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‘My view is what the Prime Minister’s view is’

27 April 2012

Our Orwell Prize-shortlisted colleague Alex has already posted this video, but it certainly deserves a repeat airing here. It has all the hallmarks of political
parody, except it’s not political parody — it’s real. One for a Friday afternoon:

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  • chris

    Shorten has tabs on himself to be the next PM! Can you believe it?

  • Douglas Carter

    Hardly unique.

    Ken Clarke was ‘fully in agreement’ with the Lisbon Treaty without reading a single word of it.

  • Pot Head

    I bet fat Cam is thinking if only I could get such loyalty from my backbenchers. This guy’ll go far..

  • James Strong.

    Wonderful. What a complete plonker.

    One of those rare moments when I can accurately quote the teenagers’ phrase

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