Mary Fitzpatrick made the BBC less ‘hideously white’

14 January 2013

Anyone remember Mary Fitzpatrick? She was the BBC’s ‘Diversity Czar’ back in the middle of the last decade, paid £90,000 p.a by the licence payer to spout egregious pc bollocks. From a quick Google she now appears to be coining it for doing precisely the same job for the UK Film Council. Nice work, etc.

Her most infamous pronouncement, when she was at the Beeb, was that the BBC had too many white foreign correspondents. People reporting from Muslim countries should be Muslim, from Chinese countries Chinese and so on. The audience, this berserk woman suggested, needed ‘valid and culturally accurate’ reportage, which meant far fewer honkeys. Everybody, at the time, said that this was offensive gibberish and the BBC sort of disowned her comments. But watching BBC news reports recently it would seem to me that this is precisely what they have done. Not a scientific study, I accept; but there seems to be far more foreign correspondents on the pay roll who hail from the countries from which they are reporting – and are sometimes unintelligible for that reason. Anyone else noticed this?

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  • Adrian

    The trouble with political correctness is that it has gotten rid of all the ‘Pakis’ and replaced them with ‘racists’

  • Adrian

    Does this mean that domestic Newscasters should be 90% white or does this thing, as usual, only work one way. The problem with it working only one way is it will result ultimately in out demographic extinction. Let’s say a region had only a tiny minority of ethnics. The PC crowd would scream it’s not diverse enough, if you argued that it reflected the regional average, they’d argue it should reflect the national average. These things only ever work one way, and the intention behind all of this is very sinister because they knew when they started this EU thingy, we wouldn’t want to surrender our Sovereignty or that one day we’d vote en masse to leave, they are intent that that will never happen.

  • Michael Turner

    One of the greatest assets the BBC used to have was the quality of its corresponents bringing us the news from all corners of the globe. It was a pleasure to listen to the array of Received English speakers which made you feel you were getting accurate information and value for money. We now have a hotch potch of correspondents delivering often unintelligible diotribe, from the ‘ He Haw, He Haw He Haw delivery of Lys Ducette ( is she Irish by the way ? to people whose names you could not pronounce without extensive one to one coaching.

    • Minekiller

      Orla Guerin mangled spoken English. Her reports were torture to listen to. I was told by a friend who works for RTE, that many of these reporters are voice coached. If so, God only knows by whom.

  • BorderlineFascist
  • Ivan

    Yes, I did notice this. Moreover, some of these reporters are hideously biased!

  • Sarah

    What on earth can possibly be wrong in recruiting people who know a country to report on it? How well do you think all them foreigners would report on the intricacies of British politics. Who, but an English woman or man well versed in broadsheet-tabloid-hybrid satire, regret and tired sexual resignation of our average countryman would understand the nuance of Rod Liddle for example?

  • Simon Fay

    Dunno if it’s the influence of Jafraican or American on diction but the newer school of eye candy on TV (esp Sky News but even as far as the 40-summat Scotsman chasing Polar Bears in Spizbergen on BBC2 last week) have this appalling thing going on where they fail to elide vowels: thus, “the early” is not pronounced as if there were a very soft ‘y’ at the start of “early” but with a great clunking pause which just makes the speaker sound variously foreign/retarded/vacant/post-Blair.

  • edlancey

    That Guto Harri for one.

  • Jez

    You’re a pretty switched on lad Rod.

    Has Luton demographics et al has got you thinking outside the box again?

    None of this even makes sense- why should this country (or an incredibly small percentage of extremely indoctrinated hateful people) be now pulling in the turbo charged booster to increase the speed as we smash into the side of the mountain?

    Scare mongering or not- this Rumanian / Bulgarian EU influx (if it happens) still won’t come close to the non-EU annual wave of newcomers.
    It’s just one thing after another….. and now you lot are getting it. Proven, couragous journos (an even smaller percentage of the overall total) are being hit- by supposedly ‘your own’ for simply debating or even sticking up for blatantly outragous persecution of other unfortunate 21st century thought crime heretics.

    It won’t be long until they set up camps for the deemed politically incorrect maybe.

  • Noa

    I’m sure your point about foreign correspondents is generally accepted.

    The BBC no longer seeks to meet the requirements of a homogenous UK audience for objective news coverage identifying the news and the issues behind it, as it affects the interests of the UK. The quality of reporting is often poor and obviously biased.

    The trouble is that this doesn’t just apply to foreign reports but is also widespread in UK and regional broadcasting. There is an overt bias towards minority interests and that ‘right thinking’, which contemptuously dismisses the orthodox, precludes balanced discussion.

    As an aside the BBC is extremely quota driven, which manifests itself in a startlingly large number of minority ethnic and sexual group representatives.

    What we are now seeing on our screens is the result of a disastrous policy which placed racial and sexual prejudice ahead of intellectual rigour and integrity.

    • LEngland

      Para 2; ‘left – thinking’ ? Is there a white quota ?

    • Eddie

      And of course, this surreptitious quota-filling and leapfrogging of people because their ethnic/gender profiles, completely ignores the advantages and disadvantages people have had.
      It assumes ALL white men are advantaged (yep even the large majority of homeless people who are white men) and assumes all ethnics and women are disadvantaged (people like, y’know, the Queen and Mohammed al-Fayed, or rich upper class Africans and Asians who went to top public schools, or Claire Balding whose dad was the Queen’s horse trainer – apparently her Maj came to tea a couple of times a year chez Balding…)
      This is the typical trick of the race and gender pity party industries: they fabricate disadvantage, and then claim special treatment. They compare the most advantaged white men (aristocrats, for example) with the least advantaged women and ethnics (slaves, or the lower working class).
      It is all an UTTER fraud.
      And ultimately, this taking the eye off the ball of making great programmes and appointing the best staff irresp[ective of gender/race, leads to a lowering of standards – cf the jubilee fiasco and the lack of decent drama and comedy on the BBC (excepting the exquisite TwentyTwelve).

  • John Lea

    Something else to look out for (and this is a variation on a theme) is the number of woman presenting the Sports news, which, let’s face it, is usually the latest football news. They’re invariably young, pretty and blonde. It’s the same principle: “we can’t be seen to be reinforcing gender stereotypes, so from now on we’re going to have young women reporting all the latest football transfers and who got who in the FA Cup 5th round”. Look out for it. Once you notice it begins to drive you quite mad.

    • Paul Thomas Cavey

      Yes – BBC rugby ‘Gabby’ aaarrrggghhh!!!

  • Shakassoc

    Does this mean I can do all the reports from Walsall?

  • Daniel Maris

    Yes. Some on the World Service are indeed incomprehensible. Plus there’s that Geordie who reads the news on the radio – she regularly catches me out with her banjaxing pronunciation e.g. “fish-hall soya sauces in Wait-hole”*…that sort of thing.

    I think there is a serious issue over employing say a Palestinian to report on Israel. Even if they wanted to be objective they’d find themselves being towed behind a motorbike if they were. The same principle can be applied in a lot of countries.

    While we’re having a whinge, why do we have to put up with so many women who clearly don’t know their offside rule from their silly mid on reading the sports news?

    * “Official sources in Whitehall” in case you’re wondering.

    • laurence

      “fish-hall soya sauces in Wait-hole”*: thank you Daniel. Bit of a gloomy day here, that has brightened things up immeasurably.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Maris, you need your ears syringed. That sounds nowt like Geordie.

      Try u-fisshell sauces in Whitehaal.

      No doubt if she was extolling the benefits of cold-fusion windmills she would have been clear enough.

      Alreet marra?

      • Daniel Maris

        You have to understand that I first have to translate into Ruthish from the Archers, then translate it back into news-speak before then rendering it into comprehensible English.

        Thanks for the helpful orthography me eld marra!

  • Eddie

    The BBC claims that it does not discriminate on grounds of race.
    But wait, it does! It embraces ‘positive action’, whereby it call specfify that 30% or 50% of people on any training scheme are ethnic. Channel 4 does the same (at least half of its 6 news trainees every year have to be black).
    Added to this, there is clear unspoken discrimination against white people in the interview process. Oh yes there is! I have seen it with my own eyes.
    The situation has got so nuts that I now blink in surprise if a white man comes on the telly reading the news or weather (I exclude the silverbacks who keep poor younger white men down, like Jon Al-Snow, whilst over-promoting headscarfed Muslim women and odd-looking blacks).
    I remember a friend being surprised when I said that only around 11% (at the time) of Brits were ethnic minoirty. He was amazed – he thought it was far more.
    ‘But why is 30 or 40% like this on your television?’ he said.
    Then I remember the college student who was very upset. I aksed her what was wrong. It seems that she had realised that as she was hideously white, she could never ever even have half a chance to get her dream job as a children’s TV presesenter (CBBC presenters are all black or Asian).
    I recommended that she saw off her arm and try to get in via the diability ‘stumpie’ route…(no not really – even I am not that cruel!)

  • Wilhelm

    Contrast and compare, the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics. The crowds outside Buckingham Palace was 99.9% White while the Olympics was a celebration of multiculturalism and miscegenation, you’d think the nation was 99.9% Black.

    The BBC put ‘our’ Mo ‘eyes a popping’ Farrar as the poster boy, black, Somalian, muslim, it’s a tick box frenzy. If he’s British then I’m a Dutchman. The BBC were so disappointed their preferred choice didn’t win the Sports Personality Award.

    Spot the difference.

    • Wilhelm

      A Olympic triumph but not as the BBC claim.

      ”Of our tally of 29 gold medals four were shared between three black
      athletes and one further gold went to Jessica Ennis, girl of mixed race
      origins. By far the vast majority of “Team GB” medal winners, at gold
      and all other levels, were, as a BBC executive would no doubt describe
      them “hideously white”

      As was to be expected, despite making up less than 14% of the winners,
      black athletes received at least 40% of the TV coverage and were
      represented in a significantly higher percentage in the opening and
      closing graphics accompanying any sports show during the games.
      However, irrespective of how the media tried to play it, the split
      between the elitist fairy tale and reality has seldom been so marked.”

      • Eddie

        Worth remembering that the BBC did NOT provide footage of ANY Olympic sport.
        It was filmed by the Olympic Media Organisation (or similar) and then the pics were made available to the broadcasters of all nations who broadcast what they wanted.
        This is the excuse the BBC made whenever anyone complained that the British runner who was at 7th in some tedious race or other was not shown on BBC coverage, because they stayed with the first three runners. Showing a typical lack of consistency and hypocrisy worthy of a true spiv, the BBC then claim that they are responsible for the Olympic TV success.
        The BBC filmed the Jubilee. The Olympic organisation filmed the Olympics and the BBC just broadcast their images. Let’s get it right, eh.
        Credit where credit is due – ie not with the BBC.

      • Daniel Maris

        Only problem with your analysis is that the black and mixed race athletes actually won things we’re interested – not the paralympic tiddlywinks medley event.

        • Eddie

          And the problem with allocating athletes prowess with their blackness and race is that one can just as easily argue that that group has as a whole a slight advantage because of muscle structure with running, yet a disadvantage with intelligence due to the same evolution eh?

          • Daniel Maris

            Well I’ve never expected an Eskimo to win the high jump or a Thai to win the heavyweight boxing.

            Whether an African will ever win the Nobel Prize for Physics I don’t know – no Spaniard has yet either…let’s wait and see.

            • Eddie

              You racist! Didn’t you know that the word Eskimo is offensive to all Innuit and First Nations people?
              If you worked for the BBC, the education system, the council, you’d be suspended now awaiting a fitness to practice discilinary hearing for being a racist hatemonger.
              See where political correctness intolerance and witch hunts get us all?

              • Daniel Maris

                Yes, I did, but a practised communicator considers his audience – in this case a bunch of rabid racists who think the comedy clock stopped when they took Mind Your Language off our screens.

                • ShoeOnHead

                  **sprays coffee on monitor**

                  i don’t know why but that made me giggle like a japanese school girl :)

                  (shoe on head)

                • Eddie

                  Mind Your Language was NOT racist – it was a funny comedy which poked gentle fun at ALL nationalities, none less so than the bumbling English teacher who had to face a class of lovable students.
                  The BBC of course thinks Mind Your Language and It Ain’t Half Hot Mum are racist and have banned them from our screens – so instead these days we get the anti-white racism of black ‘comedians’ who have got their own shows for tokenism reasons, and unfunny women like Miranda and Sarah Milican clogging up the schedules.
                  Get the DVDs of Mind Your Language and IAHHM. Watch them. In no way are they racist.

                • LEngland


                  ‘ – was not RACIALISTIC’. It is an adjective. Please do not perpetuate the hideous agendum of the Jewish extra – national, World-Control lobby.

                  It utilises its antilanguage-to-antithought on matters that exercise its little OCD; Race, gender etc.

                  Do not descend to promoting this wicked agendum;

                  such use helps it get absorbed subconsciously.

                • Daniel Maris

                  Where did I say Mind Your Language was “racist”? But it relied upon stereotypes that racists especially enjoy and promote. Stereotypes have their place but racists (like Wilhelm) are relentless in their promotion of them and they substitute for thinking about cultural differences and treating people as individuals.

                  The BBC will of course have to bury Citizen Khan as well now – somehow they thought it was anti-stereotypical but it just ended up confirming a lot of stereotypes. Quelle irony!

                • Eddie

                  But Daniel, stereotypes are based on truth – maybe not the whole truth, and maybe an outdated one, but truths nonetheless.
                  Also, people never seem to mind the GOOD stereotypes (black people are good at music, Orientals are intelligent, the Scots are canny, women can multitask and men can’t), only the negative ones. Selective sterotyping ios OK then is it?
                  Mind your Language was and is funny. Yes, it’s based on types – as is ALL comedy. It is no more offensive than Goodness Gracious Me – and some BBC black ‘comedies’ such as ‘the A team’ or ‘littel Miss Jocelyn’ was massvely more offensive and sterotyping of white people (and ethnics) than a gentles and funny comedy like MYL.
                  Mind your Language was laughing with, not at – and the biggest joke was on the white British teacher’s clumsy attempts to control a class.
                  Not possible these days – and one reason is a further education college like the one on Mind Your Language would these days be minority white probably – a third black, a third Asian, a third white – like the one I used to work at in north London (it is white people who are the ethnic minority now in many areas of our cities and in the UK state school and colleges in cities, not blacks or Asians!)
                  Really, people should stop desperately searching fort reasons to be offended. I find much TV way more offensive in its stupidity and its promotion of politically correct propaganda than I would ever find a mild comedy offensive.
                  And It Ain’t Half Hot Mum is so funny – and banned by the pompous BBC, because the Indian is played by a white guy (Michael Bates who spoke fluent Urdu, actually, and grew up in India, which is why he gets it so spot on!). Again, in that, the joke is on the white British, not the Indians!

                • Daniel Maris

                  I don’t discount stereotypes. They often do relate to actual patterns of behaviour.

                  MYL wasn’t racist because it suggested an underlying common humanity to the stereotypes, which is the last thing Wilhelm would want to own up to. Racism is about rigid separation of population groups within humanity in terms of analysis, law and morality. MYL had nothing to do with that.

                  There was a time when Jews were thought to be incapable of farming. Long since disproved by Israelis. Now people never think of Jews as boxers, but there was a time when they made very good boxers.

                  People are happy to associate African Americans with gospel music for instance, but they don’t come to mind especially when one thinks of North Pole exploration or successful businessmen (of which there are plenty in the USA).

            • Wilhelm


              I think you’ll be waiting for a very long time, maybe twenty to thirty, thousand years, looking at the African airplane industry, comedy gold.


              • Daniel Maris

                Next you’ll be telling us an African can’t fly a plane, like they used to say about the Japanese…before Pearl Harbour.

          • Minekiller

            Ah…..but what about marathons. Lots of white folks win those. Except Paula Radcliffe, who drops out early.

        • Wilhelm


          We have established you like / fancy Ebonic speakers ( very odd, what ever gets you off I suppose ) now we discover you dislike disabled people !

          What happens if the disabled chap is black, like this fellow, would you like him then ?

          • Eddie

            Oh that black wheelchair guy is a ‘twofor’ – as in two for one: he is black and disabled. That is like winning the lottery of life these days, if you want a career in the media.
            I have known several 4th rate mediocre people in TV and radio who obviously go their jobs because of their race; and I have known many mediocre female managers who have been promoted above their ability level too, for pc reasons.
            And as for disabled people. Well, last time I visited the BBC it was like entering some kind of ward for the limbless and disabled. I stood surveying the scene – which resembles some sort of special school, with BBC staff in various states of cripplitude limping around.
            ‘Can I help?’ asked a woman.
            ‘Oh yes, I said, I have come to meet Ms X.’
            ‘You need to take the lift to the 4th floor,’ she smiled, ‘but I can’t show you where to go because I’m visually impaired.’
            I KID YOU NOT!
            Fortunately, a lesbian dwarf showed me the way to the lifts, and later, a Pakistani with an enormous head, one eye and hands which looked like flippers showed me out. (inter cousin marriage eh?)
            I really do sometimes think that the BBC should erect a Big Top over itself – it really does resemble some freak show circus sometimes. And the managers are really frightening clowns, for sure!

            • Wilhelm


              He’s not disabled, he’s ”inspirational, ” I think I heard the media use that word 7000 times.

              • Eddie

                Oh yes, that’s the word. And differently-abled, of course.
                But his presence does beg the question: why, when black people are around 3-4% of the UK population, are there just so many on TV?
                There should be 3 south Asian people for every black; and half a Chinese too (some noodles with half a spring roll perhaps?). But all we see is black Afro-Carribean faces and mixed race half Afro half white.
                Fact: there is MASSIVE over-representation of Afro-Carribeans on TV. It should be 3% or so; it seems 30% at times.
                Why is that?
                Is it because ‘ethnic’ representation is enough – there is no breakdown between black and Asian?
                Is it because stage school and advert agencies have loads of black wannabees on their books, whereas Asians are forced to study by parents if they’re able, or to work in the shop/mosque/get married if they’re not.
                Is it because the meeja monkeys think ‘the blacker the better’ or are just more used to black faces from sport and pop music?

                • Wilhelm

                  Yes, I have never seen a Oriental on television, the last one I saw was David Yip in the BBC’s ” The Chinese Detective ” in the 1980’s, before that it was Charlie Chan. They’re not seen as ”hip and cool ” like ‘our’ ghetto ebonic speakers.

                • Eddie

                  A quick look at the census figures shows this to be true.
                  Even looking at 10 year old figures, it seems that there are twice as many south Asians as blacks in the UK, and half a % of Chinese (or 1% now maybe).
                  So, about 11-16% of people in the population are ethnic (though whether discrimination and social engineering should be used to make the TV reflect thjis exactly is a ,moot point. What if we used the same logic to decide who became GPs or pharmacists? Then we’d need to demote loads of Asians and put unqualified blacks and white in their place!)
                  The fact is, as we all know, there has been a massive racial bias going on at the BBC and the media – to get more ethnic minorities on our TV screens. The type of ethnicity does not matter – you can tick a box no matter what ethnicity. So it has usually been black people or mised race blacks who get the gigs.
                  South Asians are underrepresented on TV
                  Chinese and southeast Asians are too
                  White people are too
                  TV faces should be 90% white, 5% south Asian, 1% Chinese, 2% black, 2% mixed race, and 1% odds and sods (Persians, Abos, Eskimos etc). That would accurately reflect our whole society (though 98% are white where I live).
                  I would recommend sacking some blacks and replacing them with Chinese, south Asians and whites then. BUT we should NEVER allow a neasreader here to wear a dam,n headscarf – which is what you can see on Channel Al-4-News

                • Hexhamgeezer

                  It would be fabulous to have a few more Chinese, Japanese etc on telly and remove the hilariously overrepresented Carib/African elements. They can serve as ‘diversity flags’, shame our own cretins to up their game, and show a whole host of other diverse elements for the racist whining grievance peddling hatemongers they are.

                  And I’m sure Diane would agree.

                • Eddie

                  Certainly, Chinese Hong Kong Brits and south Asians are massively under-represesnted on TV – and black Afro-Carribeans or mixed race half Afro-Cs are massively over-represented.
                  One reason is that for the box-ticking, ANY ethnicity is fine: it is not broken down into various ethnicities.
                  But really – look at CBBC: about half of the presenters are black, and 30% on new programmes. Is the UK 30-50% Afro-Carribean now then?
                  Radio 4 has a West Indian announcer with a strong accent. There is no strong-accented cockney, brummie, jordie, west country bumpkin, welshman, glasgee scot announcing though.
                  It seems that if you are ethnic, a strong accent – even one hard to understand utterly unsuitable to the radio station you work for – is just tickety-book, a diverse and vibrant aspect to be celebrated; if you are white, however, the same rules do not apply. Racism, non?

                • LEngland

                  Careful who you deign to call a ‘bumpkin’. Perhaps that is what you are, though ? By the way, they are ‘Geordies’.

                • LEngland

                  They are too intelligent to play this silly game of ours.

                • Eddie

                  Oh apparently my last post was shown then went to moderation, so here is a slightly edited version:

                  Inspirational? Oh yes, that’s the word. And differently-abled, of course.
                  But his presence does beg the question: why, when black people are around 3-4% of the UK population, are there just so many on TV?
                  There should be 3 south Asian people for every black; and one Chinese. But all we see is black Afro-Carribean faces and mixed race half Afro-C half white.
                  Fact: there is MASSIVE over-representation of Afro-Carribeans on TV. It should be 3% or so; it seems 30% at times.
                  Why is that?
                  Is it because ‘ethnic’ representation is enough – there is no breakdown between black and Asian?
                  Is it because stage school and advert agencies have loads of black wannabees on their books, whereas Asians are forced to study by parents if they’re able, or to work in the shop/mosque/get married if they’re not.
                  Is it because the meeja monkeys think ‘the blacker the better’ or are just more used to black faces from sport and pop music?

              • Sarah

                Whereas you are both disabled and inspirational. Quite an achievement.

                • Wilhelm

                  Sarah sweetheart

                  Have you ever heard of the expression, ” children shouldn’t be seen or heard ?” Isn’t there a local park near you where you could play on the swings ? I’m not being insulting, I think you know that, I’m just being helpful and constructive.

                  Now run along, there’s a good girl.

                • Sarah

                  I meant uninspirational of course.

                • Eddie

                  Using ‘disabled’ as an insult eh? Tsss. Bigot!
                  But then, you also use the word ‘man’ as an insult, as you hate them so much.
                  Does the mental health charity you work part-time for (doing the disabled-level job of answering the phone) know how you mock the disabled out of hours.
                  You should be sacked, love. Then you’d just be mental, thick and ugly – and unemployed as well.

                • BorderlineFascist
          • Daniel Maris

            I certainly disliked the Paralympics nonsense. The Olympics was always about ability – who went fastest, highest, furthest. To bring in this parallel “runners up” contest (why is there nothing for older people?) is a nonsense and pretending it isn’t, doesn’t make it less of a nonsense.

            As for fancying “Ebonic speakers”, I’ve no idea what you mean. I’ve never laid claim to a special interest but please note even in the most racist of systems – slavery in the USA and the Caribbean miscegenation as you would call it was standard on the part of white males. Indeed that great Scotsman Bob Marley is testament to that enduring tradition.

            • Eddie

              Daniel – oh how I agree with your views on the paralympics!
              One might as well have an olympics for fat old blokes who drink too much and are bad at sport. Why not? In fact, if I ended up a bit disabled (though how on earth does one disability equal another? The system they have is bizarre) then I too could compete in the paralympics – the standards are pretty low really.
              The Paralympics is all just a group-hug pity party – let;s not pretend it is the equivalent of the Olympics – which is what some disabled lobbyists and pc nutters claim. Let’s all clap their brave efforts and say nice pretty things eh – because if we don’t, we’ll get accused of being callous and anti-disabled (well I am pro aborting severely disabled kids and anti-cousin marriage, so am against the causes of much diability in the world: the Church and Islam)
              Re slaves. Y’know, so many black people I have known have Welsh names. Powell, Williams, Roberts, Jones, Evans, Davies etc. Perhaps the Welsh were good slave and plantation owners eh?
              Bob Marlkey suffered racism as a boy because he was half-white – THAT is where his pain for being treated in a racist way came from! From his own black racist countrymen!

              • Minekiller

                The fat old blokes become the team managers and coaches! Like me.

            • LEngland

              ‘ – the most RACIALISTIC of speakers – ‘. It is an adjective, you see.
              Please do not promote, the subconscious appropriation of the hideous Worldcontrol agendum of the enemy by utilising his antilanguage – to – antithought.
              This, he invariably applies in areas which preoccupy his OCD; race, disability etc.

            • Minekiller

              There is an international tournament or for field hockey for over 65s. We have an over sixty fives team in our club here in the Netherlands. Play hard on the pitch and harder off it. Totally agree with the comments on the Paralympics. Hyped up PC nonsense. Nice that disabled folks have sport and enjoy it, but don’t see why the rest of us have to officially worship the whole thing. We have a one armed hockey player in our club too, who would not even contemplate playing in a team for disabled people. Thinks Paralympics are patronising crap.

        • Fergus Pickering

          Running bores me to distraction. Running is very boring indeed.

      • Jez

        Jennifer Ennis is mega fit.

        • Jez

          Ok. Let’s just get the important bits sorted first; who out of you wierdos doesn’t find jennifer Ennis really fit???


          • BorderlineFascist

            She is fit in more than one sense of the word.

        • Whyshouldihavetoregister

          Who is Jennifer Ennis?

          • anotherjoeblogs

            i think he means jennifer eccles – the lass the hollies sang about

          • Hexhamgeezer

            She’s active in the world of sport but has many non-sporting fans due to her arresting personality. A brief explanation for which can be found here;


      • Minekiller

        Credit to Mo Farah though when the beboid twit asked him if he thought Somalis would be happy with his first victory and he turned round and said, “look mate, I’m British”

    • Daniel Maris

      I always presumed you were a German interloper, Wilhelm, rather than a Dutchman – the Tiny Rowland de nos jours.

    • James Strong

      1) How do you know that the BBC were so disappointed that their preferred choice didn’t win? Or are you just making this up?
      2) I think the national support for Kelly Holmes in Athens, Monty Panesar after that, and Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis now show how little racism there is in the UK.
      3) Bradley Wiggins was all over the press and TV BEFORE he won SPOTY. I think the sporting highlight of the year was Bradley Wiggins, in Yellow, starting the lead -out train in the last 2k of Le Tour, the train that got Cav to sprint and win the stage on the Champs Elysees.

      • Wilhelm

        James Strong


      • James Strong

        Which of my points demonstrates that I am delusional?
        Now, will you please answer my first question, how do you know that the BBC were so disappointed that their preferred candidate didn’t win?

        (Ooops, that was supposed to go to Wilhelm.)

    • Jez

      Listen Wilhelm.


      Personally, as an opinion only i feel that the anti racism industry is code for anti-white. Simples. It’s there to utterly confuse, bewilder and ultimately break up our culture, heritage and society as we know- it to smash through this liberal left social multicultural utopia; aka Tottenham / Bradford / Luton, et al.


      The latest is the girl having an argument punched in the face by the Nigerian man on the Tube. An accusation of racism was alleged and suddenly (from who, do we really ever find out?) there are calls for the GIRL to be incarcerated and the key thrown away…. (the girl from the video, from the looks of it seems to be dual heritage herself- but this means nothing as Jade Goody found out when these ‘people’ get their claws in).
      This sort of sh*t went on in Communist bloc countries, late sixties to late eighties.
      The Olympics were ultimately manipulated by the extremists in the BBC, etc (of course)- but the achievements of athletes like Nicola Adams, Mo Farah, Jennifer Ennis, Lutalo Muhammad should be genuinly recognised by all of us. They are us and they have personally chosen to sacrifice thousands upon thousands of their hours training to represent us, our flag and our country. So did everyone else from whatever race or background that flew the Union flag for Britain.
      ALL of the athletes should be ambassadors to go into these culturally hybrid boroughs that are being manipulated by the likes of Respect, Labour, the Lib Dems, the BBC and get the wheels turning in sync with the rest of the country (and also many of the utterly destroyed parts of the old shipping and mining communities raped to death by the scummy Tories).
      Cameron wants us to go down with the EU- even as it drags us into a triple dip recession. His rich City buddies seem to be ever powerful. Labour and the BBC want rid of the white British as any type of influence or representation in their new multicultural socially engineered utopia- and you make it easier Wilhelm by playing into the hands of these extremists. There are really decent people here that are not indiginous white. There’s some right wankers here that are indigenous white. Big time.
      Don’t isolate yourself from a great percentage of people that once interacted with sensibly, would probably agree with almost everything your worried about.

      • Simon Fay

        “This sort of sh*t went on in Communist bloc countries, late sixties to late eighties.”

        I’m not sure even the Eastern Bloc was that demented, at least not once Stalin was gone.

  • William Haworth

    If you can’t see past the first millimetre of someone’s skin, then you’re not likely to be able to recognise if they’re talking sense or not. You’ll be so impressed that it’s a brown face doing the talking, any objective analysis will be pointless.

  • Wilhelm

    Do a little experiment, turn on the television news and see how long it is before you see a black face, it’s usually within 2 minutes. BBC news is the worst, but SKY news is just as bad. If it isn’t a black man or woman reading the news, they’re doing the weather, sports news or reviewing the newspapers. If it isn’t black people, it’s muslims.

    In the 1970s and 80s, it wasn’t like that, you had Richard Baker,
    Kenneth Kendall , James Cameron, Rene Cutforth. Alan Whicker is the last
    of these types.

    What I find detestable is that this is all hypocrisy, window dressing and tokenism, behind the scenes, the management are all White, Chris Patten Sir Christopher Bland types. If the BBC really believed in diversity, they would have made ” our ” Diane Abbott, Director General.

  • Venyanamore

    Yes. Not just incomprehensible, but often, clearly , not as up to the job, either. (BBC World TV news, particularly)

  • judyk113

    It is particularly evident in Middle Eastern coverage, where the recruitment of local stringers (ie native language intermediaries who set up interviews and all too often control what the foreign correspondent reports) is subject to the approval of the local regime. This decisively affects BBC coverage of Gaza, for example leading to a Hamas supporter, Jihad Masharawi, a video editor of the BBC, being represented as a regular journo when his son was killed in what was claimed to be an Israeli air strike. The same man was later videoed leading a Hamas-organized funeral tribute to his late brother , a Hamas operative, killed in the same explosion which was shown to be have been close to a Hamas missile launch site, and making anti-semitic comments about the actions of “the Jews”. This BBC pro-Hamas spin was also selected for the same misleading coverage (ie minus the Hamas info and the subsequent info about the source of the fatal explosion) as one of the BBC’s highlights on Radio 4’s News Review of the Year.

    • Eddie

      It seems even black/Asian people are embarrassed by all this tokenism and overpromotion of ethnic minorities:

      News Programmes such as Channel Al-Four News (with the silverback Jon Al-Snow as the token white) are notoriously anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian to a quite vile degree.
      Maybe because lefties have traditionally sided with Arabs like the commies did; maybe because the Palestinians are brown-skinned and the ethnophilia of the politicallt correct means they always side with the brown of face; maybe because they are just shamelessly ignorant and thick hypocrites. Who knows?

  • C Cole

    Interesting. How would Ms Fitzpatrick’s cretinous ideology apply in practice to the UK Film Council, I’d like to know?

    Sadly, according to Wikipedia, the UKFC has been abolished, so we’ll never know.

    • Eddie

      The UK Film Council already supports schemes which specify that 30% of applicants have to be ethnic. There are similar schemes at the BBC.
      Moreover, writers know that drama stands a much better chance of being commissioned if it has an ethnic angle. Just watch TV drama and you’ll see what I mean – or look at the pc ethnic dross that gets on Radio 4.
      Shame really that the BBC focus isn’t on making top quality programmes and instead sees its primary role as promoting diversity and socially engineering the country to be as it wants it to be.
      This is all racist, of course. The very idea that all white men are advantaged is codwallop – as a quick look at homeless people will show.
      And there are plenty of privileged ethnics and women who have ridden the coat tails of the diversity drive to get on in their careers too.

      • Ron Todd

        When I watch any ‘who dunnit’ type of programme on the BBC I know it will not be an ethnic minority who dunnit.

        • Eddie

          Oh yes – I always used to laugh at the Bill – set in the mythical happy valley of Sunhill where all the muggers were white and mots of police officers were young black males…
          You know with drama that if you have a ‘bad black’ or a ‘bad Muslim’, this character will be balanced with a ‘good’ one. Indeed, if you don’t do that, your script editor will do it for you! Trust me.
          Ditto for women – who all have to be strong and independent – and far better that the men, who are either useless buffoons or monsters (the former always in advertising, I notice). In the 90s, the BBC1 controller Lorraine Hegassy effectively banned men – she demoted males, put females in their place, and refused dramas like Life on Mars because they were ‘too blokey’. She is also the one who introduced Indian dancers and black dreadlocked paralympics athletes spinning round in wheelchairs for the idents.
          The BBC is obsessed with giving a good clant on ethnic minorities in the UK and for promoting how mass immigration enriches us all: every programme idea has a space which asks you to say how your show will promote diversity and equality. That is why our schedules are crammed full of ethnic issues and dramas. Look at Radio 4.
          This is all why there are no TV dramas about Islamic terrorism in Britain which show honestly the problem we have. The BBC is as cowardly as it is politically correct. For great drama, watch HBO, or perhaps watch Four Lions on DVD.

          • Daniel Maris

            I admire much about the BBC but their attachment to reality isn’t one of those things. In Beebland, when it comes to drama, all Asian doctors speak perfect English, Polish workers never get drunk on vodka, and no woman ever crumbles into tears when she doesn’t get her way at work. :)

          • Minekiller

            Not just the BBC, I stopped watching British crime and whodunmit shows, when I realised that early on in each show that any upper or middle class white character in the cast was the likely the perp.

      • LEngland

        Fine, but ‘racialistic’ please. Avoid their anti-language anti-thought ( which they use just for their OCD subjects; race, disability etc ) as it only subconsciously propounds their craven ideology. Thank you.

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