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The City: a beacon of diversity

27 November 2012

Now, what would those in the Equalities industry say to an industry so diverse that it has — in proportion — seven times as many Hindus, five times as many Indians, three times as many atheists and three times as many gays or lesbians as the rest of the country? And that this was achieved not by a positive discrimination employment strategy, but by sheer hard-headed hunt for the best talent? It would likely be hailed as an exemplar of diversity, an example of how Britain is the most tolerant country in the world. But if they happen to be bankers? Well, that’s another issue altogether.

The study from Astbury Marsden (cited in Allister Heath’s City A.M. column yesterday) sampled 1,655 City workers and the results are below. (Don’t expect to read them anywhere in the Guardian.)