Mecca. Can you show me anywhere in Israel that is so extensively apartheid? Can you show us one church in the whole of Saudi Arabia? How about the 5% of the population of Saudi Arabia and Yemen who were slaves in 1951. How about the 600,000 slaves in Mauritania currently? Can you find anything like that in Israel?

          How about the Nazis (and neo-Nazis) who have converted to islam. The Nazis were in Palestine killing jews in the 1930s, long before they started in Germany. And they were killing jews in Palestine along with the Nazi-inspired & Communist-inspired Muslim Brotherhood.

          If you look at Hitler’s 28 Theses and the Muslim Brotherhood’s 50 Demands, you will find an almost 1:1 mapping.

          At the time when zionists were encouraging jews to return to Israel, nationalism was not a taboo subject (in the late 19th century many of the most extreme anarchists were nationalists e.g. Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin). And in the early 20th century, socialism and fascism suffused politics in Europe and America.

          • Damocles

            Whatever, Petra

            I actually don’t disagree with your earlier comment that there is lots of hypocrisy and inconsistency among certain sections of the (supposed) ‘Left’ in the UK

            Nick Lowles is definitely hypocritical and inconsistent in his views.

            but your comments are mostly so ‘off the scale’ that it is very hard to debate anything with you.

            I like to swop ideas with other people and perhaps especially people who disagree with my view of things – I am always prepared to be shown that I have got something wrong.

            If we stick to the subject of Israel for a moment, modern day Israel was created by people who (almost exclusively) came from outside the area of historic Palestine.

            They ‘colonised’ Palestine against the wishes of the indigenous Palestinian people.

            When the political movement known as Zionism was created by Herzl in Basle in 1897, the population of Palestine was approximately 3-4% Jewish and there was no history of problems between them and the indigenous arabs going back hundreds of years.

            All the problems started with the arrival of the zionists with their exclusive claims to the land (based on a story from the bible)

            The key to solving that conflict lays with Israel (and it’s arch ally the USA) not with the Palestinians who effectively have no power,
            but things are slowly changing.

            If you wish to label me a ‘rabid Jew hater’ I cannot (nor would I waste my time trying) do anything about that, it makes me smile I have to say because it is just so OTT.

            Have you watched the IQ2 (IQ squared) debate tagged by Douglas Murray in an earlier piece ?
            It is on YouTube and the title is ‘Israel is destroying itself by it’s settlement activity’
            It is worth a look

            • adamber

              An individual who says that the Holocaust was merely an “act of war”, and only came about because the Nazis were losing the war, accuses Petra of being “off the scale”.
              The lack of self awareness is laughable.

            • adamber

              “All the trouble started with the arriva of Zionists”. You mean Jews?
              Maybe that explains the anti-Jewish pogroms and system of dhimmi apartheid which existed in the Arab world for centuries before Israel was reborn.

            • adamber

              Palestine isn’t exactly “historic” – indeed, the area to which you refer was created in 1922 when the British chopped off 80% of its “Palestine” mandate to create the Arab (and exclusively Arab i.e. no Jews) state of Jordan. Of the remaining 20%, a division was proposed by the UN, which the Jews accepted and the Arabs rejected.
              Incidentally, the term “Palestinian” used to mean Jews – Arabs were called Arabs. The term came into being popularly after the 1967 Six Day war – hence there were no calls for an independent “Palestinian” state between 1948-67, when Egypt occupied Gaza and Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria (known as the West Bank) – having expelled or killed every Jew from these areas in the process.

              • Damocles

                Is that why there is a whole section dedicated to ‘Historic Syria and Palestine’ full of antiquities and artefacts in the British Museum and nothing at all (except a few lines of text in the Levant Room) on Ancient Israel ?

                As I said previously, you cannot debate a subject from a position of having no knowledge

                • adamber

                  I see Damocles, not content with trashing living Jews today, you negate their history too. As a Jew hater, this isn’t surprising.

                  As I told you, the term “Palestinian ” applied to Jews until Israel was reborn in 1948.

                  “Palestine was part of the Province of Syria… politically, the Arabs of Palestine were not independent in the sense of forming a separate political entity.”
                  – The representative of the Arab Higher Committee to the United Nations submitted this in a statement to the General Assembly in May 1947

                  “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria.”- Ahmed Shuqeiri, later the chairman of the PLO, to the UN Security Council

                  “There are no differences between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. We are all part of one nation. It is only for political reasons that we carefully underline our Palestinian identity…. yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes. The founding of a Palestinian state is a new tool in the continuing battle against Israel.”- Zuheir Muhsin, late Military
                  Department head of the PLO and member of its Executive Council (Dutch daily Trouw, March 1977).

            • Petra Thompson

              “When the political movement known as Zionism was created by Herzl in
              Basle in 1897, the population of Palestine was approximately 3-4% Jewish
              and there was no history of problems between them and the indigenous
              arabs going back hundreds of years.”

              Just like muslim-subjugated Andalusia was a Golden Age of Tolerance, eh? It took muslims (and their slave armies) 300 years to subjugate christians in Spain, and having achieved that, the Left and muslims hold it up that conquest as a glorious example for Europe to model itself on. As soon as they could, the christians rose up and re-conquered their own land from the invading genocidal monsters. Just like the jews are doing in Israel now.

              Nazi-inspired groups like The Muslim Brotherhood have made it clear that they want not only the return of the land of Israel to the muslim world, but also the land of Andalusia and Sicily.

              Jew-haters will ignore the fact that those islamo-nazis who killed jews in Palestine in the 1930s also plan on killing christians and atheists in Andalusia and Sicily.

              • Damocles

                I think I am going to leave you and your chum adamber to ‘stew in your own juice’ because this conversation (?) has become more and more surreal and more and more pointless as a result.

                • adamber

                  Yes, discussing with obsessive (and rather thick) Jew haters like Damocles is a waste of time.
                  Your own comments condemn you.

                • Damocles

                  Since you are so keen to espouse your extremist views shall we take a closer look at what Jewish is all about
                  Classical Judaism is something of a quirky creed isn’t it ?
                  It encompasses some really bizarre beliefs.
                  According to the Halakhah (the legal system of Classical Judaism – still current) it is forbidden for a Jew to sell houses or fields to a Gentile, in the land of Israel for example.
                  And it urges even more extreme treatment of any people (Caananites, Amalekites, and other nations) who lived in the ‘land of Israel before it’s conquest by Joshua’, whom it says ‘must be utterly exterminated’.
                  In modern day Israel, influential rabbis, who have a considerable following among Israeli army officers, identify the Palestinians (or even all Arabs) with those ancient nations.
                  How on earth can people really believe that they are ‘superior’ to the rest of us, that they are somehow ‘chosen’ and ‘closer to God’ simply because of the group they belong to ?
                  How bizarre.
                  It is also racist and preaches ‘hatred of the stranger’.
                  Even when it comes to things like murder it contends that to kill a Jew merits punishment far beyond Civil Justice however, if a Jew kills a Gentile it is deemed to be against a ‘law of Heaven’ but not something that Civil Justice has any jurisdiction over, and if a Jew kills a non-Jew indirectly it is not even a sin.
                  Think I am making this up ?
                  Check out ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion’ by Israel Shahak page 91 and remember, Shahak was someone who spent some of his childhood in Belsen Concentration Camp and the Foreward to the book is written by (the late) Gore Vidal one of the foremost Jewish intellectuals of the last 50 years.
                  It is not written by some wild eyed crazy.

                • adamber

                  Is that the same Israel Shahak who fabricated a story about an Orthodox Jew refusing to let his phone be used to call an ambulance on the Sabbath? Turned out to be a totoal lie – that one?
                  What a tangled web we weave Damocles. Your rant just digs yourself in deeper. It is clear your probelm isn’t with an Israeli policy – it isn’t even with Israel.
                  It’s those Jews. Thanks for proving my point – again.

                • Damocles

                  You are a repetitive, shrill bore aren’t you ?
                  Yes it is the same Israel Shahak, except that the story was also published in Haaretz and was never discredited because it really happened.
                  Show us your evidence that it was discredited then my boring extremist chum.
                  I will wait to se your evidence.

                • adamber

                  Damocles, I respond to you solely in the event that someone may be reading this, and be misled by you. I am not remotely interested in you – as someone quoting Shahak, a favourite on white supremacist and neo-Nazi websites, (you quote him for your same antisemitic reasons), you are beyond reason, morality or truth. Your antisemitic rants, which grow increasingly deranged, clearly show that I have hit a nerve.

                  You ask me to disprove something which never happened – I take it you didn’t have a long or illustrious academic career. I could turn that around and ask you to provide evidence fro Shahak’s claim – one simply has his word for it, and as Shahak spent his life hating Israel and hating Judaism, I would question his impartiality. Nevertheless, if anyone has a question on this issue, I would ask them to seek any Orthodox Rabbi to clarify the matter – it is my understanding that the saving of life supercedes all, including violating the Sabbath.

                • Damocles

                  You said Israel Shahak’s story was officially discredited,
                  well if it was discredited show me the evidence

                  Yet you haven’t even got a link to illustrate what you are saying ?
                  So how do you know it was discredited then ?

                  It wasn’t discredited and neither have any of the other very clear, closely cross-referenced points and illustrations he gives in his book.
                  Not one of them.

                  Israel Shahak was an Israeli, he was Jewish.

                  I don’t need to say anything else
                  you (and your BS) have been ‘shot down in flames’

                  Your anti-Gentile rants bore me

                • adamber

                  Damocles, this is pathetic. Indeed, your quip that I am anti-gentile made me laugh out loud – I am a gentile myself. Such an accusation simply reveals more about you – you have a problem with Jews because you think they hate gentiles (hence your Shahak story. Your assumption that I am a Jew simply underlines your racism). Lord Jakobovits cites a concversation he had with Shahak, in which he said Shahak admitted he had concocted the story. Was Shahak lying? Was Jakobovits lying? Neither really matters – one simply has to look at rabbinical law – the chief rabbi of Israel at the time of Shahak’s accusation made clear that violating the Sabbath was not only permissible, but obligatory, in order to save life. If Shahak’s story (which has indeed been widely discredited, as any Google search will avow) were true, it would mean that the rabbi in question flouted Jewish law.
                  Not that any of this will change your antisemitism.

                • Damocles

                  Your nose isn’t getting longer as you write by any chance is it ?
                  It’s OK, you hate us Gentiles but I guess we will have to learn to live with that.
                  I think Israel Shahak was a lovely guy, a wonderful human being.
                  A man filled with warmth and kindness for his fellow humans (even if they are Gentiles)
                  Have you thought of an ‘anger management’ programme ?
                  Hatred is poison, be careful lest it consumes you.

                • adamber

                  I respond to Damocles simply because I do not believe antisemitic lies should go unchallenged. The man is a racist – initially, he launched on this blog with some uninformed rants against Israel. Surprise surprise, it turned out, when we dug a little deeper, that his real problem is with Jews and Judaism – hence he quotes from a discredited favourite of neo-Nazi and whte supremacist websites. He employs antisemitic terminology himself. He is the classic example of a so-called anti-Zionist being an antisemite in disguise. He confirms his racism by assuming I am a Jew, and continues with this line even though I have corrected him on it. For his last post, he completely ignores the point about Jewish law, about which he was so upset, because it threatens his poisoned and racist worldview.
                  Damocles, I wil not respond further, I will not revisit this blog, and I will not read your visceral and unhinged hatred towards an entire race of people. No-one is reading this anymore, so I consign your voice to the wilderness, where it belongs.

                • Damocles

                  I have made my very clear points (as opposed to your wild vitriolic rants) and and am happy to let any reader judge them accordingly.
                  I have nothing to add.
                  I rest my case.

                • adamber

                  This coming from a man who said he would be happy for millions of Israelis to be exterminated.
                  You have no case to rest. And you are still a Jew hater.

                • global city

                  Nothing worse than someone who eagerly goes along with their own manipulation. Damocles, you are the worst sort of useful idiot, and will no doubt be one of the first marched off to the death camp should your revolution ever materialise.
                  You do understand that, don’t you?

                • adamber

                  I have seen that Shahak is a staple amongst neo-Nazi and white supremacist websites, such as those of David Duke and Bradley Smith.
                  Damocles, you’re even worse than I thought.

  • Damocles

    I am not sure that it is really accurate to describe groups like ‘Hope not Hate’ as Left Wing.
    I had an exchange with just such an individual a couple of years ago and when I quoted tracts from Karl Marx (without saying so) to support the points I was making he rubbished them in a very aggressive way.
    When I then pointed out that the quotes I had written were from Karl Marx and gave him the references he fell silent.
    He then tried to maintain that they were ‘out of context’.
    They weren’t.
    Anyone can claim to be anything, it doesn’t necessarily make them so.
    To me groups like Hope not Hate seem to be extreme advocates of ‘identity politics’.
    In other words they ascribe all sorts of values and experiences in life to people simply because of the ‘ethnic group’ that they belong to and they are very quick to back their certainties with violence should you disagree.
    Is that Left Wing ?
    I’m not sure that it is.

    • William Cke

      I know “extreme left wing” would better.

      • Damocles

        and who wrote the link you have posted ?

        Probably Nick Lowles himself.

        I remember watching the Documentary when the Manic Street Preachers (part of the same bunch as Lowles et al.,) met Fidel Castro in Cuba.

        Castro could barely conceal his contempt.

        I think they broke up not long afterwards.

        It was an object lesson exposing the ‘real’ Left (Fidel Castro and the Cubans) versus the self-proclaimed ‘Left is whatever we say it is’ ‘left’ so prevalent in the UK.

        Remember, Castro, Cienfuegos, Guevara, etc., booted the ‘Cuban Communist Party’ into touch when they took over.

        The Communist Party that existed at the time was completely in league with Batista.

        Of course Fidel and the others went on to form ‘The Cuban Communist Party’, but my point is that anyone can call themselves anything.

        It is how you act that counts, not what name you give yourself.

        ‘Real Left’ is about creating a kinder, fairer, more egalitarian, caring world rather than a world run by ‘raceless mercenaries’ (whatever that means) who spend their every waking hour working out who to attack next, who to stifle, who to intimidate (but making sure to keep a few minutes each day for supporting Israel regardless of whatever it does to the largely defenceless civilian population in what is left of Palestine)
        [I am a firm believer that zionism = racism]

        Is that really ‘Left Wing’ ?

        Not in my books it isn’t.

      • Damocles

        Sorry, I think it is evident from the link that Lowles himself didn’t write it because it is not very complimentary

        but it confirms what I have said about his extreme zionism.
        (Remember, according to many people who fought South African apartheid Israel is a far worse example of an apartheid state)

        How on earth can he be Left Wing ?

        The late Jimmy Reid (of Clydeside sit in fame in the 1970’s) was a real Communist just for example.

    • Petra Thompson

      Hate Not Hope split off from Searchlight in 2011. Searchlight is a communist-run organisation. Hate Not Hope only showed a gesture of criticism of islamic fascism once they split from Searchlight. This split occurred when one of Hate Not Hope’s “activists” heard a group of British muslims shouting about the glories of the muslim Waffen SS and demanding the recreation of that National Socialist group of professional killers. It took Hate Not Hope almost 2 years from that to issue a single criticism of one of Anjem Choudary’s group. Meanwhile, HNH (and the socialist media in Britain) have set about demonising anyone who criticises islam but who is not a communist. Just as the Dutch media did with Pim Fortuyn.

      One Law For All, UAF, Love Music Hate Racism, Searchlight, and Hate Not Hope are all run by communists.

      • Damocles

        I am afraid your argument is going around in circles.
        The point I was making is that ‘anyone can call themselves anything’
        People like Nick Lowles have all but discredited ‘the Left’ in Britain with their (self-serving) antics.
        It is rather like people who go around beating people up swathed in football favours claiming to be a fan of this team or that team thereby associating their violence with the team in question – in reality it has nothing to do with the team in question.
        The actions of people like Nick Lowles do absolutely nothing to help the underprivileged or marginalised people in our society never mind help improve the quality of our society.
        His claim to be ‘Left Wing’ lends a form of legitimacy to his actions that they don’t deserve, without this bogus link he would be exposed as the hooligan that he evidently is.
        As for your seeming obsession with National Socialism and it’s supposed links with muslims in Palestine maybe you should get a bit of perspective.
        By the time we entered the 1930’s the situation in British Mandated Palestine had become very fraught thanks to the ever increasing zionist immigration into the area.
        The arabs (not surprisingly) increasingly had come to blame the British for allowing this to happen and for promising a homeland to the Jews in ‘their’ Palestine whilst simultaneously promising the Palestinian arabs self-determination if they fought against the Ottoman Empire in the First World War (which the arabs did – as witness Laurence of Arabia etc.,)
        From 1936-1939 was ‘the arab uprising’ in Palestine which tested the British and which they eventually put down with brutal force effectively emasculating the Palestinian arabs as a fighting force.
        Remember the British also came up with yet another partition plan in the middle of this – The Peel Commission in 1937; so when Britain declared war on Germany in 1939 it is not really that surprising is it that ‘some’ Palestinian arabs sought to join in on the side of the Germans with their professed dislike of anything Jewish, in their war against the British ?
        You keep getting the cart before the horse, the Jews (to a Palestinian arab the distinction between a Jew and a zionist would surely be seen as academic rather than real) arrived in Palestine in increasing numbers intent on annexing Palestine as their ‘national home’ and in reaction, the arabs resisted their attempts to do so.
        If you read Herzl’s The Jewish State it is very clear that the zionists never intended to share Palestine, they wanted to claim it as their exclusive homeland. There was no trouble before they arrived.

        • adamber

          That’s why there are a couple million Arabs living peacefully in Israel and hardly a single Jew left in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria or the Palestinian Authority areas.

          • Colonel Mustard

            Quite. I have never read such tripe about Palestine as that posted by Damocles.

      • SarahAB

        I thought Searchlight was run by a Lib Dem.

        • Petra Thompson

          You mean the way that the UAF, Love Music Hate Racism, and One Law For All are run by LibDems? I was hearing last week how that other prominent LibDem, Chris Huhne, used to be a Trotskyite. Strange isn’t it how all these communists “switch allegiance” to other groups, when they realise that they are going nowhere if they operate openly as communists. Funny that, innit? Because communists are not known for pretending to be something else when it suits them (Militant Tendency, cough).

          Only a fool thinks that communists aren’t prepared to do anything to advance their cause. Communists and their “fellow-travellers” have managed to pretty much convince the world that National Socialism had nothing to do with socialism (when Hitler’s two principal allies in Europe were an Italian Socialist and a Russian Communist). Communists and their “fellow travellers” have pretty much managed to cover up that Stalin’s genocide was as at least as extensive as that of the socialist Hitler, and was even started before Hitlers.

          Gable was not just a communist, he was a party member, he worked for a communist party newspaper, and tried to get elected to Parliament standing for the CPGB. That’s quite some commitment to communism. He and Searchlight have spent decades claiming that people were not who they say they were, sometimes based on the flimsiest of evidence. Yet we are to believe that after all Gable’s commitment to communism, he gave up on communism when he stopped being a paid-up member of the Communist Party of Great Britain?

          I’m not a member of any political party and never have been. But that never stops the people at Searchlight, UAF, HNH, etc. making the most appalling assertions about the ideological commitments of people like me.

          • Oliver

            You are correct that many on the left began their political lives as Trotskyites or some other flavour of Marxist but that doesn’t mean that they are some kind of commie sleeper cell. Many of Tony Blair’s cabinet began their political lives with communist sympathies yet governed as a staunchly centrist party. Tony Blair’s “communist” government was socially centre left, economically centre right with a neocon foreign policy.

            Christopher Hitchens was a Trot but ended his life as a staunch supporter of Western liberal democracy and neocon foreign policy.

            Many on the right began their political careers supporting the apartheid government in South Africa yet do not implement racist policies when they get into power.

            The prevalence of ex Communists on the left is not proof that the left is secretly commie.

  • andy_gill

    Douglas, you didn’t even make it into the British section of the Counter Jihad report. You’ll have to try harder.

  • laurence

    Ah but for a certain kind of lefty, ‘free speech’ ought only to be free if it espouses all and only all of the shop-bought group think that constitutes current – allegedly – liberal orthodoxy. See The Guardian for details.

  • MikeF

    “I do not see why this should warrant ‘Hope not Hate’ placing his picture alongside that of the mass-murderer Anders Breivik.”

    Are you serious or is this article a misfiring attempt at irony? In case it is the former they do so because the whole mind-set of the far-left is that only what they believe can be permissible because they regard their beliefs as the product of deductive reasoning from abstract principle and hence by definition morally and intellectually impeccable. The direct consequence of this is the politics they exemplify of authoritarian narcissism which cannot countenance opposition to or even questioning of those beliefs because those beliefs are inextricable from their proponents’ sense of self-worth. Hence their antipathy to the notion of a free press and their inability – or rather deliberate refusal – to distinguish between argument and armament. By the way there are no ‘hate-crimes’ – the term is a far-left invention that seeks to make particular crimes more heinous not because of their effect on the victims but because of the extent to which they outrage ‘left-liberal’ self-image as the self-appointed protectors of designated minority groups. It has no place in a conservative magazine.

    • Reborn

      I agree that “hate crimes” do not exist.
      When such activities cause actual harm, they are simply crimes & few courts can know the primary intentions of any criminal – most of us have mixed motives at all times.
      Where no harm is done, as in the case of many “hate crimes”, then no crime should have been committed. It’s an expression of opinion.

    • Petra Thompson

      Collectivists (socialists, muslims, etc.) will sacrifice the lives not just of their enemies, but also of their own members. Even nationalists are not so evil (they at least want to preserve their nation, collectivists are happy for others to join the hive-mind). National Socialism is at least as much about socialism as it is about nationalism.

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