An assassination attempt on Lars Hedegaard

5 February 2013

It has just been announced that my friend Lars Hedegaard, a Danish journalist and frequent critic of Islamic fundamentalism, has narrowly survived an assassination attempt at his home in Denmark. The BBC is reporting:

‘Police said a gunman in his 20s rang the doorbell at Mr Hedegaard’s Copenhagen home pretending to deliver a package and then fired a shot to the head which missed. TV2 News reported that the gun then jammed, there was a scuffle and the attacker ran off.’

Thankfully Lars has not been hurt in the attack. The Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has condemned the attack, saying:

‘It is even worse if the attack is rooted in an attempt to prevent Lars Hedegaard using his freedom of expression.’

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One irony of which is that the Danish state did everything it could over recent years to prevent Lars using his freedom of expression.

I’ll try to post more on this story when more is known.

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  • alRassooli

    Dear Douglas Murray,

    I know this is a rather late post for your 5th Feb blog entry, and I’m not sure if you’ll read comments submitted so late, but I’ve just returned here to THANK you for the article (which I’ve only just seen) that you published in the Spectator on 16th Feb on the same subject.

    Whilst delighted by your article I’m very concerned that this subject barely gets any coverage at all in any “mainstream media”. The subject is of course the suppression of free speech throughout the ‘Western World’ in order to promote and facilitate its steady replacement by Universal Sharia. The suppression is achieved by a huge variety of means (on many “fronts”) ranging from political, ‘political correctness’, media control, educational control (relentlessly targeting all levels from the youngest of children in schools to the most “seasoned” of academics at universities throughout the world), legal manipulation, intimidation, violence, murder (and attempted murder as in the case of Lars Hedegaard), civil insurrection, revolution and at times all out war.

    Another recent and very telling example occurred recently (27th Feb 2013) at a UN Conference in Vienna where Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan said, while publicly and formally addressing all 2,000 or so delegates participating in the so-called “UN Alliance of Civilizations’ forum”, that “As with Zionism, anti-Semitism and fascism, it is inevitable that Islamophobia be considered a crime against humanity”.

    Quite rightly some, but of course not that many, people expressed serious concerns about his grouping Zionism with anti-Semitism and fascism. Sadly, almost nobody (except a few highly astute bloggers on, e.g. and elsewhere) noticed the vile and insidious suggestion that “Islamophobia” should “inevitably be considered a crime against humanity”. Very tellingly Ban Ki-moon (who attended Erdogan’s speech) remained silent and did not even comment afterwards. This can be taken as further evidence that Erdogan was very much in tune with the UN’s thinking and long term theme on this subject.

    The label “Islamophobia” was of course invented by Islamic strategists and apologists as an additional tool – as though more were needed – for silencing any scrutiny or criticism whatsoever of Islam, no matter how objective, factually based or necessary for our survival. I think a series of well researched articles should be published in the Spectator highlighting the fraud known as the “UN” that is in fact run by the OIC (of which Erdogan is a member) and whose real agenda is quite simply the conquest by Islam of the entire world. A small step towards that UN dream is the destruction of Israel which for the UN has long been a cherished objective. The UN hopes it can be achieved through it’s endless and relentless war of propaganda, vilifications and defamation against that tiny nation which it is in theory supposed to actually be protecting!

    Incidentally, this is another extremely good reason why Turkey should never, under any circumstances whatsoever, be considered for membership of the EU. However one thing that, sadly, does seem to be “inevitable” is that most of Europe will soon no longer exist having been completely absorbed into the new Caliphate that has long been under construction.

    It should be noted that the intended meaning of the term “Islamophobia” is very similar, almost completely equivalent, to the concept of “blasphemy” in Sharia (where it simply means any independent thought, discussion or comment on any aspect of Islam, and in territories where Sharia has been fully implemented the mandatory punishment for this “offence” is death). Notice that within the system of Islam there is no real recognition of nations or sovereignty or whatever, only a division of the world into those places where Sharia has been implemented and those where it has not.

    Therefore in his opinion the would-be murderer of Lars was simply attempting to exercise his “right”, as well as carry our his “duty”, in killing a “blasphemer” in the belief that enough Muslims were already living in the area to establish (or try to establish) de-facto Sharia.

    I look forward to reading further articles by you as you continue in your work to prise the lid off this topic to allow more people to glimpse what’s inside!

    Kind Regards,
    IQ Al Rassoli

  • cyllan2

    silence from Massie………… is not the jews to blame

  • andy_gill

    The clash of civilizations is well and truly under way. It is time to rethink Europe’s relationship with the Muslim world, in particular our immigration policy. The degree of Islamic fundamentalism in a country is directly proportional to the size of the Muslim population. To allow the latter to grow is to allow the former to thrive.

  • zanzamander

    One irony of which is that the Danish state did everything it could over
    recent years to prevent Lars using his freedom of expression.

    A supreme irony that would have gone over the heads of many a lefty progressive.


  • FrenchNewsonlin

    All around Europe and often against the wishes of their voters, soft touch Socialists have allowed an influx of seditious aliens to settle and undermine Western civilisation. Even the punishment for this criminal if ever caught, will be a dose of leftwing “concerns”, excuses and platitudes. Meanwhile free speech is under siege and being eroded by Orwellian newspeak that has seen concepts like “hate speech” and “(you name it) phobias” legislated into existence for use against any who oppose suicidal sedition. Any wonder that a TNS Sofres poll just out in France shows that 32% of the French support the Front National and 35% would be happy to see the Le Pen party in a governing coalition.

    • Rag Narok

      The percentage of Europeans who actually want non-White, third world immigration is extremely low. Those who do want it are mentally defective and shouldn’t count, or should be shipped off to those third world nations so they can wallow in their precious diversity, that is until they’re raped and killed by the locals. It’s traitor politicians and corporate interests who push for “diversity” in White nations. They should be outed and tried for genocide and treason.

  • SarahAB

    I thought it was right he was acquitted, eventually, for hate speech, or whatever the precise accusation was, and completely terrible that he now seems to have been the victim of attempted murder. But he has made some pretty offensive generalisations about Muslims.

    • C. Gee

      Why that egregious “but”?

      • SarahAB

        Why not? But mostly because some others here seem not simply to share his views on Muslims, but to go far beyond them – I don’t think Hedergaard’s views have anything to do with race, for example. But look at the pattern of (dis)likes by Rag Narok’s comment. If anything is egregious on this thread surely it is his/her blatantly white supremacist garbage.

        • Eddie

          Errr…actually all he did in that link was state the truth: that according to Islam (as interpreted in its literalist conservative jihadi way), men do have the right to rape their wives, and those wives can be only 9 years old – because Mohammed’s wife was. Try as you might, you cannot hide the hideousness of Islam.
          By the way, do you think – as most poltroon politicians and meeja monkeys in the UK think – that Muslims are so wunnerfully diverse and multicultural that they are all liberal-minded fluffy bunnies? Have you ever asked a Muslims (or for that matter any African or Asian) their views on things such as gay equality?
          Muslims are the fascists of now. The way the left – and those who mistakenly believe themselves to be liberal’ – kowtow to their outrageous demands is disgusting.
          For example, an immigrant to the UK is allowed to bring in two wives – one legal and one Muslim. Did you know that? Moreover, we turn a blind eye to the brainwashing them with bigotry, jew-hatred and worship of some 7th century child rapist and warlord.
          If a white non-religious person believed the exact same stuff as these Muslims, and behaved in the same way (without the excuse of god or traition or race), would you support them then?
          Yeah right…
          Everyone should live by the same laws and values. Special treatment for those with minority ethnic and religious status, as see through the poisonous prism of multiculturlism, is how this nonsense all started. And all those so-called liberals who spent decades tolerating the intolerable, and even promoting it (local councils, schools, universities, the BBC), have blood on their hands big time.

          • SarahAB

            Yes, as interpreted in one way, sure – but he seems to extrapolate to all Muslims. Of course I don’t think they are all liberal-minded fluffy bunnies,


            any more than I think all Spectator readers are, but they are not all ‘the fascists of now’ either.

            • Eddie

              Nope, not all Muslims – but a substantial number. It really is NOT one or two bad apples in the Muslim community whose views are bigoted, backwards, anti-Western, oppressive, anti-semitic etc.
              I have no issue with Muslims per se – and remember the family friends we had in the late 70s who were Muslims, but were not headscarf-wearing, pray-5-times-a-day radicals: they integrated and sent us Christmas card every year!
              I believe that a large number – a majority maybe – of Muslims are a problem, because they do what the multiculturalists tell them and do not adapt to our values; I base this on my knowledge of Islam and experience of British Muslims, plus my knowledge of polls which say 15% of British Muslims thing the tube bombings ond 7/7/05 were ‘a good thing’, and that 45% or so had sympathy for it.
              Most people would agree that Muslims in Europe should integrate and not import their backwards primitive village traditions here; they also have to learn to deal with our culture of freedom of expression and speech.
              Perhaps ask a Muslim what they think of Jews or gays, and you’ll hear some massively offensive opinions about all white people and Westerners – or kaffirs as they call us. Apparently we are all drunk all the time, and are all parroting what the Zionist media tells us too…

          • welshdai

            The labour and lib dem luvvies want the muslims to take up cottaging and dogging like them?

        • Rag Narok

          It’s hard to detect sarcasm on the internet, but with this post you seem to get the truth of the issue: “Shhh – you’re only supposed to dislike Muslims – and then only when they are Islamists. Get with the script.” – SarahAB

          Now you are whining about ‘..blatantly White supremacist garbage”. So which is it? Sarcasm? Or do you realize that Islamic bashing is just a distraction from the real issue which is RACE? The issue is that White nations are being flooded with non-Whites with intent of White extermination. Such massive invasion and displacement of an indigenous people would be called ethnic cleansing or genocide for any other group, but since Whites are the victim the media doesn’t dare.

          As far as ‘supremacy’ goes I won’t say Whites are ‘superior’ but I will say all races are different. Whites for example have a 100 IQ average, North East Asians about 105, Arabs about 85, Blacks 70. Take from that what you will.

          • Daniel Maris

            So, presumably you are arguing NE Asians should rule the planet and enslave us. That won’t get you many votes either.

            And while you are on the subject, what’s the IQ of those other “NE Asians” – the ones who migrated into the Americas. Don’t Native Americans and Mexicans in N America have some of the worst social outcomes on the planet?

            • Rag Narok

              Wrong.I’m arguing that the races should remain separate. I don’t want to dominate the Japanese nor do I want my folk dominated by them, I want them to prosper within their own land and I want my folk to prosper in our land. The natives of America do not have the IQ of modern Asian. Their divergent evolution gave them an average of 80 IQ.

              • Biscuit Barrel

                Race is a social construct, not a biological one. The “races” have never been separate. I know you’re not very intelligent (Nazis never are) so you won’t understand what I’m saying here, but I thought I should say it anyway.

                • Rag Narok

                  That’s total B.S. The race of a person can be determined by their DNA, or their skeletal structure. Mixed race folk have trouble receiving bone marrow transplants because the marrow must be a precise genetic match. Aside from the obvious of aesthetics, there are also difference in brain weight, skull thickness and of course IQ. YOU are a social construct, a product of a culturally marxist, decaying society. By the way, I’m not a German Na tional S ocialist so I’m not a Na zi. I’m also obviously more intelligent than you; I’ve verbally sm acked you up and down this page, I almost feel like a bul ly.

  • non-dane

    muslims can make fun of other religions, but they can’t take criticism towards them. i live in Denmark, and i know that this kind of people are lazy, irrational, unmotivated and thinks they are better than other nationalities, who comes here to study

  • sarah_13

    Keep up the good work Douglas. This is so frightening. We should ALL speak out at every opportnity against the intolerance and oppression of an ideology that calls itself peaceful.

  • alRassooli

    Lars Hedegaard is a VERY BRAVE MAN, and I’m delighted & relieved he escaped death today.

    There are so many articles circulating about today’s incident in which it’s gleefully reported (as an attempted slur on this wonderful man’s character) that he initially received a fine for the alleged offense of “degrading Muslims”. All of these reports fail to point out this was effectively only a token fine (compared to the potential 2 years in prison that so many “activist” were demanding), but even more importantly it was eventually overturned by a UNANIMOUS (7-0) acquittal by the Danish Supreme Court on 20 April 2012!

    Isn’t it strange that so much attention is always given by the world’s “free” (haha)
    press when it seems to be getting the results it craves (i.e. condemnation of anyone daring to criticize, or even comment objectively on, Islam) but then virtually no mention anywhere when sense occasionally makes a rare appearance in court?!

    Long live Lars!

    Kind Regards,
    IQ Rassooli

  • chris_xxxx

    Sharia law coming to East London soon.

    • Eddie

      Well, she is a lovely singer, even if she wears a wig. I love her version of ‘Stormy Weather’…

    • Rag Narok

      Along with a low IQ, third world status.

  • MariaKay

    “Hope Not Hate” has Mr. Hedegaard’s name on a “hit list” of “Counter-Jihad top players.”

    Surely they should be investigated by the authorities to see if they incited the gunman to act, or were even involved in an assassination conspiracy?

    A lone wolf emerges from a pack, you know.

    • Rita Loitz

      I have never heard of them before, but they should surely be investigated. Although, the “authorities” in most western countries are accomplices of the murderous global islamisation. “A lone wolf emerges from a pack” well said. And who could report them and to whom?

      • Petra Thompson

        HNH are funded by the current LibCon coalition.

  • Mr Smith

    they should ban guns. then things like this wouldn’t happen.

    • James Strong

      This has got nothing to do with guns at all.
      This was a violent attack by an adherent of a violent, oppressive belief system.
      Islam was violent long before the invention of firearms. Part of its spread was by the sword.
      The flag of Saudi Arabia has a sword on it.
      We need to speak out against this evil belief system at every opportunity. The longer we leave it, the worse the eventual violence will be.

      • Mr Smith

        hmmm. good point. we should then ban swords as well. then things like this wouldn’t happen.

        • Rag Narok

          Stop non-White immigration, repatriate current occupiers and watch the crime rate and terrorism rate plumet.

    • Rag Narok

      Mohammedans would simply use home made bombs, or knives, or easily gotten Black Market firearms.

  • Rag Narok

    The race wars for Europa are just beginning. Whites better wake up now before we’re a minority in our homelands.

    • SarahAB

      Shhh – you’re only supposed to dislike Muslims – and then only when they are Islamists. Get with the script.

      • Rag Narok

        Race is THE issue, however the Islamic bashing is for the moment more acceptable.

        • Matt Pryor

          Perhaps for the BNP it is, but Speccie readers aren’t that stupid.

          • Rag Narok

            Elaborate further.

            • Matt Pryor

              You and your white supremacist pals can deal with your own problems. You have much more in common with the Muslim Brotherhood / Hezbollah / Hamas than you do with me.

              • Rag Narok

                Non-Whites invading White nations are my problem, and the problem of my folk. Anything else to say?

                • SarahAB

                  I love the way your comment confirms what Matt Pryor just said.

                • Rag Narok

                  I have little in common with Semites, Mohammedan or otherwise.

                • Christian

                  You’re wasting your time. You can show them the crime stats, the prison population figures, the unemployment figures. Nothing will persuade them why an homogenous society is infinitely more desirable. Would that we could separate ourselves into the two groups and see which one prospers. They’d be knocking on our door begging to come in within a week.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  An homogenous society like Japan, perhaps. A veritable utopia where there is no crime, no prisons and everyone is employed.

                  You and all your racist friends are part of the problem

                • Rag Narok

                  Hahaha? Your description of Japan is fairly accurate. Thanks for supporting our argument with your pathetic attempt to be sarcastic. Japan is homogenous, it has a low crime rate, the prisons aren’t overcrowded, and the unemployment rate is only 4.2%. The opposition is so weak; it’s just too bad they’ve managed to gain control of the media which is the only reason their egalitarian lies of equality persist.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  The scary thing is that, even if a that is gospel truth, people like you genuinely believe its Japan’s “homogeneity” that has brought that about and no other factor. Like a blind man feeling an elephants tusk and deciding that elephants must be smooth, hard and tapered. Of course, if we accept your infantile logic for a moment, the inevitable next question is to ask you his you would bring about such homogeneity to a diverse society like the UK? What’s your solution? Your ultimate – one might almost say final – solution?

                • Rag Narok

                  The UK hasn’t really been ‘diverse’ until fairly recently. That diversity has no benefits; it’s only served to increase the crime rate, put the indigenous out of work, crowd prisons, crowd streets, strain the welfare system. London is known for its knifings and rapes of Muslim-groomed White girls. I’ll make it simple for you since you’re a mental midget: A high IQ homogenous nation is a happy, prosperous nation. It isn’t simply homogeneity. Subsaharn Africa is homogenous but it’s a hellhole because it’s indigenous inhabitants average an IQ of 70. Japan’s indigenous inhabitants are possessed of 100+ IQ average. If Japan started importing masses of Mohammedans or Blacks their crime rate would go up and average IQ of the nation down. Now scram unless you like your thrashings.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  Yes yes thanks for the boilerplate racist rant. Now how about answering my question?

                • Rag Narok

                  Was it as good for you, as it was for me? Need a cigarette?

                  The final solution is the same solution Hitler had: Moving them out of White nations. They can be repatriated; we’ll pay them a fair amount to leave and provide the transportation back to their native lands. Whatever the cost: it’s worth it to remove the burden they place upon my folk, and to prevent White genocide. IN FACT…you can go with them, to Africa or the Middle East. I believe White supporters of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiCULTuralism’ should be sent with their pets, only then can they experience true diversity that they’ve pandered to their own kind for the last 50 years.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  And that is all we need to know about you. You’re basically exactly the same kind of scum as Islamist hate mongers. You’re part of th problem.

                • Rag Narok

                  Enjoy your new residence in Africa or the Middle East. See ya.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  Seeing as you and your goosesteppin’ chums have as much chance of gaining power as I have of shagging David Beckham, I’ll be staying right here

                • Rag Narok

                  The pendulum always comes back the other way, you ready for it, boy?

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  Dream on Reinhard.

                • Petra Thompson

                  Such rapier wit, and such encylopedic knowledge. No wonder europe is moving to the right. When Golden Dawn are killing jews and gays in Greece, I hope their victims have the sense to blame spineless, blinkered socialists like you.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  You sound very excited at the thought of Golden Dawn killing Jews and gays.

                • Rag Narok

                  They will not kill non-Whites or gays. They will repatriate non-Whites to their native lands, and they will prevent gays from pushing their agenda on normals.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  Yes, dear, of course they will. Now off you pop to bed to dream sweet dreams of piles of corpses and waving Hakenkreuz flags

                • Petra Thompson

                  You need to see a psychiatrist about your projection issues. Clearly you know that the actions of you and your ilk are responsible for the shift to the right in Europe. But you are too fat, too lazy, too scared and too stupid to do anything to stop it happening. Latest report from Sweden: 15% of trade unionists support the Swedish Democrats.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  Me and my ilk eh? I don’t have an ilk, dear. What IS your problem with fat people, darling?

                • Petra Thompson

                  What is your problem with people who have a different opinion from you, Benito? Fat socialists like you go on and on about poverty and aid to the third world, whilst eating enough to feed an entire village in Africa. You are only fat because others are starving. You think you occupy the moral high ground, when you just occupy more ground, period.

                  When you start to behave in these debates like a civilised adult instead of some fat-keyboard-warrior-bitch, I’ll stop descending to your level. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you provide an argument in a debate. You just use abuse and smear tactics to disguise your stupidity.

                  If you actually got out on some demos against Golden Dawn, poverty, EDL, islamo-fascism, whatever, perhaps you’d lose weight and you’d stop being so bilious.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  When you start to behave in these debates like a civilised adult instead of some fat-keyboard-warrior-bitch, I’ll stop blah blah

                  The irony!

                • Rag Narok

                  The way I think is how the vast majority of White folk think. They’ve just been suppressed by the leftist, Anti-White media. With the rise of the internet, we White folk now have our own media to counter the opposition. If you think your multiCULTural nonsense is actually the norm, and actually the desire of most White folk you’re utterly delusional.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  The way I think is how the vast majority of White folk think

                  Yes, that must be why racist far right parties do so well in elections.

                  Oh wait…

                • Rag Narok

                  That’s down to fear(of being called ‘racist’ or losing a job under the current anti-White systems) and propagation of cultural marxist lies. Once we’ve cleaned up that rat’s nest everything else will fall into place. White people DO NOT want to be surrounded by 70 IQ Black and Brown Mohammedans who have nothing in common with them aesthetically,mentally, or culturally.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  Hahahaa – yeah whatever.

                • Rag Narok

                  Hahaha – go take a midnight stroll through your local Black or Mohammedan ‘hood.

                • Daniel Maris

                  Would that be the IQ test where they keep on having to readjust the results because everyone keeps doing better at the tests? So much for it being reflective of fiexd innate intelligence.

                • Petra Thompson

                  Typical weasel words by a stupid debater. Straight to Godwin’s Law.

                  Who knows what the solution might be. Who knows if there even is a solution. The problems in Britain might eventually be solved by Balkanisation.

                  But the very first step is to stop concealing the truth. The prison stats should be published and should be debated. It is only the liberal-left who demand that knowledge be concealed, because the liberal-left know that facts and reality are against them.

                  Muslims are 5% of the population, and anywhere between 13% and 20% of the prison population. Undoubtedly other groups of immigrants are also massively over-represented amongst criminals. While most of the media refused to discuss the obvious racial characteristics of the 2011 (most were not white), the truth cannot be concealed. Tranch after tranch of CCTV photos were released over months. In every single group of photos I saw, white people were a tiny minority.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  Yes dear very good. Der Sturmer would proudly publish your letter from the borderland of insanity

                • Petra Thompson

                  Once again, the fat stupid socialist demonstrates his total inability to argue on any point. Stalin would be so proud of you. He denounced Trotsky as being “far-right” too. There are photos of me on demonstrations in support of jews and Israel. For 30 years all of my lovers have been non-white. Half of my brothers are married to black women. But for the fat and the stupid, Godwin’s Law is the only crutch they have in debate.

                • Biscuit Barrel

                  What’s your problem with fat people, Eva?

                • Daniel Maris

                  You can’t even spell. You mean Volk.

  • laurence

    Ah, the ‘Religion of Peace’ and its ‘vibrant’ proponents. We are truly blessed to have such reasoned, cultured and tolerant people among us.

  • Roy

    All Muslim extremists should be hung, drawn, & quartered.

    • AY

      so it is supposed to be an irony, yeah.

      irony doesn’t work in the situation where on the one side, the reports of political assasinations, mass murder, pogroms, burned churches, suicide bombings, beheadings, etc. – are coming daily from all parts of the world, some are the work of terror governments, others by jihadist enthusiasts – and increasingly in Europe.

      whereas on the other side, the most horrible “Islamophobic” crime is the speech in defense of the right to apply legal procedures to stop mosque construction, or putting 50cm cross wrapped by bacon near the mosque doors, or drawing a caricature.

      it is quite clear where the irony is more relevant.

      • sarah_13

        Nonsense. Killing people because they disagree with you is simply not acceptable, no matter how many planning applications are turned down .

      • Roy

        Irony perhaps, with just a smidgen of truth about it! I’d settle for kicking the lot out the countries they have infested, preferably back to the corrupt, theocratic, black hole they crawled out of.
        Why should the Europeans have any bottle with them? Why should decent people have them share limited resources in what is our homeland? Then have them dictate terms, including a law to themselves, horrid habits, and consistently have to listen to their vitriol against the ones who’s country it is? They aren’t thankful to be saved from the mire they came from. All they would say is ‘fool you mate’ as they sit on their behinds and collect their liberal living allowances per the tax payer.

    • Eddie

      ‘Hanged, drawn and quartered’, surely?

      Or, as Jihadi inner city yoof in ‘Muslim areas’ are prone to say: ‘well mashed up an poked innit bruv?’

      Why can’t people (ie our poltroon politicians and meeja monkeys) see that as long as we keep pandering to every demand of anyone with a dark skin and a religion – thereby reinforcing their view that they have a right to their fascistic behaviours and traditions – things like this will keep on happening.

      We need the BBC to commission a Muslim version of The Life of Brian, and to make programmes that mock and lampoon Muslims as much as anyone else. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

      As it is, they are so obsessed with ‘being senstive to our audience’s diverse cultures’ that they can’t even show the Danish Mohammed cartoons to illustrate a news story. For shame!

      • hellosnackbar

        I ‘be been making that proposal for more than ten years(making a satirical film about “imaginary Allah” and ” malevolent Mo”.)
        I’d cast John Cleese as Allah and Rowan Atkinson as Mo.
        I believe that lampooning films are the Achilles heel of Islmism and should be a regular feature on TV.

      • Petra Thompson

        “We need the BBC to commission a Muslim version of The Life of Brian” In recent discussions over what Sacha Baron Cohen could throw into the bin on Room 101, the BBC permitted every choice (including the Bible), except the koran.

        The BBC must be destroyed. It was the original inspiration for Orwell’s “Big Brother”.

  • Ali Sayyar

    All Muslim extremists should be thrown out of Denmark

    • Eddie

      Yeah it’s very odd that Muslims seem so attracted by the countries in Europe that have the most pigs, isn’t it?
      Sometimes just the smell of a bacon sandwich will make you do anything though…

    • Petra Thompson

      They should be deported to a muslim country. Britain, France, the Netherlands and Germany don’t want them.

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